How to Become the Abundant Person You Know You Were Meant to Be with Tracy Litt (020)

How to Become the Abundant Person You Know You Were Meant to Be

Feeling stuck and ready to become who you knew you were always meant to be? When I met my friend Tracy Litt, it was clear this woman knows and fully embraces everything she is and is meant to be. She is inspiring, refreshing, and remarkable.

Tracy Litt is a spiritual leader, CEO, founder of the School of Becoming and the bestselling author of Worthy Human: Because You Are The Problem and The Solution.

In this episode, we are having a much needed conversation about the path smart brilliant women must take to becoming the amazing successful person they are meant to be.

Let’s get started!

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Path to Unlocking Potential and Embodying Abundance

Tracy Litt’s journey to becoming an ‘expander’ is like a high-octane movie, full of guts, glory and a whole lot of spirit. She’s our real-life superhero who decided she was done playing small and ready to unlock her potential. She shares the story of creating her kickass school for women bosses and entrepreneurs, which she named the School of Becoming.

After hustling hard and reaching goals, Tracy decided it was time to pop some champagne and have a lavish gala. Because hey, who said hard work can’t be celebrated in style?

As she looked back at the glitzy gala, she realized that it was more than just a party. It was a moment where she allowed her inner guide to take the lead, opening up new paths and possibilities. She went from being someone who, a decade ago, might have let fear slow her down, to a woman who now fully embraces her limitless potential for greatness.

Tracy shared, “Because I am a living example of the becoming process, I’ve learned how to be an expander for myself through the choices I make. You’re surrounded by abundance. And the only time you don’t feel it is when you put limitations on yourself.” Now, isn’t that a powerful nudge to step into our higher selves, unlock our potential, and embrace the fullness of life? I think so.

How Not Being Your Best Self Leads to Growth

Imagine this: Tracy wakes up the day after the gala, coffee in hand, ready to bask in the social media love from her party. But alas, instead of fun party pics and sweet messages, she’s hit with a wave of emails and posts accusing her of stealing the word ‘becoming.’ Talk about a downer!

Tracy’s no newbie. She’s a seasoned CEO who knows her stuff, especially when it comes to intellectual property. She was sure she hadn’t stepped on any toes. Still, this unexpected backlash rattled her a bit.

Tracy said, “We can’t just ignore any emotion on our emotional spectrum. If we do, we clog up our nervous system and mess with our ability to vibrate at our highest frequency.” This is a big YES to emotional honesty and fully feeling our feelings so we can move past challenges and keep growing.

So, instead of brushing off her feelings, Tracy let them all out. She pounded the floor, she shook her body, she cried. She gave herself the green light to feel everything, knowing that suppressing any emotion would only jam up her nervous system and mess with her ability to function at her best.

Shifting Misconceptions: The Role of Emotions in Personal Growth Mindset

Ever feel like the whole “good vibes only” mantra is disingenuous at best, and potentially harmful at worst? Tracy sure thinks it might be. There’s this idea floating around that we can reach our highest frequency without changing our relationship to our emotions. But Tracy calls B.S. on that.

She says if we’re not fully feeling all the emotions our bodies want to express, we’re living in a fake ‘high vibe.’ This leads to what she calls ‘high vibe bypass,’ where folks dodge the hard stuff to keep up the good vibes. But in doing so, they’re squashing their full emotional range, limiting their self-expression, and possibly setting themselves up for depression. Yikes! This shines a light on why we need personal growth ideas that champion emotional honesty.

“If you’re ducking out on the embarrassment, discomfort, or pain, then you’re also going to miss out on the bliss, radiance, and celebration,” Tracy points out.

So, what’s the fast track to reaching a potent frequency, according to Tracy? It’s all about transforming our understanding of emotion, letting go of judgment, and giving ourselves permission to feel all our emotions, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Now, that’s a recipe for a successful personal growth journey if I’ve ever heard one.

Redefining Success: Personal Growth for Business Success Through Emotional Integration

Tracy and I got down to the nitty-gritty of how we’ve been taught to think about “success.” Tracy says we’ve been tricked into thinking that success means never feeling uncomfortable or down. But she’s calling foul on that idea.

She believes that genuine success, especially when it comes to growing personally for business success, means being able to feel and integrate all experiences – even the ones that aren’t exactly fun.

This means we have to embrace our messy, beautiful human selves and keep experiencing things we’d rather dodge. This is super important for leaders on a personal growth journey. Tracy reminds us that growth, expansion, and ‘becoming’ are not final destinations but ongoing journeys. And depending on what you believe, this journey either continues after we leave our physical bodies or it doesn’t.

She also talks about the importance of feeling all our feelings and moving away from the outdated idea of labeling emotions as good or bad, right or wrong. Emotions, according to her, are just energy in motion. And getting that is a game-changer for personal growth.

From Recognition to Transformation: How to Become Your Best Self

According to Tracy, becoming is all about stepping into the next version of ourselves – or as she puts it, aiming to ‘be the person you want to become.’ It’s a constant process, always in the ‘ING,’ as she cleverly says. As we evolve, it’s time to take a hard look at our worldviews, belief structures, and the consciousness level we’re operating on. It’s all about getting to grips with our thoughts and beliefs about energy. Sure, we nod along when someone says we’re beings of energy, but if we really got that, we’d treat ourselves differently. This process goes on forever, marking our personal evolution.

When Tracy talks about balancing unconditional self-love and self-acceptance with becoming, she’s clear that the road to ‘becoming your best self’ is paved with higher awareness and consciousness. She drives home the point that we’re not broken and don’t need fixing. We’re naturally whole and worthy, just like the title of her new book suggests. Accepting ourselves as we are is the foundation for any healing work. When we work on ourselves, it’s not because we’re a problem that needs fixing, but to break free from limiting perspectives.

Overcoming Control, Expectation, and Judgment: A Crucial Step in Personal and Leadership Development

Tracy and I ended up talking about control, expectation, and judgment – or as she calls them, ‘life suckers.’ Tracy believes that these three are all tangled up together and often show a narrow view of life, typical of the third dimension of consciousness. They’re a sign that we’re not tapping into the potential of higher levels of consciousness, which is super important for personal growth in business.

These three often interact in a destructive cycle that can be tough to break free from. Tracy talks about how we use judgment as a defense mechanism and how unspoken expectations feed our emotional addiction to disappointment. For her, control was a coping strategy, born from the belief that she had to control everything to be loved. This is key for leaders on a personal growth journey.

“Emotion is energy in motion. And I’m going to jump on that train now, because especially in entrepreneurship, if you’re not willing to experience through your body, every feeling on the spectrum of emotion, You will unconsciously self protect and self sabotage out of those actions and behaviors that are going to take you to success,” Tracy Litt shares.

This quote really drives home the importance of embracing all our emotions, which is a big deal in personal growth. By riding the full emotional rollercoaster, we can avoid self-sabotage, clear the path for success, and ultimately become who we’re meant to be.

