Embracing Authenticity and Healing with Yasmine Cheyenne (042)

What if the secret to abundant living and true fulfillment is hidden within the very authenticity and honesty we’ve been conditioned to hide?

In this deeply nourishing episode of the Plenty Podcast, I sat down with Yasmine Cheyenne, a passionate self-healing advocate and the author of the upcoming new book, Wisdom of the Path. Yasmine’s journey from active military service to mental health advocacy offers profound insights into living authentically and truthfully.

One of the critical themes Yasmine addresses is comparative suffering—the idea that one’s struggles are less significant compared to others. She encourages listeners to honor their experiences and emotions without belittling them. The episode is rich with wisdom and practical tips, such as engaging in “constructive complaining” as a form of self-reflection and stress relief.

Join Yasmine and me as we delve into the intersection of spiritual language and practical business advice, aiming to support personal growth and financial success while alleviating stress and cultivating abundance.

“I think that we’re just in a society that teaches us to bring everything down, put it under the rug, and so now that we’re in a changing society of bringing everything out, I think that there’s going to be an in between until we get used to having those emotions present.” – Yasmine Cheyenne

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00:00 – Introduction
02:15 – Yasmine discusses societal changes in handling emotions
05:30 – Yasmine’s early writing experiences and military service
12:45 – Transition from military to corporate jobs and rediscovering writing
18:20 – Yasmine’s journey into mental health advocacy
25:00 – The impact of social media on Yasmine’s work
32:10 – The importance of setting personal boundaries
40:30 – Discussing the concept of comparative suffering
50:00 – The significance of honesty and curiosity in personal healing
58:45 – Practical advice: Constructive complaining and self-reflection exercises

Connect with Yasmine Cheyenne:

Book: Wisdom of the Path
Book: The Sugar Jar


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