How to Get Sexier and Healthier at 40 and Beyond with Tracy Campoli (013)

Get Sexier and Healthier at 40

Join me as I chat with Tracy Campoli, a fitness and wellness expert, about her incredible journey and how she’s redefining what it means to be vital at any age.

Tracy shares her journey of balancing motherhood, running an online business, and reinventing wellness for women over 40. She emphasizes the importance of internal work and taking ownership of one’s life to achieve external success. Tracy also discusses the impact of support systems, body confidence, and the power of mindset in achieving fitness goals. She shares practical tips for maintaining vitality, including eating well, loving your body, and staying hydrated. Tracy encourages women to embrace their age and see it as an opportunity for growth and empowerment.


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Key Takeaways

  • Balancing motherhood, work, and personal life requires taking ownership of one’s life and making hard decisions.
  • Body confidence and achieving fitness goals go hand in hand, and it starts with loving and accepting your body as it is.
  • Practical tips for maintaining vitality include eating well, staying hydrated, and taking care of your skin.
  • It’s important to stop talking negatively about yourself and focus on positive self-talk and self-acceptance.
  • Women over 40 can experience a vibrant and fulfilling life, and it only gets better with age.


02:04 | Internal work required for external up-leveling
03:15 | Challenges of balancing motherhood and business
07:50 | Partner’s resistance to change
10:36 | Importance of children feeling loved by many people
12:27 | Overcoming mom guilt and breaking societal programming
15:44 | Personal ideas that moved the needle in Tracy’s business
18:40 | Inspiring confidence and defying societal expectations
21:46 | Negative self-talk affects the body; start with self-acceptance.
30:00 | Tracy’s family lineage and desire for bigger experiences.
33:14 | Tracy moved to New York at 17 to be a dancer
35:42 | Tracy made more money with her online business
43:02 | Tracy advises her younger self to seek conversations with abundance-minded people


About The Guest

Tracy Campoli is a fitness and wellness expert for women over 40. She has a large following on YouTube and Instagram, where she shares fitness videos and tips for women to feel confident and vibrant at any age. Tracy is also a mom and is passionate about helping women balance motherhood, work, and self-care.

Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Kate: Hello and welcome to this episode of Plenty. Today I have a really fun guest for you. She’s my friend Tracy Campoli. She is a fitness and wellness expert for women over 40. She has incredible fitness videos on YouTube. She’s grown a huge following. from her videos and her her reels on Instagram. And she is really inspiring and really changing the face of what it means to be vital at any age.

She also became a mom just a few months shy of her 45th birthday. And so she is really in this dance of motherhood, running an online business. Reinventing what wellness is. We talk about being New England girls living in Miami. We talk about raising daughters, we talk about body confidence, loving your body, and also being able to achieve your fitness goals.

And what is the dance between those two? How can they work together? We talk about money mindset, money paradigms, growing an online business. when to take advice from outside sources, when not to, getting the right support and so many other things. So Tracy is fun. She’s honest. She’s spicy. And I think you’re going to love this episode.

Enjoy. Welcome to plenty. I’m your host, Kate Northrup, and together we are going on a journey to help you have an incredible relationship with money, time and energy and to have abundance on every day. Every week we’re going to dive in with experts and insights to help you unlock a life of plenty. Let’s go fill our cups.

Hey Tracy, thanks for being here. Thanks for having me, Kate. Welcome to plenty. 

[00:02:04] Tracy: I love it. We are feeling plentiful. 

[00:02:06] Kate: We are feeling plentiful. Okay, so when I met you. Actually, you were in kind of, you, you have gone through like quite a bit of expansion in the last two and a half years since I’ve met you. As have I, but we’re here to talk about you today.

So yeah, from a business perspective, you have blown up in a lot of ways. You know, your, your Instagram following, your YouTube, your videos, helping women with their fitness and health over 40, which we’re going to talk about some of your hot tips. for that, but I want to know, was there anything in particular that was required for you in terms of internal work that made you available and ready for that kind of external up level?

[00:02:52] Tracy: That is a juicy, juicy question. Let’s talk about it. Yes, yes, for sure. I mean, listen, I think that you and I can both agree it’s all internal. Everything is internal, you know, producing those external results. I think when we first met, I was actually feeling really shaken on my foundation. Like, how do I balance, like, motherhood?

I also… 

[00:03:15] Kate: Yeah, because you had a two year old 

[00:03:17] Tracy: at that time. Yes, I had a two year old. I also had a lot of support that wasn’t… 

[00:03:25] Kate: Supportive. Oh yeah, we can talk about that. Oh, I remember. 

[00:03:28] Tracy: So and that was on both the business and the personal side because everything is related, right? And so I think what was most required was for me to really take ownership of my life, you know?

I think, listen, I mean, Having a new child, running a business, throw in a pandemic, you know, like move to a new city. Like there was a lot of change over years and I think, you know, as even though, gratefully, I have a business that was already set up to support me with all of these changes. I was rocked. My foundation was rocked, just internally.

Like, I just felt sort of like, what’s going on here? And, and so I think it really required me to just take ownership of my life and to make some hard decisions, allow myself to be uncomfortable, you know, let some people that played a big role in my business and in my personal life, just let them go. So that I could just really…

You know, steer the ship. 

[00:04:28] Kate: What was wrapped up in those hard decisions for you? Why do you think that it felt hard? Like, cause for, honestly for some people, like, you know, you know my husband Mike, he’s very direct. He’s just be like, it’s not working at the end. Right? I’m not like that. And you’re not like that.