As Tracy and I wrap up our chat, here’s a reminder for you: You’re not broken. You don’t need fixing. You are exactly who you’re meant to be right now. You’re always evolving, always in the state of becoming.

If what we’ve talked about today struck a chord with you, do check out Tracy’s book: Worthy Human. Because You Are The Problem and The Solution.

I feel so privileged to have had Tracy share her experiences, wisdom, and insights on becoming the person you’re meant to be. I hope this conversation has sparked a fresh understanding and appreciation for your full emotional spectrum.
This year, let’s honor all our feelings, the highs and the lows, and start the journey toward becoming our most amazing selves.

About The Guest

Tracy Litt, bestselling author, spiritual teacher, and founder of The School of Becoming. She discusses the importance of mastering emotions and the power of expanding into a bigger version of oneself. She emphasizes the need to tap into our true potential, let go of control and judgment, and connect with our higher consciousness.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Kate: Welcome to this episode of plenty. I have a very. Juicy, rich conversation in store for you today with my friend, Tracy Litt, who is a best selling author. She is an incredible spiritual teacher and emotional healer, the CEO and founder of a seven figure company called The Lit Factor and The School of Becoming.

So Tracy was a single mother on food stamps who rose through the ranks to become the director and head of human resources and now her large. personal development company for women. And in this episode, we go a lot of places. So recently, Tracy just threw one of the most incredible events I’ve ever attended.

And I was asking her about what it took for her to expand to that level, to be able to not only envision something so big, but actually bring it. To fruition and the in kind of internal work that she needed to do to get there we talk about becoming a master of your emotions and what emotions have to do with thought work and Mindset work and how those two things are intertwined.

There’s a moment in the episode where she Stopped and held my hand and asked me questions and started coaching me and I cried and she cried and it was actually a big breakthrough for me. So I hope you enjoy Tracy. She has a depth of wisdom and experience and knowledge. That is actually pretty rare.

She’s a really delicious human, genera generous of spirit, generous of soul. And if you are on a journey of becoming yourself, of really activating your own expansion and stepping into a bigger, more expansive version of you, then this episode is absolutely going to serve you. So enjoy Tracy Lit.

Hi, Tracy. Hi. Thank you for being here. I’m so happy to be with you. I’m so happy to be getting to know you in this life as local friends, as business friends, as colleagues, even though that like feels like such a professional adult word. Okay. So, recently, you had this gala. And tell me the name of the gala, it was such a great name.


[00:03:18] Tracy: Consciousness Revolution Gala. The Consciousness 

[00:03:21] Kate: Revolution Gala. And you sent me the thing for it, and I was like, okay, this is amazing. Who has like a Consciousness Revolution Gala? Like, this is, and, and the invitation and the whole thing. And it was very clear, first of all, in our world, personal development, business coaching, this thing that we do.

No, I’ve never seen anybody do that. So, I’m always so fascinated by like, okay, so different. How did this idea come about? To have a gala come to you. Where were you? What were you doing? How did that idea show up? 

[00:03:56] Tracy: Ah, so the first time that it came through was at a team meeting I was having in the beginning of January of last year Because we knew now so now the school would be coming as a thing so I can speak about it Which I’m still like wait a minute.

Is it a secret? And this 

[00:04:12] Kate: was the big announcement, the big reveal. Correct. At the gala. It was very exciting. I love Production. I know. Production 

[00:04:21] Tracy: was great. Production and fun and innovation. That’s what gets me going. Just to get people excited. Yes, and together, and together. Enthusiasm. Yeah, okay. It’s everything.

So, we’re talking about, okay, we’re building the school, all this is happening. How are we gonna debut this thing? Right? So in that meeting, it was like, you know what? We could have a big event, we could have a gala, and it was kind of like a seed plant, and then we went on to all the other meeting type things, and then I let it sit, and then as it was getting closer and closer, and I was speaking to various peers of ours and coaches and mentors, I was like, Oh, well, you could do like a 30 day online thing, or you could do like a live launch thing.

I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, like my body’s like, no, no, no. The conception? And the birthing of the school is so significant because it is so innovative for women leaders and entrepreneurs in personal growth and spiritual development that it deserved and quite frankly we as a team deserved a party. There are certain things as you know.

It’s like you’re shirping it over the finish line. You’re just doing everything, and all of the, you know, like, spaciousness kind of has to go out the window for a little while, and we’re both, we both subscribe to spaciousness and doing less. And we also understand that there are moments where you are sprinting, and you are carrying it, end of story.

So we had done all that work, and then I was like, well, let’s, then let’s throw this gala, let’s have a party, let’s just throw it down in honor. Of The School of Becoming, and that was really how it was birthed, the idea. 

[00:06:05] Kate: Okay. Yeah. So, it was this gala, just to let folks know, it was like full on black tie gowns.

You and I were wearing matching gowns, which we did not, I did not know that I was going to be matching the hostess. They were gold lamé pleats. It was gorgeous. Your dress was so insanely gorgeous with that cape over the side. Okay, and Marianne Williamson spoke, which, you know, she’s kind of a big deal.

And, like, it was at this stunning hotel, and, I mean, it was full on. Like, unbelievable. The food, there was a donut tower. I mean, or whatever, it was a donut wall. I mean, it was so next level. There was this incredible DJ. So it was a full on thing. I am curious, you know, ten years ago Uh, if you had had an inkling that you might want to do something like that, what would have come up for you around it?

And then what was the difference now, in terms of, like, expanding your capacity to just go for it? 

[00:07:13] Tracy: Oh, I love this question for everyone listening. Ten years ago, I’d have been like, that’s cute. Move on, right? And all of that low level, fear based thinking would have taken over, and that would have been that.

Because I am the embodiment of the becoming process, I have learned how to be an expander for myself through the choices she makes, not me. Right? So my she and your she, you know, 

[00:07:45] Kate: for the audio listener, she’s pointing up. Yes. 

[00:07:48] Tracy: My she, my higher self, the she with 

[00:07:51] Kate: a capital S or whatever. Yes. 

[00:07:54] Tracy: The woman you’re becoming, the woman you’re capable of becoming, the woman who understands that she’s here to tap into the fullest capacity of her greatness.

That’s it. And as soon as you actually allow yourself to lean in and learn how to embody that version of yourself now, all the things that you’re struggling with and you find problematic, eradicate because they don’t exist when you become different. That’s identity evolution. That’s what we do in the school, right?

So, Now, the gala itself was such a opportunity to continue to let her lead, so all the things you’re mentioning, and I want to say this because this is important for all of you listening. Your highest self doesn’t chintz, right? You’re, like, we’re here on plenty, okay? Plenty, abundance, overflow, availability.

You are swimming in the plenty. And the only time you don’t experience the plenty is when you create the limitation, right, and you chintz. So let’s take something like the gala. The white pipe and drape around the room, the violet upspots. Was that quote extra? Sure was. But it’s plenty, and it’s abundance, and it’s like a gala, and your higher self doesn’t chintz.

