Unlocking Abundance: Life Updates and Launch Secrets with Kate Northrup (043)

Have you ever felt like you’re on the brink of something big, only to be held back by your own fears and doubts?

In this episode of Plenty, I share my most recent life updates and my biggest secrets from our biggest launch ever. I opened up about the challenges I faced, including my husband’s health issues and my own struggles with illness and shame. I also share the incredible success of our latest Relaxed Money launch, attributing it to key strategies and personal growth. Lastly, I get a little vulnerable and share how tapping into the power of a safe community is important for expansive support. Listen in to discover how I navigated my way through the underworld to achieve a 68% revenue increase and what lessons you can apply to your own journey.

“One of the most healing things we can do for our nervous systems is to tell the truth amongst safe people.” – Kate Northrup

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00:02:15 Introduction and personal life update
00:10:45 Business success and the 68% revenue increase
00:18:30 The power of co-regulation and safe community
00:25:50 Overcoming shame and vulnerability
00:35:20 Key strategies for business expansion and personal growth


10x Is Easier Than 2x by Dan Sullivan

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