So, what, yeah, what was wrapped up in that for you? And what did it take for you to be ready and have the courage to have those hard conversations? That’s… I’m gonna cough.

[00:04:57] Tracy: So I, okay, a few things. I think what was behind it was the fear, the fear of the unknown, the fear of how am I going to be able to survive, you know, and safety. You know, what’s known is safe. What we are used to, even if it’s not working, it’s safe, right? And this is stuff that, like, of course I speak to all my students and my clients about this kind of thing, but it really was like, I just couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Like, this isn’t working for me. And so I was really afraid to make some of these changes, you know because, On paper, it looked like I had this great support, but it really wasn’t working for me. And so I had to really just be willing to not know everything, to not know exactly how things were gonna work out, to try new things, and to just let myself be in the moment and sit in those uncomfortable 

[00:05:49] Kate: feelings.

What was not working for you about the support? Obviously, just whatever you’re willing to share, knowing that it’s personal, so. 

[00:05:56] Tracy: So, I felt, you know, with like, family support, and this is a good one for people that are new moms, so lean in. I think it’s really common for women, because I’ve talked to a lot of my mom friends, that the first person that helps you with your family, It’s kind of like, ah, because, you know, it was like taking home my child and not to say this person was a great fit at first, but we, I definitely outgrew the relationship and I really felt like the role of responsibility was shifted and it wasn’t me, you know, it wasn’t me, that was really the person that should have been making the decisions. Like, decisions were being made for me, if that makes sense. And so I was like, this just doesn’t feel good. But I was afraid to change, because I was like, there was safety, you know, this… You know, those kinds of things. So that was really hard from a family perspective.

You know, throwing a husband in there too, right? Who has his feelings and his, you know, like it’s, that can be challenging. I do 

[00:06:58] Kate: hear, you know, in case you’re listening, and this is for you too, I hear from, this wasn’t the case in my family, but it’s very common, so I’m going to ask you more about how you navigated it.

That it’s very common that the partner, so that like the woman will, I’m going heteronormative right now because this is, What has been the pattern in the relationships that are with these conversations that the woman will maybe want to change the support structure or whatever and then there’s sort of more of like a papa bear, like, I do not want to have a stranger in my home, sort of like safety and protection, which I love, love the safety and protection vibe.

That hasn’t been the case in my, me. In my family, but I know that that can be something that people navigate and so anyway, you know Whatever you want to share about all of how you navigated that so that you could really get the right support for all of you Well, 

[00:07:50] Tracy: what I think is really interesting is that I knew on a subconscious level.

This is messing with my business This isn’t just messing with my family. Okay, but having this sort of negative energy and me not taking the ownership, you know, was affecting my business. I knew it. Right. I knew it. I felt it. I knew it. You know, so, historically, this is something I’d like to change. I’m slow to make big, scary changes.

And it’s funny, because I think I’m a pretty brave person. I’m like, okay, cool, this makes me scared. I’m gonna do it. Yeah. But when it comes to something like this, and especially with things that I don’t know. You know, like, I run an online business. I don’t even know how to make a slide. 

[00:08:32] Kate: On like a PowerPoint.

No. . Like I love 

[00:08:36] Tracy: that. Not at all. People think like, oh yeah, you’re stick with that. I don’t, I, you know, so it’s like, it’s great ’cause it keeps me in line. Yes. Right. It helps. Helps with the growth. That’s great. Like, I don’t know how to do this, but it’s also frustrating, right? Because it’s like when you know, like I know things should, you know, operate like X, Y, and Z, but I can’t do it.

So with the personal, with the family and support, definitely, you know My husband is a super, like, he’s a fantastic dad, a fantastic husband, and Papa Bear, and like, you know, really, like, let’s not rock the boat. And on some level, it’s like, because the boat’s gonna rock for me. 

[00:09:08] Kate: Him as well or for your partner, right?

And so nobody likes 

[00:09:11] Tracy: change So I finally just was like I cannot you know You just have to draw the line in the sand and I when I think back It’s like I think of like past relationships before I met my husband. It was like uncomfortable uncomfortable uncomfortable And then I’m an Italian Scorpio, and I’m like we’re done.

That’s it. You know like like one day one. That’s it. Yeah I love I had a couple moments where I reached that point, but then I just second guessed it, and just was like, oh, okay, because of X, Y, and Z, but then I finally just said no more. And, like most uncomfortable things, best decision I ever made. I 

[00:09:43] Kate: love it.

No, like, on the personal level, on the professional level, I know you were navigating some things in both. Yeah. Okay, and so you were, you, you went through the discomfort to have those hard conversations, make those decisions. Yeah. Was there then a lag where you went from having, like… On paper, the right support, even though it didn’t necessarily feel right to then actually finding the right support when you just didn’t have support?

[00:10:07] Tracy: Not really, luckily. I mean, so I basically, when it came to, like, you know, family support, I immediately, like, I was already interviewing before. Thinking I was going to make this change, but then I quickly made a change. So that, we luckily didn’t, we found someone great. But what I’ve learned is, everything is temporary.

Right? So I have someone great for now. You actually really helped me a lot with that. You were like, You know, I want my, my children to, you know, feel as much love from as many places, and I was like, I love 

[00:10:36] Kate: that. Oh, I’m so glad that was helpful. So just to, you know, just to clue you in on what that conversation was I, Now, this is coming from me as a child who was raised by two doctors.

