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How to Heal Fast to Unlock Your Abundance with Andrea Crowder (025)

Have you ever felt that your past is holding you back from the success you want?

Well, I’m here to introduce you to Andrea Crowder, an incredibly resilient entrepreneur who’s overcome adversities such as teen pregnancy, her house burning down, and divorce, and learned how to self heal, and build a flourishing business. In today’s episode you’ll discover her unwavering belief in pleasure and intuition as her driving forces in business, challenging the conventional notion of discipline.

We also talk about her profound dedication to fostering genuine connections with her audience and her incorporation of Rapid Resolution Therapy into her holistic journey.

Tune into an enriching episode where Andrea emphasizes the significance of aligning financial decisions with emotional well-being, recounting her personal breakthroughs in reshaping her money mindset.

“In order to build the online business, we have to get offline So that we actually have a great story to tell.”

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00:00 | Andrea’s Unbelievable Background and Transformation
05:30 | Pleasure Over Pressure Business Philosophy
10:15 | Building Relationships and Community in Business
15:45 | Emotional Regulation and Sales Training Programs
20:20 | Rapid Resolution Therapy and Healing Trauma
30:00 | Andrea’s Money Mindset Shift
35:40 | Immediate Gratification vs. Delayed Gratification
40:25 | What Andrea Would Tell Her 19 Year Old Self
45:00 | How to Connect with Andrea

Connect with Andrea:

Andrea’s Website
Andrea’s Instagram
Andrea’s Podcast – Unruly Entrepreneur Podcast

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