You need to stop doing that and restricting yourself, you know, because regardless of, you know, what happened on the backside of the gala, and how we did all the, you know, the invitation, all that stuff, which was also great. But the point was, my intention was, I’m going to gather conscious, fabulous people, and I am going to create a night to remember.

[00:09:31] Kate: And it was. Full stop. It was so magical, and so, as an example of why this is so powerful, it’s powerful for ourselves and our own becoming. However, one of the big themes of that evening was, okay, yes, like, for sure, our own becoming. is amazing and worth it in and of itself because a self actualized woman really is enough.

Yeah. And, as an extension of that, what happens is we cannot help but activate Our community and so I don’t know that you know this, but there were just like some magical things around the event. So I had texted my friend Rachel Goldstein and I was like, Hey, do you want to come to this thing with me? She was like, I totally do.

And then we ended up having an entire table that was all these people that she had mentioned it to in Del Rey and some of them already were coming. And then a week before my friend Poe was texting me like, Hey, I’m going to go to this thing. Do you want to go? And I was like, I already have my ticket.

Let’s drive together. And there was a lot of magical cross pollination and magical connections made. And it was this opportunity for. You know, I’m somebody who gives myself permission to do big things. I mean, just even here sitting on this set is like, you know, I’ve had friends be like, Oh, so, like, do you think it’s worth the, do you think you’re getting the ROI of like having a set and a professional film crew?

Like, do you think doing all of that is like, you know, quote unquote, worth it? And I’m like, yeah, feels fucking good. Yes! You know, and like, of course, there are a whole strategy and whatever, but like, doesn’t matter. And so I’m already somebody who is an expander for myself. However, you doing that, and like, going for it, in all of your Tracy litness, and like, fabulousness, was such an expander for me as well, to be like, Oh, I could just do things I want to do.

I could just 

[00:11:41] Tracy: Go for 

[00:11:42] Kate: it! Because you just can. So thank you 

[00:11:45] Tracy: for that. Oh my god, I love you and thank you and I’m sitting here and I’m like, I’m very intentionally hearing your words and I’m receiving them because it’s so meaningful for me to be an expander for everyone. When I get to be an expander for my peers, it’s so incredibly meaningful.

So good. And that is the point, like what you just said, it actually is as simple as that. I can just do what I want. I can just have an idea and bring it into life. That’s Entrepreneurship 101. We make something out of nothing, right? Like, yes. Yes, you can. And when you can. Get yourself out of your own way because as soon as you come up with an idea like the gala one, right?

You come up with an idea and then your mind is gonna rush in no matter how much work you’ve done The mind’s rushing. Well, you sure it’s gonna make sense. And how are you gonna position it? Is anybody gonna come and blah blah blah blah like budgeting, right? All right, all budgeting and like all the stuff starts to swirl and it is your priority.

Yeah to say I appreciate that and no Vision or bust that’s the game we play And in the school there’s a hoodie that says Vision or Bust. I love that! Vision or Bust, this is what we’re doing because here’s what’s real. The only truth, and I know you and I share a lot of similar vantage points on things.

The only actual truth there is, is that none of us are getting out of this alive. Right. And I say that, and I mean it, and I remind my students and clients all the time, there is going to be a moment where you’re at your last breath, God willing you’re 102, but probably not. And What do you want to have done at that moment?

Do you want to play the scarcity game that long? Like, come on. Allow that version of you to be like, Damn, girl, 

[00:13:22] Kate: you went after it. Went after it, and you wore that gold lamé pleated 

[00:13:28] Tracy: dress. And then change, outfit change, when I was like, oh, I’m gonna 

[00:13:30] Kate: do an outfit change. And then you shared a stage with Marianne Williamson, and like, you lit up that entire room, and we all walked out of there like, with a much greater experience.

Vision for what’s possible in all of our lives and so that is the power of Going for it Personally, I’m curious. I hope it’s okay. If I ask this question I’m gonna be in full honesty I was a little stirred up by Marianne’s keynote. Okay, say more. Okay. Yes. And I was like, wow. I was activated for at least a week afterwards and had some in depth conversations with my girlfriends because something that Marianne said, and I’m curious how you’re integrating it.

It doesn’t mean it’s true or not, right, but there’s a lot of different varieties of truth. But something she said was like really, and I’m curious if you interpreted it the same way I did, was I heard her say that essentially like going for it in our businesses and creating these multiple six figure businesses, seven figure businesses, whatever we’re doing as women is like not enough.

What else is there? Like, like, like. I sort of, and possibly I misinterpreted, so I’m so curious of your thoughts, like okay, is it, like, is your own becoming and serving your clients in their own becoming, is it enough? And I went home and I was like, I’m not doing it. I don’t know. And I was in a little spin.

And it took some reorienting and some, some excavation to, and I’m happy to talk about that. But I’m curious, did you hear her say that? And if not, what did you hear her say? And then I have follow up questions. Okay, great. I love this. I hope 

[00:15:24] Tracy: we have all day. Because this is amazing. okAy, so I heard it like this.

Create your wildly successful companies. Yep. Kill it. Yeah. Enjoy it. And remember, and I will say it the way she said it, because she threw it back to me and I really appreciate it, she said, and as Tracy said, it is bigger than you and it is bigger than us. So I took that as, I have a divine and moral responsibility to now use what I have generated as a platform for contribution.

Right? So whether it goes from pro bono coaching hours, right, which I do in certain spaces and places to how do we collaborate as colleagues to do something bigger. The Inner Science Research Fund was our charity. I don’t really love the word charity, but our contribution rather, philanthropy for the event.

So how are we continuously using this success for more collective good? Rather than that initial freedom that we gain as entrepreneurs. 

[00:16:35] Kate: So beautiful. Yes, I love that so much. And it was interesting to witness myself go into a little spin of lack and self judgment. And then come back around about a week later to like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Isn’t that interesting how I was like tracking for an opportunity to see myself as doing it wrong. So interesting. Yeah. So interesting, right? Yes. Because all of these, it’s always an opportunity. So speaking of opportunities, for greater self exploration, I’m like, wow, the universe is sending me all sorts of lessons.

So you have this big expansion. It’s like the knight of knights, right? I mean, I would imagine it was like one of the top knights just like your wedding, just 

[00:17:18] Tracy: like Oh, literally. Literally. Like, I beyond. Yeah. Beyond. Beyond. To ideate something like this, bringing it to fruition, and then this was kind of the icing on the cake of that that, My family doesn’t usually come to my events, right?

Like, when I hold power events, when I hold all these things, To have them there, to look down and see my children, my father, and my sisters, and my husband, and my brother, And Marianne sitting with them. It was like, I was on stage, pouring into all of you, having an out of body experience of my own, going like, what is this life?

It was so incredible to have them witness me. It’s very rare that the people in our life get to see what we do, and we don’t have typical jobs, 

[00:18:19] Kate: and that was like. That’s so incredible. And for you to. Let them, because for a lot of folks it doesn’t actually feel safe or possible to allow their family of origin into uh, seeing them in that way.

