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It IS About the Money: Glimpse TV with Helen Kim

Helen Kim and I met in line at a Ladies Who Launch book signing with Jen Groover, author of What If? And Why Not?. We were talking about cellists (she used to be one and I was dating one at the time) but as we spoke I realized she looked incredibly familiar. It occurred to me that it was because of her Twitter avatar and because we were friends on Facebook. I love it when my online world comes offline because I’m such a hi-touch rather than hi-tech person. Our conversation turned quickly to money (Helen is a money coach and her website is YourMoneyRelationship.com) and we realized between what she does and my work with Team Northrup we had a lot in common. (If you’re in NYC and you want to join the conversation about money, join me for one of my Women and Wealth Seminars.) The investigation around one’s money is one that’s rich with our history, our beliefs, our values, our sense of worth, our dreams, and our desires. Helen won the Hay House Movers and Shakers contest this year and has a show on Hay House Radio called Conscious Wealth. She dives deep into the money conversation, tackling topics like shame and our time/energy relationship with experts such as Byron Katie and John Bradshaw. Tune in from 3:00-4:00pm EST on Tuesdays at HayHouseRadio.com or listen to the archived playbacks there anytime of day. As I spoke with Helen in this episode of Glimpse TV I realized that to the degree that our money is a reflection of our own self-worth and what we value in the world, it IS about the money. Tune in and let us know what you think!

It IS About the Money: Glimpse TV with Helen Kim from Kate Moller on Vimeo.

What’s your number one frustration around your money?

What do you find easy and fun about money?

What is your biggest question about money for a money coach like Helen?