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We started a podcast! Introducing The Kate & Mike Show: Life, Love, and Business


Four years ago Mike and I sat in the living room of a hippy dippy house in Kona, Hawaii, bantering about something I can no longer remember the subject matter of.

Our friend Danielle listened and said, “You guys should have a show. I would listen to it.”

The idea went underground, as they so often do, but re-emerged on our projects list recently.

Mike is the yang to my yin (and sometimes the yin to my yang). We’ve made a life together, a business together, a baby together, and now, we’ve made a podcast together!

Seinfeld (Mike’s favorite show of all time) was a show about nothing. The Kate & Mike Show is a show about everything!

Well, that’s not really true. It’s mostly about business with a strong focus on creating a business to support your life instead of the other way around. You know, making a life and not just a living.

We have super exciting interviews scheduled, episodes on parenting and running a business planned, our thoughts on what to do when your relationship is on the rocks, plus way more goodness coming your way.

If you’re like I was a couple of years ago, you have no idea what a podcast is or how to listen to one. (Or maybe you’re much more advanced than that, in which case you can skip my instructions below and get right to it!)

For those of you who are new to this, a podcast is like a modern day radio show. Mike and I talking to you as you drive, walk your dog, fold your laundry, empty the dishwasher, or lie on the floor in total surrender.

You can listen to the show on iTunes (which is our recommended avenue.)

If you’re listening on the go, which is how I listen to podcasts, follow the instructions below:

To access The Kate & Mike Show:

  1. Find the little purple Podcast listener app on your iPhone. (If you don’t have an iPhone I’m sure there’s still a podcast app.)
  1. Search for The Kate & Mike Show and it will pop right up.
  1. Click subscribe and listen away!

Or, listen to the podcast right on your computer.

You can also listen on Stitcher Radio.

We recorded three episodes over a year ago, scrapped them completely, kept talking about the podcast, recorded three more episodes earlier over the summer, moved back the launch date to avoid Mercury Retrograde, and lo and behold, it’s finally here!

(I tell you all of that to remind you that the process of creation is rarely linear and usually takes longer than planned. For anyone.)

We recorded our first episode on our anniversary and told the story of how we met and fell in love. Our next episode is about all things partnership and how we navigated the wild and woolly world of going into business and life together with our eyes wide open.

Other episodes take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of how we run our business, get into how to cut through the noise on social media and decide who to follow, and break down our most recent, most successful launch ever!

This podcast has been a journey of love and we’re so excited to be coming to you once a week with a new episode!

If you like what you hear, please leave us a review on iTunes and subscribe. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future episode topics that you’d like to hear.  We will choose we’ll choose 3 people who write reviews today to win a free audio copy of my book, Money: A Love Story.

Happy listening!

We’d love to reach far and wide across the universe with The Kate & Mike Show. Would you help us do that by sharing the love with the social media prompts below? Thank you in advance!


@katenorthrup + @mikejwatts have a new podcast, The Kate & Mike Show: Life, Love, and Business. Listen in:  {Tweet it!}

Real talk about life, love, & biz w/ partners in life, love & biz – @katenorthrup + @mikejwatts. New podcast: {Tweet it!}


@Kate Northrup & @Mike Watts have a new podcast, The Kate & Mike Show: Life, Love, and Business! Listen in to get real life insights on making a life, not just a living.

Real talk about life, love, and business with partners in life, love, and business, @Kate Northrup + @MikeJWatts. New podcast – listen in!


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Do you have any questions for us to answer on the podcast? Topics you’d like to hear about? Podcast ideas you’ve been running around in your head? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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