Or, those people might not even be able to. And so even for you to just invite them shows the generosity, I think, of spirit. And also. I’m sure has taken a lot of work on your part and possibly on their part as well. I don’t know. 

[00:18:59] Tracy: You know? Yeah, yeah, it was it was, it was, it was amazing. You know, my mom there being in spirit, I lost her when I was 24.

Yeah, you wrote about her in your books. At one point, my dad, who, they had the most stunning love affair, we’ll have another episode about their relationship. It was that good. Wow. But he came to me after, and there’s one picture from the gala, and he was hugging me at the end, and I was crying. And he said, I saw mom, like, my mom was a spiritual leader at the end of her life.

He’s like, I swear, I saw her, like, over you. When you were on stage, it was so beautiful and it was healing for him. So we just don’t realize the impact we have. We are so misled to assess it in ways that are insignificant. And the deepest significance are in those moments that you can’t strategize for. No, you 

[00:19:49] Kate: cannot strategize for.

But you can say yes to the vision. Oh yeah. Trusting. Trust. That something bigger will come to pass, even than you could have written down on the run of show. Exactly. Right? Because you created the container. You said yes, you got the support. And then the magic that comes from doing that, whether it’s running a mastermind, whether it’s running a live program, whether it’s having a live event, whether it’s just having a dinner party, right?

Like all of it, the magic that comes from you saying yes to your vision is beyond your control in the most beautiful way. Yes. And I’m curious. We should probably have tissues on set, 

[00:20:26] Tracy: but. That’s my responsibility. I could have forewarned you. Every conversation I have leads to tears. There’s 

[00:20:32] Kate: always crying.

There’s always crying. I’m pretty sure I cried when I was on your podcast. I love crying on podcasts. It’s not a problem for me, but I’m not sure that the host always is expecting me. Right, that’s okay. It’s fine. So, You were sharing with me that After the gala there was sort of a moment that you were experiencing of, you know, like, oh little contraction, and that’s very common, that we have these big moments of expansion, and then also some contraction around it, and I’m just curious if whatever you would like to share about that, that feels comfortable, the most important part being, how did you walk with yourself through that?

So that. Essentially, you didn’t allow it to derail your full reception of the beauty you had created. 

[00:21:30] Tracy: Yes. Thank you. So, the beautiful gala that we just reviewed happens, the night ends, I stay up till like extra 2. 30 in the morning, I’m on my balcony at the O, just like, you know, like on your wedding night, it’s like you don’t want to go to sleep because you want to stay right there in the energy of everything that’s happening.

And then went to bed and my intention was I woke up in the morning, I was going to sit on the balcony and have my coffee, and then look at all the gorgeous posts on social like the morning after, and get all yummy into it and relive it, and I sit down for coffee and I open my phone and there is a barrage of emails and posts on every platform that we are represented on.

And essentially, there was a person who believed that they owned the rights to the word becoming, and when the school came out, they were attacking and threatening us for infringement, et cetera. Now, because I’m a smart CEO and I understand IP, and you know, before I name something I do the proper steps and it’s in its phase.

So I knew that it wasn’t truth. And in that moment, That might, that contraction you’re describing was like, and it felt like I, it was a quick moment of, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, no, no, no, no, no. And I’m absolutely not going to give my power away to whatever this is because last night was like the gala.

Like this is not happening, right? It’s just not happening. So step one was email my IP attorney and just be like, yo, check it myself. Am I true? Yes, absolutely, you’re good, okay. And then, letting it move through my body. That had to happen, and this is important for every beautiful person listening. You cannot cognitively work through contractions and things that happen.

It wouldn’t have been enough to be like, It’s fine, it doesn’t matter, and try to go about my day. I had to let it all the way out, and what that looked like for me was some pounding on the floor. Thank God no one in the hotel room underneath me heard it. And shaking my body out and crying and feeling the ness of this happening in this moment in time.

We cannot deny any emotion on the spectrum of emotions, because as soon as we do, We cut off our ability to decongest our nervous system and we also interfere with our ability to be at the frequency that we are capable of being at. So that’s like literally how, like full on hitting, raging, jumping, shaking, crying, and then letting it go.

And then coming back into the original intention and just doing that a couple of hours after I thought I was going to. 

[00:24:14] Kate: Great. I love it. Hours well spent. I’m so glad that you’re highlighting the importance of going into the feelings that I think that the personal development work of the 70s and 80s and 90s was such important foundational work that you and I stand on the shoulders of many of those teachers.

And the piece that had not been yet woven in was the piece you just brought, which is that we cannot selectively emote if we want to expand. And the misunderstanding I want to ask you about, what do you think people misunderstand about frequency work and mindset work and Thought choosing work, or whatever you want to call it, right?

And, and emotions. What do you think the misunderstandings are 

[00:25:12] Tracy: around that? Well, I’ll, let’s go, a couple core. The first is that if, okay, if you aren’t including body in your mindset work, that’s why it hasn’t worked. We are a collective of over thinkers so we have been trained to think that cognition is king.

And it’s not. And as soon as you go cognitive about things, you’re literally cutting yourself off from your body. So, the body has to be included for mindset work to work. And, in order to, the most misunderstood thing about authentic frequency, Potent frequency, is that the only way to get there is to shift your relationship with emotion fundamentally.

Because if you don’t feel everything that your body is asking to feel, you actually are living in a false high vibe. And this is one of the biggest, like, ah ha’s when women come to the school, like, what, I’m sorry? You want me to feel this anger and feel this rage and feel this frustration? I thought I was just supposed to be high vibe, I had a high vibe.

And that becomes, you know, high vibe bypass. I can’t, I can’t, I’m not available for it. You need to come in and realize that you are a spirit in human form, and this humanness is screaming at you to process what you haven’t wanted to look at for 10, years, and the fastest way you’re going to get to that potent frequency is by completely shifting your understanding of emotion, releasing the judgment because you said it beautifully.

You can’t like. Like, this is like the big lie, right, that we tell ourselves. So I’m just like, I’m going to feel the feelings that feel really good to me. And I’m going to completely suppress, avoid, and buffer against all the feelings I don’t want to feel. And the thing about that, in addition to everything else I just said about it, is you’re actually not expressing at all then.

Right. Because the whole game here is full of self expression, right? And the opposite of expression is suppression, repression, oppression. Depression. Depression, exactly. Thank you for that additive, right? So to really realize that is if you’re avoiding feeling the embarrassment, the discomfort the pain, then you’re also going to avoid the bliss and the radiance and the celebration.

[00:27:37] Kate: How long ago? Did you start giving yourself permission to feel your feelings, and what did that look like at first? This is not a vocabulary of expression that most people have. Most of us were raised in households where we were told to come back downstairs when we were smiling, or to stop crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about.

