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Unlocking Nervous System Healing with Sarah Tacy

Ever wondered what happens when a healer turns the tables on a host, unearthing depths and vulnerabilities seldom shared in the open?

In this week’s episode of The Plenty Podcast, I’m doing something very different but also something truly special. Sarah Tacy is a profound source of wisdom as the nervous system healing expert within Relaxed Money, and she also brings her insights to the world as the host of the influential Threshold Moments podcast.

ur exchange dives deep into the realms of personal growth and healing, making it clear why Sarah holds the role of a teacher within our program. Sarah turns the tables in this episode, placing me in the hot seat with thought-provoking questions about some of the most challenging moments of my life.

The depths we explore and the vulnerability shared make this episode a shining example of why Sarah’s guidance is invaluable. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and perhaps even see your own challenges in a new light. The Plenty Podcast is all about navigating life with grace and resilience, and this episode is a profound testament to that mission.

Let’s dive deep!

“Signaling safety to our bodies and trusting in the emergence of inspired ideas that benefit everyone involved is central to the ethos of Relaxed Money.” – Kate Northrup

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00:00 Introduction to the Plenty podcast
01:20 Sarah Tangredi introduces Kate
02:00 Kate discusses her relationship with Sarah and the podcast episode
03:40 Kate talks about her experience with the nervous system and money
06:00 Sarah asks Kate about her process of shifting from scarcity to abundance
07:40 Kate shares her story of leaving Maine and her husband’s illness
11:00 Kate discusses her realization about her addiction to stress and pressure
14:00 Kate talks about her decision to relax and not focus on making more money
17:30 Kate shares the positive outcomes of her relaxation practice
36:00 Sarah and Kate discuss the importance of resourcing and community support
42:00 Sarah introduces the concept of double binds and sacred thirds
44:30 Kate discusses the importance of nuance and regulation in finding a sacred third
46:30 Kate shares her personal example of a double bind and finding a sacred third
50:00 Kate emphasizes the importance of being in a regulated state for problem-solving
58:00 Sarah’s experience as a student with Relaxed Money
60:00 Conclusion

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