Healing Your Anxious Attachment Style with Dr. Jessica Baum (024)

Have you ever caught yourself wondering why you act the way you do in your close relationships? Well, the clues are often tucked away in the chapters of our early childhood. Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to have an incredible conversation with someone who dives deep into this topic.

Joining us on the show is the amazing Jessica Baum, LMHC. Not only is she an acclaimed therapist who’s shaking up the scene, but she’s also a celebrated author and the powerhouse behind The Relationship Institute of Palm Beach. Jessica is a wizard when it comes to understanding attachment styles and how they weave into the fabric of our relationships.

Get ready to get cozy as we unravel the mysteries of how to build lasting, secure connections. Trust me, you won’t want to miss the insights Jessica has in store for us!

“Healing attachment wounds and creating a sense of safety in relationships requires understanding and working with the nervous system.”

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Key Topics with Time Stamps:

00:00 | Introduction to Jessica Baum
03:00 | Attachment Styles and Nervous System
10:00 | Healing and Repairing Attachment Styles
15:00 | Manifestation and Quantum Physics
19:00 | Dealing with Anxious Attachment in Relationships
25:00 | Definition of Narcissism
26:37 | Anxiously Attached
28:14 | Where to Find More Information
29:51 | Conclusion

Resource Mentioned:

Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Valerie Rein

Connect with Jessica:

Jessica’s Website
Jessica’s Coaching Site:
Jessica’s Private Practice Site 
Jessica’s Instagram

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