You know, this is one area that my mom was a total rock star. She would, she would just be like, Honey? Just let it out. Let your body make noises. Just keep, you know, stay, she would say, stay, stay with the feelings, honey. Stay with those feelings. It’s so 

[00:28:20] Tracy: beautiful. It is so beautiful, 

[00:28:21] Kate: and But most of us, we’re not given that.

And so, like, how did you come to it? What did you do? For the people who didn’t have people. Yeah. 

[00:28:34] Tracy: To help them. Can I ask you a question? What’s coming through right now? I am having a hard time. I love you, my friend. But this is part of it. 

[00:28:45] Kate: It is so interesting. What’s coming through is like, Thanks for asking.

Yeah. I think so. I’m doing this big thing later this week, and I’m just scared. It’s called, and I’m sure you’ve found this in your own work, but it’s like, When we decide to do something, we cast that vision, and I, and in my experience, it’s because there’s some other expression of me that is being called forward, but the vision I receive is on behalf of that becoming version of myself, and when I have the vision, I am not actually the person yet to deliver that thing.

And so I have the thing that I’m delivering later on this week, and I’m scared. And so there’s some things that are clearing the way that need to be cleared in order for me to be the version that can deliver on this thing, but in the days leading up to it, it is requiring me to feel some things that have been stuck for a while.

Yeah. And it is uncomfortable. So that’s what’s happening. It is. 

[00:29:53] Tracy: Thank you for asking. Thank you for emoting and thank you for sharing because if this is like, this is this, this moment. This is why we get together and have conversations out loud, right? Yeah, the people can listen to because this is the gift Doesn’t matter what level we’re at or how much we’ve achieved or where we’ve been or who we’ve worked with anything bigger Than what our nervous system has experienced.

Yeah is going to thrust the fear And is going to ask the emotion to become energy in motion. And that’s what I want you to hear, and I want all your listeners to hear. The high conscious understanding of emotion is, Oh wait, it’s not this like low level judgey thing we were raised with. It’s energy in motion, and when it’s asking to be felt, the energy’s asking to be moved through, up and out, so that you’re cleaner and clearer, and more prepared to step into this next evolution of Kate.

That’s stunning. I appreciate you. Yeah, I love you so much. I’m 

[00:30:58] Kate: so glad you were first today. You know, it’s so nice to have We all need, like, peers and also big sisters and people who, in certain ways, have, like, Gone before and are going next to like sometimes you go first. Sometimes your friend goes first.

Sometimes you go together Sometimes she’s cheering you on as you’re going reminding you of the things you tell other people Yes, 

[00:31:24] Tracy: yes, yes, thank you for that Oh man Yeah, it’s it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. And it’s I want to I’m gonna go back to answer your questions, but I want to say this first We’re good, I trust you Thank you, because what I experienced the night after the gala in that You know, whatever that person was perceiving.

And what you’re experiencing and releasing some parts of yourself or the fear that you’re experiencing. I perceive these things as, like, initiations. Yes. Into, do you really want that? Right. So, Kate, like, you have all these big visions, like, you really, you want that, right? And as I sit here, and now the school is launching, there’s all, my vision is always big, amazing, and, and Uh, do you want more of that?

Because, Trace, you’re going to get more of that. There’s going to be more people that come after that say they own this and they own that. And there’s just going to be more of that. So, like, take a beat. And realize that this is a preparation. A readying. Of your next level. So that you can check in and go, Okay, yeah, if this was 100x, I would still want what I say I want.

And I think this is really important because I observe a lot of beautiful people in the world that start out with what they say they want, but then they’re not getting what they say they want, and oftentimes it’s because they really don’t want what they say they want. They’re not willing to go through these, like, initiations that are wickedly uncomfortable.

[00:32:48] Kate: And it’s not like, it, it speaking for myself, it’s, we, as a culture the images and the conditioning we’ve received around what it means to be quote unquote successful, whether that’s through visibility, through income, through self actualization, through whatever the layers of success, you know, that like we have this false idea that success means, like you said, then we don’t.

Need to feel the things we don’t want to feel anymore and actually what’s going on is For authentic success where you actually can feel it in your body where you could move through that stuff the next day And then just delay a few hours Actually being able to feel and and and integrate what you had created in joy and in true expression like What’s required for that is?

Continuing to be human and continuing To feel some of the stuff that we would really rather avoid and I think that’s been a misunderstanding as well about growth and expansion and about Yes. That, like, there’s a moment when you have become, and then you don’t have to feel uncomfortable anymore. That always makes me laugh.

Or negative emotions 

[00:34:15] Tracy: anymore. That always makes me laugh. So how I like to say that is, there are no E. D. s in our world. You know, everything’s an I. N. G. We are becoming, we are healing, we are growing, we are ascending, we are evolving. It is never done. And depending on what you believe, once you leave this physical body, you continue or you don’t, depending on your belief structure.

But there is no 

[00:34:35] Kate: there. There is no there. There is no there. And you know, like you said, like, none of us is getting out of this thing alive. And also, if we weren’t becoming, and healing, and doing whatever, like, would that not be boring? 

[00:34:48] Tracy: What else would we be no contrast. It would be completely boring, and ultimately, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

So I really want, like, this is important because one of the things we all, underpinning of every piece of all of our work is to build a more progressive, loving highly conscious world. That, to me, is the underpinning of any, any company that is helping people. And it’s essential to realize that, It’s through the ING process.

It’s through that willingness to feel it all. It’s through that, like you said, it’s not just expanding for ourselves, but when we are willing to step into our greatness, now we’re ripple affecting out, and we’re showing others what’s possible, and we’re giving other people platforms to jump onto, and it’s truly a together we rise, like actually.

And part of that is, Feeling all of your feelings and leaving the third dimensional consciousness paradigm of emotion is good or bad, right or wrong, empowering or disempowering and recognizing from a higher conscious lens. Emotion is energy in motion. And I’m going to jump on that train now, because especially in entrepreneurship, if you’re not willing to experience through your body, every feeling on the spectrum of emotion, You will unconsciously self protect and self sabotage out of those actions and behaviors that are going to take you to success.

So you won’t make the offer, because you’re afraid to feel embarrassed. And you won’t go on live, and you won’t do that collab, because you are more in fear of experiencing a level of pain that you’re judging as bad, than being willing to go, oh wait a second, this is simply a warped relationship with emotion, let me rejig that, and then get to where I want to go.

[00:36:37] Kate: Okay. Thank you for that. Check mark. Got it. Check mark. At what point in your life and how, so just circling back to before my beautiful coaching moment, I really needed that how did you find out? Because one of the things that I loved reading about in your book is that, you know, you were in your late 30s, really before you were on the personal development.

program, which I’m always, because I was raised in this world, I’m always like, wow, that’s so amazing. Like, I’m always that story of like, whoa, is fascinating to me. So yeah, who taught you to feel your feelings and how did you get the memo that that’s like 

[00:37:28] Tracy: part of the deal? So I got the memo early and then I think I I zhuzhed it away, and then I needed to bring it back.