We had nannies in my family my entire life. It was just, like, part of the deal. My parents were, like, up every third night, oh, at the hospital. Like, we just had, they needed help. Yeah. And so… Growing up, we always had extra people around, and all of those people were at my wedding. I had all of my nannies at the wedding, and, and I just had this sense of like, I am loved by a lot of people, and I am safe with a lot of people.

Now, it’s not like we had a different nanny every year. I mean, these were long term, some of them were with us for eight years. I mean, we’re talking a long time. However, I, as a, as a mom who, I, I don’t know that I work full time, but anyway, I have a full time business, whatever, I work. I don’t clock in, I don’t know how many hours I work, but we do, you know, we do have support with the kids and, and that has been something that I have been able to share with some folks to just be able to say, like, I want my kids to feel safe and loved with many people so that they are out in the world generally feeling like, yeah.

I can be loved and connected to more people not to say that they’re not discerning and that they’re gonna trust everyone that’s not because I’m also teaching them how to trust their bodies and if it feels like a no it’s a for sure a no yes like all of that but I’m glad that was helpful to you it is something that you know every now and again when the mom guilt seeps in I remind myself of that, of like, it’s really important that my, you know, I’m going to dinner tonight, like, it’s important that my girls know that they are safe and loved with more than just me and their husband.

Their husband. My husband. Their husband. Their dad. Well, you 

[00:12:27] Tracy: know, family. I, mom guilt, I think I was not prepared for it. And I just am so passionate about… Like, no. When those voices come up in my head, like really just checking it, and like, almost like Characterizing it, like, like caricature izing it, is that a right word?

In the sense of like, listen, this is not real. This is like some BS, you know, patriarchal programming that I am not subscribing to anymore. And so when it comes up, I just have to kind of have a talking to with myself. And it’s, and it feels good. 

[00:13:04] Kate: I’m glad that you brought up 

[00:13:05] Tracy: Because we’re doing it for our mothers and grandmothers.

And like, we get to be the break in the chain. And I, 

[00:13:10] Kate: that’s powerful. We do get to be the break in the chain. Okay, so here’s something I love about you, Tracy. When you go to your Instagram you have incredible fitness tips and wellness tips for women over 40. And like, very practical. It’s like, what do we do about tightening up the back of our arms?

What do we do about like, you know, our waistline? What do we do about, you know, not needing to like count calories but feel vital and healthy, right? So, very practical. And… These waters with you run very deep. You gave me the most incredible poetry book for my birthday and I felt like I could, I don’t remember the name of it off the top of my head.

Can you, do you remember? 

[00:13:47] Tracy: It’s, I’m blanking 

[00:13:48] Kate: on it too. We’ll put it in the show notes. It’s so beautiful, but it really helped me to actually understand another layer of you, which I had known through conversation, but I was like, oh. One of the things I love the most is like when people, you know, your brand is very powerful and it’s very niched down and there’s a lot to you.

So even just now you saying about patriarchal brainwashing and like we’re cutting ancestral ties. I want you to know, like if you want to know about fitness and wellness over 40, learn from this woman because it goes so much deeper than that. And honestly, most people out here on these internet streets, It doesn’t go deeper.

True, that’s very true. I’m just being honest. Thank 

[00:14:26] Tracy: you. No, well, thank you. You know, it’s funny. I, this is something I used to struggle with. You know, it’s the whole like front facing, you know, like, but I’m not just an arm workout girl. I’m not. I have so much more to me than that, which is a hundred percent true.

And you know. To bring people in, we have to give them, you know, what they want and need, you know, and also what I want to do. I mean, listen, I’ve had, you know, advisors tell me, you know, you should just do, you know, just your fitness channel and, you know, that’s all you do. And I’m like, soul sucking, like, you know, not for me.

Like, no. So, one thing that I’ve recently, since my trip to Italy this past summer, I just decided, I’m not listening to anyone else. Yes! I am just, I do not. I don’t care anymore what they say to do. I do not want to follow other people’s strategies. I just, and now listen, will that, I don’t know. We’ll see.

And it’s not to say that I know everything. I certainly don’t. And, when I think back of the things that have been most successful for me, they all came from me. It was my idea to start a YouTube channel. I love that. Yeah, like, it was my idea. Like, I started my YouTube channel in 2011. I was like, I’ve heard of this like weird, you know, 

[00:15:44] Kate: it’s been a minute, you and I have been around.

[00:15:48] Tracy: Yes, yes, you know, and so, so when I think of the things that have really like moved the needle for me and my business, most of them were actually from my spark, my inspiration, my like, Hey, that sounds like that would be kind of fun to do and then doing 

[00:16:01] Kate: it. So, okay, I love that. So you started, you were an early adopter on YouTube, 2011 for sure.

Yes. What else has really moved the needle in your business that was your idea? 

[00:16:10] Tracy: Well, Instagram Reels, so that’s where when we first met, I, you know, we, we have seen, and we, I just mean like the business as a whole, have seen have seen a lot of growth, you know and that reach is always something that’s very important to me because when I started my business, it was like I was a Pilates instructor, I had a studio in New York.

