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Are You Waiting for Life to “Prove It” to You?


While I’m on maternity leave I’ve asked some of my favorite, most trusted women to take care of my blog for me.  From Sept 9th – Nov 11th you’ll be receiving their weekly wisdom here on my site.  This week’s installment is from my friend Nisha Moodley who is a coach and retreat leader who stands for women embracing their freedom to make a more significant impact on the world.  I love Nisha and I know you will too! Enjoy!

As a Women’s Leadership Coach and the founder of Global Sisterhood Day, I have the good fortune to connect with many ambitious women.

I’m constantly inspired by their incredible vision, courage, and desire to do meaningful work that makes a difference.

They’ve decided that, while we can be grateful for all that we have, we could have so much more, and they’re on a crusade to make it happen!  As a result, they’re constantly questioning the status quo, and asking how we can individually and collectively do better.

But so often, when it comes to the difference they want to see in their own lives, there’s a disconnect.

I hear women say, “I want to make a meaningful impact, have a beautiful lifestyle, be healthy and have an amazing relationship.” They might add, “I want to be a mother.”

But that’s when I often hear the record scratch.

Of course, we want it all (it’s human nature!), but so often we don’t truly believe that we can have it all.

So we start looking for “proof” that what we want is possible…and often, we look for proof that it’s not.

We look at our favorite entrepreneur and say, “She’s got the career!  But she seems lonely and overworked.”

We look at our favorite actress and say, “She’s got the kids and the hot hubby!  But paparazzi?  That’s no way to live.”

We look at our favorite aunt and say, “She’s so healthy and fulfilled at home, but she never felt like her work was meaningful.”

So we cross our arms and wait for life to “prove” to us that what we want is possible.

We’ll trust it when we see it.

But in the meantime, we don’t go after our desires because we don’t trust that things can work out the way we want them to.  We shrink our dreams, we quiet our voices, we question our value, and we feel small and insecure (maybe even judgmental) when we see other women who seem to be having it all.

We wait…and wait…and wait for proof.  And the longer we wait, the more hopeless we feel.  Even if we do start seeing examples of people who have what we want, we start finding new reasons we might not be able to because “She’s prettier” or “She comes from money” or “She’s skinnier than I am.”

Here’s the problem:

If we all wait for someone else to go first, nothing new gets created and no one’s fulfilled. {TWEET IT} 


As ambitious women who want more, we can’t afford to wait.

The world needs us to embrace the truth that everything we desire for ourselves and humanity is possible, because if we don’t believe it, who will?  And if all we hear are the voices of those who don’t believe we can all win, then what happens to humanity?  And if we don’t believe that we can make a difference and have what we want for ourselves, then what happens to us?

The truth is: It’s an honor, a pleasure, and perhaps even our responsibility to believe that our deepest callings are possible.

In order to do that, we have to believe that empowering beliefs are true, even if we have no proof.

In this super fun, sometimes silly, and deeply heartfelt conversation between me and Kate, we talk about all of this and more.  Check it out:

In the comments below, I’d love to hear how this interview touches you and what you’re taking away from it.

p.s.    Because I know that integrating ambition and ease isn’t always easy, I created a free 3-part Video Training Series that explores how to have it all without trying to do it all.  You’ll get clear on your “North Star” and “Compass,”, and begin to envision the life you truly desire.  What you want is closer than you think… I hope you’ll join me!




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