So your mother was one of my mother’s inspirations, and she read her books, okay? I remember seeing your mother’s book on my mother’s nightstand. That’s cool. And I was raised in a very liberally emotional liberal emotional household, so it would not be uncommon, I’m a family of five, I’m in the middle of three girls, four of the five of us like to have a full out family like relationship.

Throw down from the perspective of like disagreement or just you know, like things you’re not saying enough coming to the head and it would just be like let’s go and we would all be in the family room and my sister would be shaking in the corner and my father would walk out the front door and I would be sobbing in the kitchen and my mother would be processing and we were just Wow.

That is revolutionary. It was 

[00:38:22] Kate: revolutionary. We were allowed. My family was not like that. Oh, 

[00:38:25] Tracy: yeah. To go there. To go there. 

[00:38:27] Kate: Like, we were, we were wasps. I mean, we were not doing that. That’s amazing. Yes, 

[00:38:32] Tracy: yes. Cool. So that was like full of emotion. I’m inspired as a mom. Right? Well, and that’s, you know, how I raised the girls that way.

Like, if I, I can, you can sense, you have children, we have children, you can sense when they’re like not communicating or there’s some sort of like invisible rift in them. And I’m always like, alright, family room, let’s go. Let’s go, be respectful, but say what you need to say. Hear her out. Oh, you need to scream a little?

Let’s go. Like, it’s, it is organized. Expression. Yes. Right. 

[00:38:59] Kate: You have a container for it. And then, 

[00:39:01] Tracy: and you’re, you’re allowed to walk away as long as you come back. Okay. And there’s all of these beautiful per parameters. And then once everyone’s expressed, I will sit, if I need to wait 30 minutes, I’ll wait and you will hug.

That is the, that’s the, like, they’re like, Mom I’m like, I’ll, I’ll sit here and your phone will sit in the other room and we’ll wait. Waiting for the hug. Right, and we’ll wait because uncomfortable communication is the key. That is the thing that is wrong with everyone’s communication. You perceive that like texting, like I told you, you already told me.

No, communication is discomfort. And when you can experience discomfort in regulation and flexibility, Then you learn how to hold it. And then relationships deepen. And then perspectives change the way you see one another. And an appreciation for the other person’s lived experience occurs. And then empathy grows.

And then compassion happens. And then your heart opens. And it’s like all of these dominoes. So what a world it will be as we all start to welcome those uncomfortable conversations. How long have you been married? Thirteen years in January. This is our second 

[00:40:17] Kate: experience. Yes, this is your second marriage.

So beautiful. And you have a beautiful blended family with three incredible girls.

Was, is your husband, does he get in on the full family emotional throw down? Was he always into that? Did it require some inviting? What’s happening there? Oh, 

[00:40:39] Tracy: girl. Good question. No, he was raised in a very emotionally limited household that was very much like Something happened. Oh, let’s find the rug throw it underneath and keep walking, right?

So it was really foreign to him and as a result because two of my three children We’ve been together since they’re three five and six. They’re 17 19 20 and My eldest and my youngest, who are not biologically mine. It takes them a little while with me. My oldest is now there. She’s in school for psych.

She’s getting it. She’s like, okay Let’s go there My youngest is like sometimes I don’t like to talk to you because I don’t want to feel my feelings Like that’s fair. At least you’re aware. I bet you 

[00:41:23] Kate: have friends who don’t call 

[00:41:24] Tracy: you Exactly right and you know and Taylor as a result of you know Also, I think our biology, she’s really emotionally available and very aware.

So, the three of them know, like, we’re gonna work this out because this whole weird, I’m not here to perpetuate the paradigm of passive, aggressive, limited. That’s not helping our children. We have to, this is what the becoming process also is from an impact in our world perspective. And as women, as I know we both stand for this rising of women.

You can’t just talk anymore, ladies. You can’t just post a meme and then go back to your old crap. You have to actually become different. It’s critical. It’s critical. What 

[00:42:17] Kate: does, how do you define becoming? What does becoming 

[00:42:20] Tracy: mean to you? It means evolving your identity at the core. It means really, really exploring your worldviews, your belief structures.

The level of mind that you operate at, meaning like the types of thoughts you think again and again. Your level of consciousness and perspective on fear, your understanding and belief in energy, right? Because there’s a lot of like, we know we’re energy, but if you knew you were energy, you would treat yourself a lot differently, right?

And it’s like, If I asked you, you know, do you believe thoughts create reality and most of this beautiful audience would be like, yes, I do, and I’d be like, great, so how often do you think about what you’re thinking about, and then the answer would be like, never, right, so it’s really becoming, is the embodiment of the next evolution of yourself, and we’re always in that ING process, because then when we evolve our identity, now all of a sudden we’re like, whew, you know, And we’re seeing with new eyes, and we’re hearing with new ears, because we’re changed, like, you become different.

And then it goes again, and again, and that’s evolution. And that, like, excites me a lot. Yeah, 

[00:43:26] Kate: no, you’re obviously doing the work you’re meant to be doing. What about, in terms of becoming, how do you reconcile, and I get this question sometimes, so I’m curious what your answer is, how do you reconcile, like, Unconditional self love and self acceptance, and to say I am absolutely a worthy human.

I am Unconditionally lovable. I was born that way. It has always been the case and Becoming an evolution and transformation and change How do you hold? unconditional self love And knowing that we are always transforming and evolving and, and becoming different. 

[00:44:12] Tracy: Yeah. You understand that the only way to understand and do your becoming process is through the level of higher higher awareness and higher consciousness.

You’re not broken, and you don’t need to be fixed. So, the Wherever that question comes from tells me that the asker perceives that there’s something wrong with them and in order to become You need to perceive yourself as broken or needing to be fixed and that actually to me is one of the biggest Opportunities in this industry is we need to stop playing that angle because it is a lie We are whole inherently.

We are worthy inherently which allows you to then Do the beautiful healing work or like Louise Hay work of unconditionally loving and accepting yourself. And acceptance is your ability to just accept who you are, where you are, what has happened in pure unabashed love. And then recognize that your actual purpose as a spiritual energetic being having a human experience who’s already whole.

Is to heal and grow and ascend and untether from perspectives of limitation and really understand that like, working on yourself is not through the angle of because I have a problem or because I need to fix. It is the ability to realize who I arrived at was not of my choosing. So we become who we become, and then we’re like, Oh, that’s just the way I am, which is like another lie.

And we realize, well, I became this. Because that was the house I grew up in, and that was the religion that I was raised in, and that’s what was dripped on me, and that’s what was handed down genetically, and that was the program that I, you know, and put it in myself unwillingly because I didn’t realize that when I was seven and those girls didn’t invite me to their sleepover, I made it mean I wasn’t enough, or my father left when I was two, so I decided to hold on to, I’m always wrong, or whatever.

We hit this moment like this, and we go, wait a minute. Of course I want to evolve. I didn’t choose what my program is. Why would you want to go around with an operating system that you didn’t choose? So then that’s where we do the work from. That I am whole, and I get to choose and align my inner environment and all of the things I just mentioned, the beliefs and the thoughts, etc.