And I, you know, and I worked at a gym at one point, and I knew I could only reach the people in that room, and that’s where YouTube, and so started for me, and so, with Instagram Reels, I just did it again, following the spark of inspiration, was like, oh, okay, like, I see people doing this, like, what if I just give myself a challenge to do, like, five Reels a week, you know, and, and at first, I was doing maybe three, or four, you know, I was kind of, but I was like, at least doing more, and having fun, and trying to figure it out, and then when I started with Consistency, I started seeing like major growth, you know, and, and that’s been really exciting, you know, just to, I just think there’s something wonderful about, you know, helping people, and people that don’t know you you know, following along, and then what’s, what’s great about that is that then the journey, you know, you can go as deep or as light as you want, I, this is, I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but when I first started, I used to feel like, Oh, you know, we give a lot in the online space.

Not many careers give as much as we give, right? Without being paid for it. Absolutely. And Yeah, you work a lot for Work a lot. For free. For free, you know? And so, I used to have like, a sort of like, ugh, you know? And, and with Instagram, I was like, I don’t care. I literally don’t care. If, if I make your day with this arm workout and made you smile today, or made you think or do something different, or even Even better, think differently about being over 40.

My job is done. You know what I mean? And I just feel like then it just makes me have more fun doing it. 

[00:17:59] Kate: Yes, that is so smart. So, what do you want women to know or hope to open up for them about the possibilities that they could experience after 40 that maybe are different than the most of the culture?

[00:18:13] Tracy: You know, so, like, intuition, as soon as you asked that was like, it just gets better. It just keeps getting better. And, and, and I really, to my core, believe that, you know. And I also, and we know, because we’ve been on video for a long time, don’t you feel like, even just from a superficial, like, you’re like, better?

Yes! Like, like, better! Yes! Like, just, it gets better. So whoever told you… That it doesn’t is lying. No, I look 

[00:18:40] Kate: at videos in my early thirties and I’m like, I look better now. Yes! Yes, a hundred percent. And I think it’s internal that then reflects on the external. And, and, you know, why, well, I’m going to ask you more about this, but okay, so carry on.

Yeah, I just think 

[00:18:56] Tracy: it’s, it’s really, you know, so I think unfortunately women have been fed this lie. We’ve been fed a lot of lies. And one of the big ones is like, you know, after a certain age, you know, you’re just It’s over. You’re never gonna be fit. You’re never gonna feel sexy. You shouldn’t, God forbid, you wear a bikini.

We saw each other at the beach the other day. You know, like, I think it’s ridiculous. It’s absolute lies. So like, for me, one of the biggest changes was spending a lot of time in Europe. And seeing, you know, for me specifically, Italy. Seeing these Italian women and the confidence that they carried themselves with.

And this was when I was in my late 20s and I was like, that’s it. That’s what I want. Anything else is noise, that’s, that is the guiding star for me, and I will accept nothing else. And I’m like, I can’t wait to be like 60, and like, you know, 70 and 80, and, and now I have a 4 year old. So that, like, I get chills.

That leads the passion for what I do so much greater, because I’m like, I will be that mom that she, you know, when I’m 90, you know, that’s running around with her, we’re taking Pilates together, like, Without a doubt. Like, that’s everything. You know, life is for living. Right. You’re never washed up. You are vibrant and alive and, yeah, you know, this, juicy.

Like, this matters. 

[00:20:10] Kate: Juicy. Juicy. So, obviously, we’re talking about a perspective and a paradigm that you are living into, which is so beautiful. And that makes such a huge difference. And, in, so, so, like, it has to start with a paradigm, where you are choosing, like, you have, Yeah. To allow it to just keep getting better and better and we have our way showers like those beautiful women in Italy Yeah, and whoever else right?

I yeah, and I want to know what are some of this So knowing that you operate in this paradigm, what are then some of the the practical? Practices that you’re doing on a daily or weekly basis to really support your vitality because there’s the paradigm and then there’s the behavior yes, so what are some of the behaviors that you really commit to because I will say like You are such a glorious thriving example of you know health and vitality and longevity that I look to and I’m inspired by so I want to know what’s happening over there behind the scenes.

[00:21:10] Tracy: Alright, I mean it’s, it’s somewhat, like the practical stuff is, like what do you feed your body, what are you eating, right? And unfortunately, especially, you know, in the States, it’s not easy. It’s true. You know, it’s really not easy. I, I, yesterday in Whole Foods was like reading labels with my daughter.

I know. Four, you know. She was like, I want that yogurt. And I was like, 19 grams of sugar. I was like, this one has nine. We will take this one. And then I like asked her later. So, like. You know, reading your labels, eating what feels, I’m not going to say like a, you know, a specific way of eating, you know, but that’s, you know, I think, 


[00:21:41] Kate: in general, yeah, being aware of what you’re putting inside your body matters, being aware of what 

[00:21:46] Tracy: you’re putting in your brain, you know, when you are unhappy and miserable and thinking crappy thoughts about yourself or telling yourself, I’m too old, I’m fat, I’m, you know, flabby, I’m da da da, the party’s over, well guess what, your body goes, mm hmm, that’s correct.

That is correct. So, it’s, it’s when you are really, like, in appreciation. This is something, especially since I teach fitness and weight loss, you can want to change your body. You can want to lose weight if that’s your goal. You can want to, you know, be leaner or stronger or, you know more fit. Whatever that looks like for you.

But, It has to start with you loving and accepting where are you right now, like in this moment. And really just being like, I have a body, like this is my body. And we are working together to make the change. That’s really key. And I think that when, I don’t think, I know when women start, you know mostly I work with women, when they start really understanding that, that’s when it’s like, Doing so much less.

Oh my god. It’s like it’s just happening because it’s like you you’re working with your conscious and your subconscious mind and things start really flowing together That’s huge drink a lot of water Take care of your skin Like do all the things But really I think the biggest thing is like stop talking crap about yourself 

[00:23:07] Kate: Stop it.

