Embracing Ancient Wisdom for Modern Success with Makhosi Nejeser (039)

Can calling on your ancestors pave your way to success? Today on Plenty, I had the special privilege to talk to Makhosi Nejeser, the Royal Shaman, to discuss how the integration of ancient spiritual wisdom into modern life can be used for achieving true success. Makhosi shared her unique journey from a challenging upbringing to becoming a spiritual guide for high achievers, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and developing one’s spiritual gifts.

Makhosi recounts her early encounters with spiritual phenomena and her decision to leave a traditional career path to follow her true purpose. She called upon the transformative power of aligning with one’s true self and the courage it takes to pursue a non-conventional path.

We also explored the role of money as a tool for creating value and impact in the world. Makhosi explains how healing one’s relationship with money can lead to a more fulfilling and abundant life. Get ready to learn how ancient practices and spiritual insights can help you unlock your potential and live a life of plenty.

“Money is really just a symbol of value and impact that you’ve created in the world.” – Makhosi Nejeser

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00:00 – Introduction
04:15 – Makhosi discusses her early spiritual experiences and gifts
06:45 – The impact of Makhosi’s friend’s death at age 15
09:30 – Makhosi’s family background and conservative upbringing
12:00 – Makhosi’s college journey and the concept of “calling sickness”
15:30 – Balancing college, work, and motherhood
18:00 – Decision to leave the medical path and work at Target
21:00 – Transition to direct sales and early struggles
24:00 – Achieving success in direct sales and subsequent quarter-life crisis
27:00 – Introduction to ancient Egyptian mystery schools and initiation
30:00 – Explanation of the Zulu lineage and spiritual gifts
33:00 – The role of money in spiritual and practical life
36:00 – Healing relationship with money and its broader impact
39:00 – Makhosi’s advice for aligning with one’s true self and purpose
42:00 – Conclusion and where to find more about Makhosi Nejeser

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