Into the vision and the woman I’m capable of being and actually reprogram myself with what 

[00:46:50] Kate: I believe. Yes. And do you think that those that sort of like truth of who we are and, and, and what’s left when we release the layers of conditioning, do you think that that’s like just inherent and like pre destined?

Do you think we are becoming who, like, this version that we were always meant to be and that it’s, like, pre prescribed? Or do you think it’s, like, something we come up with along the way? 

[00:47:17] Tracy: I think it’s both. I think it’s both because there are knowings. I love when someone says to me, you know, like, I know it in my deep down, but, and then, like, there’s all these other things you cover it up with.

There are so many knowings. That we have, and we know intuition, right? There’s so many knowings that are in us from our little girl ness that then get, like, just clobbered and covered up and zhuzhed away, right? So some of it is that was always who we were, and now you’re living at a level of self approval and freedom that you’re like, yo, this is who I am, and we bring that back up, right?

The becoming process is just as much of an unbecoming process. A hundred percent. Right? A hundred percent. And then there are also components that are not necessarily like the truth of who you are. Right. Because to your point, like with what’s coming through for you this weekend, it’s like when you’re being asked to step into something bigger, that’s about, okay, who do you need to become to have that thing?

And that becomes a creation process. Right. Who do I want to, what kind of, what kind of woman do I want to be? Like, that to me, when I first learned about, like, neuroplasticity and I started obsessively studying risk and fear and biology and all that stuff, and I was like, yeah, whoa. Can someone find me a tall building and give me a neon suit and a megaphone?

Because how does everyone not know that none of this is fixed? Right. 

[00:48:43] Kate: I know. What? Everything is plastic. I love it. It’s the best. Blows my mind. It’s the best. It’s the best. As you were stepping into, okay, so the, the, the idea of the gala was planted in January of, of last, well, this, oh gosh, we’re still in the same year, okay.

And then My concept of time. Hello! And then the gala happened in September. September. Yep. Huh. So there were nine months. That’s right. Time of the pregnancy. So what came up for you during that process that required you to Expand or release or become a different version of yourself, perhaps a truer version of yourself as you were birthing something that was really beautiful, super different than anything you’d ever done.

Yeah. And, and quite big. 

[00:49:35] Tracy: Yeah. Thank you. Felt like a coming out party. Mm hmm. You know? So for me, it was claim your space, Tracy. Huh. Yeah. You know, like I’ve been. I feel like I’ve been in the corner, like, warming up, you know, and the work that I have created in the world that’s, you know, R. I. P., it works, it’s, I it’s like one of those things where every breakthrough, every transformation I witness is like the first one, over and over, and what we’ve done has been astounding, what I’ve realized is I haven’t, I hadn’t, now I am, because you asked about the process.

I hadn’t claimed that if you’re not watching us, I’m sitting up straight and my boobies are out and my shoulders are out. I hadn’t been like, you know what, you’re Tracy Litt and you’re a force in this industry and you are leading and stand up girl. You know, 

[00:50:38] Kate: okay, I love this so much because you and I met at the Trust, Ali Brown’s network and I.

Had never heard of you before. And, having been in your space now a little bit, we’re still getting to know each other, but I’m like, wow, you are a very big deal. And your work is fucking phenomenal. And so I’m so happy to be witnessing you at this juncture where you have really claimed it in a big public way.

And I know that that’s only going to increase, but like, you got the goods. It’s so fun to see you feel it because it’s obvious from the outside as someone who’s new to you. Thank you. I love this so much. Me too. Okay, and were there any moments when you were like I actually can’t do this, this is a terrible idea actually I don’t have what it takes, actually, you know, it’s too much of a budget, actually was there any of that that came up and if so, how long did it last, and what did you do with yourself, or with others?

[00:51:41] Tracy: That’s right. So, no, and. Because I am a mind magician, like truly, right? Which is our work at NI, it’s what I do. Which is amazing and whoever I, I’ve ever hired as like a coach or mentor, they love it because like, I’ve got my inner game down. Like I don’t, I’m good. Right? They just kind of have to show up for the call.

What do I need to, what do I need to show you as possible? Just remind me to trust myself. That’s what I need you to do. Pretty much. Like Kelly will attest to that. Right? Yeah. Just trust you. Just do what you’re doing. So good. So. 

[00:52:12] Kate: Kelly Roach, who was on the show. So go 

[00:52:14] Tracy: listen to that one too. Yes. So the, it didn’t come up like that.

I do not doubt myself, I am not mean to myself, that’s like, I, and ladies please, could we please like, I need us to all have an elevated conversation and not be talking about like, you know, putting your oxygen mask on first and stuff like that. It’s enough. Okay, fine. liKe really, because, because you know why?

It’s prohibiting us from having better conversations, elevated conversations. That is 

[00:52:38] Kate: SERCA 2003. That is correct. It is now 2023. That 

[00:52:41] Tracy: is correct. We’re going to get on board. Stop being against yourself and we can move on. So what would tinge here and there is are we going to sell out? Are we not? Are we are we position right to people understand what this is, right?

Like things like that. And there was a moment where there was someone on our team who is no longer on our team because this is part of being a great leader as well. And her thought process around ticket sales. realize my Jatt’s was way lack and sure. And do you want to do this? And do you want to do that?

And I was like, she was like hedging. 

[00:53:15] Kate: Yeah and I was like, I’m 

[00:53:17] Tracy: not available to have that energy in the space because what I know because I’ve done it Hand over fist at every live event and every program is it always fills Yeah, it’s already done. Patty We oversold couldn’t get seats. 

[00:53:31] Kate: We oversold. I was like, okay, Tracy, let’s look at you.


[00:53:36] Tracy: you. And that that is It’s generating right manifesting whatever words you want to use, like that’s what vision or bust looks like. And I will say this is important for every listener as a how gift. Any moment where like that little mind tinge would come up. Step one, get back in your body, regulate, regulate, regulate.

Okay, fine. And then step two is knowing that the gala is completely sold out and everything’s ready to rock. What would you be doing right now? Would you be doing right now? Right. And the answer came with like, Oh, buy more stuff for the swag bags. Go do it. Right. Things like, you know, what would you be feeling right now?

Just like elated. Oh. And then you end up like doing an epic IgE live stream because you’re 

[00:54:16] Kate: freaking sells the ticket. That’s the game. That is the magical formula. So I just, for you listening, I want you to pause. I want you to hit the 15 seconds back thing and just relisten to what Tracy said a couple of times, because that is.

If there was a, a, a, what do you call it, a magic pill, is that what people say? Yes, yes. That was it. 

[00:54:38] Tracy: That was it. Yeah. Yeah. Anytime, because the only thing that screws us up is we set out the vision, we’re all excited, yay, we’re ready to rock, we’re feeling jazzed, and then you look at your current reality.

