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Let go of the ground that has held you: Glimpse TV with Nancy Levin

Nancy & me at The Freedom Tour launch party.

Nancy Levin is a bad-ass event producer. She once lived out of a carry-on suitcase for 73 days straight. The most she’s ever been on the road in a year is 213 days. Nancy is a road warrior, no doubt, but she also happens to be a poet and one of my dear friends.

When I first heard Nancy read one of her poems (the very same one she reads on the Glimpse TV episode below) before a keynote at a Hay House I Can Do It event I was awed to tears. I didn’t know this woman who I had known for several years had this kind of art in her. This is what Nancy represents to me:

Pealing back the layers.

Forgiving yourself.

Finding the gems in vulnerability.

Being deliciously, adorably, divinely human.

I’m so thrilled to share Nancy with you today on Glimpse TV. She’s hilarious. She’s freaking smart. She’s gorgeous. And she’s very, very real. Nancy’s book, Writing For My Life: Reclaiming Lost Pieces of Me is a book of poems, most of which were written as she was going through and healing through a divorce.

As Louise Hay says,

“Whether or not you are a poetry lover, you will be so glad you found this book. It’s liberating.”

Tune in for Nancy and my Glimpse TV episode where Nancy bares everything from packing tips to her soul. Enjoy!


More Nancy:

Web: www.nancylevin.com

Twitter: @nancylevin

Buy the book: Writing For My Life: Reclaiming Lost Pieces of Me