Yeah. Stop it. That’s great. That is so great. That’s something we can all really incorporate. Yeah. Take home with us. It was interesting. So in February I was approaching my 40th birthday in March and in February I, my jeans like started getting really tight and I was just like, I am not buying new clothes.

Mm hmm. I don’t want to spend money on it. I really like my wardrobe. I’m not buying new clothes. So, I was talking to my coach. And she, I’ve worked with her on like emotional stuff and business stuff, but I had no idea that she actually is also a trained health coach. So that was funny. But anyway, I was like, I have either like anytime in my life, I have decided that I want to change anything about my body.

I have ended up, sort of, basically, with a slight eating disorder. So I feel like I can, I realized in that moment, I was in a paradigm in which I was saying, I can either outgrow my genes and have to buy a whole new wardrobe, which I just don’t want to do for a variety of reasons, or I can have an eating disorder.

It was really interesting, and my coach was like, Oh, yeah, guess what? You can actually have… The health and, and, and be the size that you would like while aligning with your values. And I feel like that’s what you’re saying right now. And I, I mean, you’d think like, I’m pretty smart. I’ve been around. It was such a mind blowing moment for me.

That’s fascinating. To realize the deep programming. And I think that, I’m curious about this for you. We’ve had such a beautiful awakening in our culture around body shaming and fat phobia and you know, I think there’s some incredibly beautiful things about the body positivity movement and With everything there’s shadow.

Yeah, and I noticed for myself in that moment that there was shadow and the shadow was I was operating in an either or scenario which Anytime we’re in black and white thinking black or white thinking we’re in a trauma response So my either or scenario was either I can really go off the deep end and having an eating disorder Or I can be in a body that doesn’t feel comfortable for me to be in.

And it felt like there was a little bit of a shadow of like, the that like, if I’m doing anything to change the shape of my body, that then I’m fatphobic. Right. And not being body positive. Yeah. That’s not really a question, but can you talk about that? 

[00:25:36] Tracy: Yeah, I mean, well look, this comes up, right? I’m sure it does!


[00:25:40] Kate: sure people are coming at you having 

[00:25:43] Tracy: feelings. Oh yes, and, and I have a daughter. And so I am like, Oh, you know what I mean? Because again, it’s like How do we say things so that you can help people? You know, but not Feed into that story and that narrative. It’s, it is, it is interesting. So I think, what, what I trust is that people understand that I am everything about, like, love your body.

Love your body. Love it right now. Love it into changing, into whatever that looks like for you. You know, I, with, I sometimes will have like, you know, one on one coaching or small group, you know, experiences. And… You know, that’s when, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna spill some tea here, but like, sometimes I’m like, I honestly don’t care if you lose weight.

I could, I don’t care. Would I care more, like, when I know, like, oh, yes, job done is when you’re like, I feel so confident. I feel so good in my body. Like, I, I’m loving myself. I’m taking care of myself. I’m being an example to, you know, my family or my friends or whatever. That’s the bigger win, you know?

Everyone’s, listen, everyone’s gonna have their feelings. You know, I’m a tough cookie, I’m like, okay, I have your feelings, that’s fine. Usually, you know, in my case, the people that are like, come after you are like, Very large male trainers, and I’m like, cool, I bet we don’t have the same target market. So that, like, good for you, MrFitness3069, you know, like, that’s great.

But, like, you know, I don’t think, like, you know, Sally in, you know, I don’t know, Los Angeles, or whatever, is, is, like, I don’t think we’re, like, really, you know, talking to the same person here. But I, I think, listen, I think that it’s beautiful, we also live in a very body positive city. We do, which I think is…

[00:27:33] Kate: Awesome. I know, all kinds of bodies wearing barely anything. Nothing. I love it so much. 

[00:27:39] Tracy: I love it too. And confidently. Yeah. And I think that that is a great, like my friends at No Shade Los Angeles, I love L. A. But like, you know, Miami’s vibe is a little different. And, and some of my friends that come and visit are like, We, like, this is good.

And I’m like, it is good. It is so good to see women of all shapes and sizes, all colors, all, like, living. And that’s also that kind of, bringing it back to that, like, Italian. Yeah. It’s like, you see all shapes, all sizes, all colors, like really just owning their 

[00:28:07] Kate: stuff. Owning their beauty. And that is sexy. It is very sexy.

Like magnetic. 

[00:28:12] Tracy: Yeah. That’s what we all want. That’s what we all want. 

[00:28:15] Kate: And I think it’s interesting. So you and I both. Did I answer that? Yeah, you did. It was great. Okay. You and I both grew up in New England. Yes. Which is like not known as being sexy. Yes. Just, let’s say it. It’s known for being like, really well educated, you know, cold, gray historical, and a lot of good depth, you know, with us New Englanders but I am curious, wait, I’ve just lost my train of thought completely, so I need to just, we’re going to pause, that was weird, it’s the first time that’s happened, you were skiing.

It’s come back if it’s gonna come back. Okay. So, in terms of like, growing up in Miami, I love what you’re saying about this, just like, all the different bodies and the love and whatever, because I want my girls to be in that environment. Is that an important thing for you as well with 

[00:29:13] Tracy: your daughter?

Totally. I mean, I want her to… you know, just love her skin and see like, you know, the difference when I was in my twenties working out was like, I need to be thin. I need to be, I was a dancer, you know, it was like this. You know, like, this thin pressure. you know, working off bad food. That was the motivation.