Right. Right. And 

[00:54:52] Kate: that pulls you all the way back. And it’s not in alignment with the vision because you haven’t done the vision yet. Correct. Oh my god. This has been so good. I mean, of course, like, I had a bunch of questions from your book, but this was, like, we, we totally covered it, and I do want to just mention that this book was phenomenal.

I really loved the way that you wrote it, like, you talk. Thank you. So that was really fun. And it really hits all of the pieces, and in particular, I really loved the chapter that I just want to highlight. Which was, are you ready to give up the shit that is killing your soul? Specifically, when you mentioned the following items.

I just want to see if you want to say anything about any of these three items. One of them is, life sucker number one, control. I really resonated with that. Life sucker number two, expectation. And then, life sucker number three, Judgment. Just, you know, in the last couple weeks or anything, is there a story from your life or a story from a client’s life around control, expectation, or judgment that you would care to share that our audience?

Might enjoy to move through one of those things themselves. Well 

[00:56:13] Tracy: Let’s see if a story comes into you know, my awareness What I will say is all three of those things are cousins. So it’s really important to recognize and This book is my first book. It was I wrote it in 2019 So one of the things I would highlight now that’s not in the book is all three of those are representative of the third dimension of consciousness, right?

So if you’re experiencing judgment, expectation, and control, it is telling you that your lens on life is limited. Yeah. And you’re not really tapping into what’s available in higher levels of consciousness, right? Right. And always recognize. Right, you’re on a different channel. You’re on a completely different channel.

So if you’re continuing, and I love how you just said that, if you’re playing in or recognizing judgment or recognizing control. You’ll notice expectation comes quickly after it and then they just like to do this threesome dance. Ew, it’s 

[00:57:04] Kate: like, it’s like a contra, contra dance. I don’t know if you’ve ever been contra dancing, but it’s sort of like square dancing.

Okay, are we gonna do this? Probably not. 

[00:57:12] Tracy: It’s something we’re going to do.

[00:57:15] Kate: It’s something I used to do in high school in Maine in like. Okay. And you have 

[00:57:22] Tracy: another interview in just a minute so I know in case Which automatically creates a level of judgment all the time. We use judgment to protect ourselves and we don’t realize that that’s what it is at its core.

Right? We create these expectations and then don’t share them as a means to feed our emotional addiction to disappointment. It’s like, whoa! Right? And control, like, I wrote about control because that was my adaptive behavior. I believe that I had to control everything to be loved. Right? I mean, I was such a maniac This is a fun little story.

That So we have an annual party. It’s a Chocoholics party, and I’ve had it since I’m 30 years old and My husband came on the scene when I was 32 So his first party was three years in and I would sit and hand address a hundred envelopes Right because I just love a good party and I’m sitting there and he comes over to me This isn’t our dating phase and he’s like, oh, baby.

You have so many invitations to address. Do you want me to help you? So I was like, oh, okay. So I take a scrap piece of paper and I slide it across the table. And I’m like, yeah, she wanted to just like write one of the addresses. And then he holds the paper up and he goes, Are you fucking asking me for a writing sample right now?

I was like, yeah, yeah I am. And he was like, I’m out, I’m out. And I was like, okay. I love this story so much. Oh my god. Maniac. The envelopes were going in the garbage. Yeah. The minute that people opened them. Please, the minute. And this is tied to our masculine, which is another conversation. I was so masculine.

[00:58:57] Kate: I just really resonate with this story on a deep level. Thank you. You’re welcome. And I know that I am not the only one. And it’s adorable. Thank you. These sweet ways that we try to control the world. That’s a perfect story. 

[00:59:09] Tracy: Thank you. And now I’m like, totally trusting. So when’s your next book? Well, so we put Expander out.

Expander is it’s a, it’s an e book. We put it out as an e book. Okay. It’s awesome. It’s 57 pages and it’s the for trailblazing women building a new world. It is. There’s seven paradigms that I call out as limited and gotta go. And I introduce you to seven replacement elevated paradigms that you can really, really start practicing.

[00:59:33] Kate: How practical. Okay, so we’ll make sure that the link is in the show notes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Great. Okay. Amazing. Great. And then, do you think you’ll write another physical book?

[00:59:41] Tracy: Definitely. Definitely. At some point. Definitely. I’m, I’m feeling called to, and. As we grow the team and as I step into what my function needs to be, now as the visionary and the CEO and I let go of the mechanics, it’s opening me to all of the things I really wanna be doing.

[00:59:57] Kate: So good. Okay. To claim right now in this moment, in this little cauldron of desire and vision that we have here on the set of plenty I would like to know.

[00:00:00] Kate: What is your desire around your role as CEO and visionary and world changer and head mistress of the School of Becoming? What is your desire? What is your vision now? 

[00:00:15] Tracy: My desire for my role and where I know I am here to make the biggest impact for the ripple effect is to be teaching, speaking, and coaching.

Teaching, speaking, coaching. Over, and over, and over again, in the mediums of podcasts, and interviews, and my own, and others, and there’s so much curriculum. I am a teacher at heart, and I want the space to do that and pour in to the students that are hanging out in the school. That’s what I need to be doing all day.

[00:00:51] Kate: And so, won’t it be. I love you, Tracy. This was so fun. Thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and the work that you’ve put in to be able to show up the way you do. Thank 

[00:01:04] Tracy: you so much. Thank you for being my friend. 

[00:01:07] Kate: So, if people want to learn more about you, will you look at that camera and tell them exactly where to 

[00:01:14] Tracy: find you?

Yes. Hello. Now I feel like we’re doing a morning talk show, which yeah, is a great idea. I know we are. It’s kind of happening. So social media, come and hang out on Instagram, which is at the lit factor and it’s L I T T with two T’s. Thanks dad. I take no credit for that. And come to the school of becoming.

com, which is the school of becoming. com. Create a free account. The library has an abundance of free resources for you and you can take the Ascension assessment. Because the Ascension Spectrum is now a thing. And you’ll see, remember in the mall where you’d have the directory and it’d be like, You are here.

It, that’s how I built it. Cause I’m very visual. So it’ll show you where you are on the Ascension Spectrum in shifting into your higher levels of consciousness. And then, I deliver you back three pieces of curated resources in the library so you know what to read, what to watch, and what to listen. And that’s all free for you 

[00:02:10] Kate: in the school.

I love that. Yeah. Thank you. That’s so great. Yeah. We cannot get where we’re going unless we know where we are first. Amen. Thank you for that. I love you. I love you. Thank you so much for listening. I just really needed that conversation. I hope that it hit you exactly where you need as well. And I trust that it did because Tracy and I did a prayer ahead of time that it would.

And so therefore it did. If you enjoyed this conversation, if you feel filled up, if you feel activated, then go ahead and follow all of the things with Tracy, subscribe to plenty because there is more where this came from. There’s plenty more screenshot it, tag us on social, let us know your biggest takeaway.

And of course. Leave a review if you feel so inspired. I will see you next time for another episode of plenty. Thank you so much for being here.

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