From Skeptic to Spiritual Success: James Wedmore’s Journey to an 8-Figure Business (038)

Think it’s possible to experience a tenfold increase in revenue in just one year?

In this enlightening episode, I had the enormous pleasure of sitting down with the inspiring James Wedmore to explore the powerful intersection of spirituality and business success. My good friend James opens up about his transformative journey, sharing how he transitioned from at first rejecting spiritual principles to fully embracing them as the cornerstone of his thriving 8-figure business.

We discuss the critical role of overcoming fear, his man pride, the immense power of belief, and finding a harmonious balance between practical 3D business strategies and profound 5D spiritual insights.

If you are a business owner, you don’t want to miss this episode. Listen to uncover how James skyrocketed his revenue from $2 million to $10 million in just one year without altering his business model, and gain actionable insights to fuel your own entrepreneurial journey.

“The more power you give to money, the more you can actually be repelling it.” – James Wedmore

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02:15 – James discusses his initial rejection of spiritual principles.
05:30 – How James transitioned from skepticism to embracing spirituality in his business.
08:45 – The role of fear in his life and business and how he learned to confront it.
12:00 – James recounts being sued and how it forced him to face his deepest fears.
16:20 – How overcoming fear led to transformation in his business and personal life.
20:10 – How belief systems and mindset shifts can impact business success.
24:00 – The importance of changing one’s relationship with money.
28:15 – The law of sacred reciprocity and its importance in business.
32:00 – The balance between practical business strategies (3D) and spiritual insights (5D).
36:45 – The Digital CEO Dashboard and its benefits for business owners.
40:30 – Practical tips for integrating spiritual principles into business strategies.
44:00 – The law of preeminence and being perceived as an authority in your field.
48:15 – Expanding your container to grow your business.
52:00 – Final thoughts and where to find more resources from James Wedmore.

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I’m still getting texts and DM’s about the impact we made with our recent Relaxed Money launch; and industry friends have been asking us what we did differently this time that made it our most successful launch of all time.

Well, over the next few days I’m gonna divulge more, but I’ll start with this:

My long-time friend, James Wedmore, offered to be our launch coach…just for fun!

His advice blew us away, and the results spoke for themselves.

James just released a free tool that we used to help us rock this launch called the Digital CEO Dashboard.

It’s an incredibly straightforward, easy to use, powerful dashboard that he uses to run his 8-figure digital product-based business.

And it’ll help you know exactly what to focus on to get results in your business…and what you don’t need to waste your time on anymore.

The dashboard is great whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in online business for years like me.

Grab the one-page Digital CEO Dashboard for free now!
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