Now it’s like, you know, like, Mommy works out because I want to have energy. I want to chase after you. I want to, you know, I want to be the 95 year old that’s like, picking up the crumbs off the floor. You know what I mean? Like I, or taking Pilates with my daughter who at that point would be what? Like 50, you know?

Like fantastic. Like that’s the, that’s where I’m going. You know? So yeah, I mean, I think Miami is a great. And, Miami has a lot of, of things, like the other day my daughter started walking through and I was like, my husband was like, we’re moving, we are 

[00:30:00] Kate: moving, like, what the Except that, I raised my girls until my big one was five and a half and my little one was almost three in Maine, and that innate sensuality is actually in our girls.

Yes. Because they were in a small town in Maine, which is not known for being sexy, but they were just like in themselves. And so it’s interesting to also witness like where that comes up for us, too. You know, around like, I know that for me, I was not raised in a household that was like super celebratory of, Women’s sexuality, or pleasure, or, I wasn’t taught about that and I am curious for you growing up in New England, like, did you have models in your lineage of women of, of owning their beauty and healthy vitality aging?

So you are a pattern breaker in this. I am a pattern breaker, for sure. 

[00:31:07] Tracy: I mean, I’m, like, we can go 

[00:31:09] Kate: deep. Please. And I love my family. Let’s go there. It’s just like, 

[00:31:13] Tracy: It’s interesting. So, perfect example. Like, I was always the kid. Okay. I saw Fame, the original movie, with Debbie Alleyway, and I was like, I’m going to become a dancer, and move to New York City, and dance on cabs, like, that’s it, that’s, that was like, that’s what I’m going to do!

Dance on cabs! Yes! I was like, I’m going to be in dance class with Leroy, and it’s going to be amazing, you know? But, like, thinking of what age I decided that, I’m now currently doing, like, family tree stuff to see if I, you know, can get dual citizenship with Italy. Oh! And like, once my family came to Massachusetts, most of them stayed.

It’s interesting, like, I’m like, the world is so big, you know? Like, it’s very I just feel like I’m wired differently, you know? Than your family. Than my family, yes. Very 

[00:32:05] Kate: much so. Your family. I love my family. Of course, of course, it can be both. When you trace your lineage back where in Italy are your, are your folks from?

Outside of Naples. Your people, not your parents, but your. Outside of Naples. Outside of Naples, okay, Southern Italy. Southern Italy. Alright, amazing, and did you realize, was there a point when you realized growing up that you were maybe a little bit wired different? 

[00:32:31] Tracy: My mother has a famous story that at three years old, I looked at it and I said, It’s my life.

Wow. And she was like, I kinda knew, like. You’re gonna do your thing and and that’s it, you know, so so yeah I mean, I think I just always have had this like I just wanted bigger and more I grew up in a small town in the Berkshires in Massachusetts beautiful area, but you know I was always bored. I grew up a lot like being bored a lot.

It’s I don’t ski. I don’t like winter We’d like eight months of snow. Oh, yeah, thank goodness. I had like dance and theater, you know To like keep me active because I think I probably I would have had a very different life path if 

[00:33:14] Kate: I hadn’t had that. How old were you when you moved to New York to be a dancer?

[00:33:17] Tracy: Oh my gosh, I, the ink wasn’t even dry at my diploma. You know, I, like 17 years old. You were out? I was like, I’ll never come back. And that was 

[00:33:27] Kate: that. And that was that, 

[00:33:28] Tracy: and I lived in New York for 22 

[00:33:29] Kate: years. Then you got this inspiration that you were going to start a YouTube channel because you wanted more reach beyond what you know I I know that there was like also a professional dance career in there and then and then you became a Pilates instructor You’re working in gyms.

Okay, but I’m now I’m super I have fast forwarded through we’re here a large part Now we’re getting into digital marketing so you decided you were gonna start this YouTube channel At what point, how long were you into starting your online business alongside training people in person? How long was that before you stopped seeing people in person and went all online?

[00:34:10] Tracy: That, I love this question because I, I overlapper. Huh. You know, like so many people like, jump and the earth will find you. And I was like, this girl likes to have money in the bank. Yes. I never, so we’ll get into some money conversation too. Yes. like. I always Wanted to have you know more than enough right and so like I was waiting tables And then I got my Pilates certification Then I was teaching Pilates and starting to take on private clients, then I was like oh I want to get into this online thing so I was like teaching clients and having my own business But then building the online so everything was like building building building right?

I, I had clients that I just loved, they were like family, so, I mean, I had Pilates clients that I would see them once a week for like 15 years so I think I held on to it too long just because of the relationships, we see a pattern 

[00:34:59] Kate: here, right, you see how we started this conversation, are you, do you have a lot of Taurus 

[00:35:04] Tracy: in your chart, do you know?

No, I don’t think so. We’ll do that another time. Yeah, I know, I have a lot of Scorpio, but so, yeah, so too long, too long but I would say, like, probably at least, I could have made that jump at least three years before I actually did, but at that time I was like, well, I’m only, you know, doing two hours a day.

Yeah, yeah, you just had your 

[00:35:22] Kate: people you loved and you kept going. Yeah. Okay, and then so I am going to make an assumption. Correct me if I’m wrong. The assumption is that as you grew your online business, you began making more money. Then you had as a professional dancer or teaching Pilates in person, correct?

