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Feeding Balance: How Intuition and Self-Awareness Connect Food, Finances, and Wellbeing with Sue Van Raes (035)

Can your behavior with your food affect your finances? Welcome, my beautiful listeners. Today, we’re taking a deep and enlightening plunge into how food meets our feelings and how finances find their flow. I chat with Sue Van Raes, a beacon of wisdom in the realms of nutrition and holistic healing. She has dedicated decades to helping women transform their relationship with food from a source of stress to a pathway to peace and empowerment.

In our conversation, Sue unraveled the intricate ties between our nervous system and what ends up on our plate. She shared her insights on how blood sugar imbalances can sneakily disrupt our day-to-day, affecting everything from our energy levels to our cravings. But don’t worry, she didn’t leave us hanging. Sue dished out her top tips for maintaining that sweet balance with a diet rich in healthy fats and proteins – true brain food!

We also explored how our issues with food often mirror our struggles with money. Control, intuition, self-awareness – Sue illuminated how these elements play pivotal roles in both arenas, shaping our behaviors and our wellbeing. It was a heart-opening discussion on shedding the layers of societal expectations and self-judgment to uncover a space where we can nourish ourselves with love and grace.

Sue also gave us a sneak peek into her book, a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone looking to forge a healthier, happier relationship with food and themselves.

If you could use a little extra love on your plate and your wallet, let’s dive into Sue’s soul touching episode.

“And when I hear how many iterations of that have occurred through my clients and how their experience is so tainted so often by food, and I know by money, this can happen so easily as well.” – Sue Van Raes

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00:00 Introduction to Plenty
03:00 Discussion on Blood Sugar
07:00 Connection Between Food and The Nervous System
10:00 Connection Between Disordered Behavior with Food and Money
16:00 Nervous System Impact on Blood Sugar
25:00 Recognizing Control and Disordered Behavior
31:00 Disordered Behavior With Food and Money
39:00 Nervous System Healing Practices for Money and Food
44:00 Conclusion

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