Uncovering the Secrets to a Strong Core with Lauren Ohayon (041)

Did you know that your lower back pain or hip discomfort could be linked to your pelvic floor? Today on Plenty, we’re diving deep into the world of pelvic floor health with the incredible Lauren Ohayon, founder of Restore Your Core. If you think the pelvic floor is just about kegels and childbirth, you’re in for a treat!

Lauren sheds light on some fascinating and often surprising aspects of pelvic floor health. Imagine if your body was a liquid-filled canister—your core and pelvic floor are the bottom of that canister, taking all the pressure and supporting the rest of you. As Lauren explains, when there’s too much pressure, we can end up with dysfunctions like lower back pain, hip pain, or even issues with foot mechanics like excessive pronation or supination. It’s all connected, folks!

We also dive into some common misconceptions. For instance, Lauren debunks the myth of vaginal looseness with a vivid (and hilarious) analogy. And did you know the pelvic floor musculature is very similar in both males and females? Yep, it’s not just a women’s issue.

Lauren also discusses how our society’s penchant for high-pressure lifestyles contributes to these problems, creating overly tight pelvic floors that mess with blood flow and overall function. So, if you’ve ever felt something’s off “down there,” this episode might just have the answers you’ve been looking for.

Tune in to gain insights on how to support and strengthen your pelvic floor, learn about the importance of rib movement, and get some practical tips to improve your overall core health. Lauren shared so many golden nuggets that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about your body.

“Empowerment is the currency of our worth. And if I can give females and anyone coming to me more empowerment, that’s pretty exciting to me because that’s the currency of our worth.” – Lauren Ohayon

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00:00 – Introduction by Kate Northrup
01:15 – Lauren discusses misconceptions about the vagina post-childbirth
03:45 – Common health issues related to pelvic floor dysfunction
06:30 – The connection between foot pronation and pelvic floor issues
09:00 – Impact of upper body patterning on pelvic floor health
12:15 – Importance of pelvic floor awareness and its role in the body
15:00 – Kate shares her experience with pelvic physical therapy
18:30 – Lauren explains why Kegels are not always the solution
21:45 – Similarities between male and female pelvic floors
25:00 – Erectile dysfunction and its relation to pelvic floor health
28:15 – The importance of movement and avoiding static positions
31:00 – Anatomy and mapping of the pelvic floor
34:30 – Incontinence and the misconception of a weak pelvic floor
38:00 – The role of breath in pelvic floor health
41:15 – Diastasis recti: causes and implications
45:00 – Empowerment through understanding and reclaiming the body
48:30 – Raising empowered children and normalizing body discussions
52:00 – Conclusion and where to find Lauren Ohayon’s work

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