Correct. Great. And 

[00:35:42] Tracy: we love 

[00:35:42] Kate: correct assumptions During that period of time Similar coming back to the question. I asked you at the beginning What were some of the internal changes necessary if any that were required to open yourself up to? How do you. Receive more money and be able to make more. 

[00:36:03] Tracy: I love this question.

I think it was you know, seeing what’s possible. You know, I always think it’s like possibility portals. You know, sometimes it’s a person. Sometimes it can be an experience, but just really seeing. You know? Oh, there’s another way to do this. You know? Oh, there’s another way for me to make money. I always like one of my founding.

Like principles like that. That is really just. You know, one of the most important values for me is freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom. Like, everything I did was like, okay, I want to just feel free. I want to be able to have freedom, make my own decisions, have my own money. Like, really and so the internal shifts were, were seeing that it was possible being able to be, to put yourself out there.

I mean, for a lot of people, like, I’m pretty extroverted, but I’m also a little, like, I can, I’m a little mixture of both. And, you know, at working that muscle, you know, as much as, like, our muscles, like, being able to, like, You know, put yourself on a camera and speak to people and then, you know, be able to like ignore comments and whatever all the Opiniones Because there are lots of them Opiniones Out there in this world So, 

[00:37:10] Kate: you know Oh my god I’m curious about that because I will be honest I literally just left a voice memo for our customer service concierge this week where I said Hi, this is not your fault, and this is not something you knew before, so like, this is new information for, you know, I’m just, like, I’m not mad.

Can you not send me the emails of disgruntled customers? Because it’s not, it’s not like it was happening a lot, but every now and again she thought I needed to see something, which of course, like, I want the, I want the information, I want the feedback, but I was like, what I need you to do. Is send it to Mike, my husband’s business partner.

And then he can determine if I ever need to actually read the, the primary text. I love that. And otherwise, he or Takesha, our community manager, can filter it and just tell me the nugget that I actually need to know. Because I’m so freaking sensitive. Yes. And so I set up those, and it’s not, again, like it’s not to say that I’m not available for feedback.

If any customer is listening, like, You know, I make changes when people tell me stuff and I’m available to be corrected and I’m also available to be called forth to do better. Sure, sure. And, I still, this long into business, I like read those and I want to crawl under my desk. So, are you like that too? A.

And B how do you, like, how do you Navigate negativity in comments or whatever because YouTube, the, the, the comments on YouTube are particularly gnarly. I don’t personally read them nor do I read like Amazon reviews, things like that because just like the general public, I’m like, whatever, but customers, I’m always very interested.

So yeah, what’s your experience with the opinionists? 

[00:38:58] Tracy: So yes, I am like you. like wired like that. I think that for myself with time, it’s like, okay, listen, you made a decision to put yourself out there in this public space, which I think literally at this point, pretty much everyone does, whether you have an online business or not, because that’s kind of the world that we live in now.

But I also, you know, have placed, you know, things in place as far as like, you know If there’s something that I need to know, please tell me, but if I don’t, like, keep me in my happy little bubble so I can focus on, like, the thousands of people that are so happy, you know, as opposed to, and it’s really easy to really focus on, like, that one person that said something, like, negative.

Yeah, our brains are wired for that. A hundred percent. What I, okay, so when it comes to comments, this is great. So I asked someone who, you know, they have a huge YouTube channel and a huge business and It’s a husband and a wife, and I had a conversation with the husband, and he was like, Well, that’s why these platforms let us delete comments.

Oh. And he was like, we, you know, take feedback, but you can delete. Right, if 

[00:40:03] Kate: somebody’s saying something nasty. 

[00:40:05] Tracy: Something that’s like ridiculous. You know, it’s like one thing if it’s like conversation sparking, or like a different opinion. No, I know, but sometimes they’re saying like, 

[00:40:10] Kate: show me your boobs. Oh, yeah.

Delete. Delete. 

[00:40:15] Tracy: I, I, I’m actually offended that people don’t ask me that. I’m just kidding. No. So I, yeah.

You can also just, and I listen, I’m saying this publicly, like there is, there’s, and he said that he was like, there’s a reason why we have those tools. And I was like, Oh, you know what? You’re right. You’re right. Like, because the other thing is I don’t want to give, especially let’s say it’s like gnarly trainer, 

[00:40:40] Kate: you know, 3905 exactly.

[00:40:42] Tracy: I’m like, this is my platform. I’m not going to go on your platform and be like, Hey dude, you should be like lifting. It’s like, I’m just not going to do it. So I just think. You can also, you can choose to ignore, but I also don’t want to spark a conversation that’s ridiculous. Sometimes I’ll keep, keep things, you know, like for sure.

And I think that it can be really thought provoking conversation when it’s, when it’s positive, but you know, and of course customers, it’s a different conversation, you know, it’s very different. I’m talking about like the overarching, 

[00:41:11] Kate: you know, the internet at large. The internet! 

[00:41:15] Tracy: Humans on the internet, you know.

Yeah. It can be a 

[00:41:18] Kate: lot. But I think you’re right about constructive, like, I am very available for a constructive conversation when someone is pointing out something that I missed, or giving a helpful suggestion, or, you know, any, any conversation about, like, Like, if I, if I have a, if I have a something that I just didn’t know, like very available to be, to be told so I could do better.

To make 

[00:41:39] Tracy: your things better, right? Your products, right? Like we do that all the time. It’s like, Oh, someone’s like, Oh, you didn’t put X, Y, and Z. And it’s like, Oh, okay, let’s, let’s add that, you know? So that’s great. That’s super helpful. But when it’s like someone saying like, show me your boobs or like, 

[00:41:52] Kate: you know, I mean, it’s not funny.

