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How to Achieve Your Money Goals in a Feminine Way (034)

Ready to redefine your relationship with money and abundance from a feminine perspective? In this episode of Plenty, I invite you to explore the profound concept of attaining abundance in money, time, and energy through a uniquely feminine perspective. I dive deep into the essence of the feminine approach to money, shedding light on the transformative power of receptivity, trust, and alignment with one’s desires.

I weave together insights on how women’s inherent capacity as receivers can be harnessed to elevate financial success. By actively practicing receiving compliments and opportunities, individuals can unlock a pathway toward greater abundance and fulfillment.

I discuss the significance of embodying feminine energy, nurturing a sense of safety, and placing unwavering trust in the natural flow of resources.

Get ready to learn how embracing feminine principles can lead to a richer, more abundant existence across all facets of life.

“Tap into your feminine energy to achieve financial goals by practicing receiving, feeling safe, and expanding your capacity for pleasure.”

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00:00 Introduction to Plenty
02:00 History of Women and Money
06:00 The Trust Of Egg Wisdom
12:00 The Power of Receiving Compliments
15:00 How Safety Helps Us Receive
16:00 How Nervous System Healing Practices
17:00 Safety, Trust, Surrender, and Pleasure
18:00 Recap of How To Receive Abundance in A Feminine Way

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