Tips on Working With A Spouse: Communication, Boundaries, and Shared Joy (045)

Ever wondered how to keep the spark alive in your relationship while juggling a business and family life?

In this episode of Plenty, I am celebrating my 10-year anniversary with my husband and business partner, Mike. In honor of this special day, I am sharing my insights on 10 years of marriage and my top 9 tips on how to work with your spouse. I discuss the importance of maintaining individual lives, financial transparency, setting boundaries, and cultivating joy both together and apart. I also emphasize the significance of having clear roles and responsibilities, scheduling clarity, and the power of fun in keeping relationships vibrant. Tune in for practical advice, tips, and heartfelt reflections on building a thriving partnership in love and business.

“It’s really critical that we both have full robust lives together and full robust lives apart.” – Kate Northrup

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00:00 Introduction
03:30 Celebrating 10 years of marriage and the journey with Mike.
07:45 The electromagnetic field of your heart and brain.
09:15 Money secrets as a huge interruption for your sex life
18:00 Keeping the fun in your relationship
22:00 Having a clear time to discuss certain things
30:00 Cultivating individual joy and its benefits for the relationship
35:00 The importance of addressing issues in real time.
45:00 Personal and professional life balance.
50:00 Reflecting on the lessons learned and looking forward to the future.


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