I like, please don’t leave that comment, but I mean, there are when people leave like really hurtful things that are just not. There’s nothing constructive, and there’s not an opportunity to, to grow or to help other people. Exactly, and to expand together. And 

[00:42:10] Tracy: like, literally, like, do that. Like, there’s nothing wrong with doing that.

Just being like, delete. Yeah. Because you know what? Then I don’t, it doesn’t enter in my sphere of energy. 

[00:42:18] Kate: Yeah, you don’t get to come like, on my front yard and then, and then throw up. Yeah. 

[00:42:22] Tracy: No. I was gonna say poop. You can’t poop on my front yard. Right. 

[00:42:26] Kate: No thank you. Oops. Okay.

So, that’s so funny. As we kind of like bring it on home here, I really like to ask this final question and that is, if you were to be able to go back and tell your, maybe your 17 year old self with your diploma just drying there, like headed off to New York from the Berkshires or you know, somewhere in those early 20s age, something about money, like a piece of money wisdom that you could deliver to Tracy at that time. What would that be? 

[00:43:02] Tracy: Wow, that’s a great question. I would say, you know, open yourself up to seeing more possibility and, and being open to conversations with others, like see if someone has a more abundant mindset, hang out with that person.

You know, see what they’re thinking. So my husband works in finance, and he had an opportunity come up, and it was, you know I don’t want to give anything like too personal, but like, we’re talking billions of dollars, right, billions, with a B. And I was like, oh my god, I really hope that he, because I was like, I don’t care about the actual income, I care about How does this person think?

Mm-hmm. , that’s all I wanna know, is like, what’s the difference between a person that has billions of dollars? Not, not even to say that I even want billions of dollars, but how do they think differently? It’s interesting. That’s fascinating to me. So I think just, if I could tell my younger self, it’s like just be open to conversations and being open to receive and, and you know, notice how people think.

’cause it’s just energy. It’s just energy. Well, and to 

[00:44:09] Kate: know that there are different, paradigms, different realities where. Like I think that a lot of the limitation with money comes from. Well, this just is the way it is. Yes. And when we can remain open to like, wow, that person over there just really operates in a very different way than I do.

Or how does that part? They have a different. Scenario Yeah, they may not even have a different money reality, but the way they relate to it might be really different and educational. So, 

[00:44:41] Tracy: I love that so much. And just being able to, you know, as a mom, like, raise my child differently. And navigating that. Like, how do you know?

Yeah, so I 

[00:44:50] Kate: don’t know. Okay, that was supposed to be the last question, but I have more. What is, what do you want to pass along to your daughter in terms of her understanding of how money works? Her understanding of how to be a woman in the world with money? You know, she’s little. You’ve had time. She’s four.

Yeah, she’s four. But still, like. So, these things that are, you know, our little ones, they are aware of money already, and yeah, what do you want her 

[00:45:16] Tracy: to know? I want her to know that she lives in an abundant world, you know, I want her to know that money and value, you know, your personal value and how much money you have, it means nothing.

Those are completely different things. Yes. But I feel really grateful that I have created a life that… The possibility and how I feel around my, you know, I grew up, like, my parents are wonderful people, but it was like a lot of, like, scarcity mindset, you know, my father was first generation American, you know, grew up very, very poor, so it’s very I really did work to rewire my brain into abundances everywhere.

You know and, and so my daughter’s getting the benefit of this. She has a mom that thinks this way and you know, I also want her to, to, you know, to work and have a work ethic, you know, that’s one thing interesting, you know that will be interesting to see how do I navigate that with her in a city like Miami.

Where a lot of young women have a different life path, which is, you know, I’m just gonna say it like sugar baby life And I’m like, oh no, like we do, you know, like make your own money You know, but also that’s important, so I show her, like, I work. I make my, you know, I’m, I’m creating wealth, you know, for our family.

And, and I want her to see that, you know, so when she’s like, No, Mommy, I want to, like, don’t go to work, you know, and I don’t like you. It’s like, how many hours do you, I don’t know, you know, but I think it’s important for her to see that, you know, I’m contributing to the family and the world, you know.

And women have, have wealth and we can do 

[00:46:53] Kate: great things. Yes, not to mention the fact that your work uplifts women. Yes. I mean it is helping women fall in love with themselves, it is helping them feel more energized, feel better in their bodies, live longer. 

[00:47:06] Tracy: And what’s possible 

[00:47:07] Kate: after that? Like so much more.

So thank you for the work that you do. Thank you. Thank you for being such a good friend. Where can people find you if they want to follow along and learn about not only how to tone their triceps, but also explore the depths of Tracy because it goes so much deeper than that. 

[00:47:26] Tracy: Oh, thank you. So sweet. Tracy Campoli on all social media.

So YouTube, Instagram. Those are probably the two that I’m most active on and, you know, truly now Instagram. So send me a DM, say that you found me on Plenty and let’s be friends.

[00:47:39] Kate: Thank you Tracy. 

Thank you Kate. It’s been my pleasure. 

Thank you so much for listening in to this episode of Plenty with my friend Tracy.

Ah, it was very nourishing. It was very fun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Definitely go give Tracy a follow. Her workouts are incredible. She also has great, great skin care tips, beauty tips, and fashion advice. And a lot more where that came from. If you liked this episode, please go ahead and screenshot it.

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