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6 Secrets to Unlocking Our First Multi-Million Dollar Year (032)

Welcome to another episode of Plenty, where we unravel the secrets to not just making more money but making it in a way that feels good and aligns with your soul’s purpose.

Today, I’m peeling back the layers on how we navigated our way to a multiple seven-figure year and, more importantly, how I upgraded my relationship with money in the process.

I’ll be sharing the strategies that were pivotal for us, strategies that you can adapt and apply, no matter where you are on your financial journey. From the tough decision to say goodbye to less profitable offers to the empowering shift of focusing all my energy on a single flagship program, I’ll share how simplification was our north star.

I then zero in on the heart of sustainable success – customer retention. Why chasing new clients isn’t always the answer and how nurturing existing relationships can be your goldmine.

Then, I get personal, exploring how our nervous system plays a crucial role in our ability to expand financially.

The conversation gets even deeper as I talk about ‘parts work’—a powerful approach to healing financial wounds from our past that keep us stuck and sabotaging our success.

And finally, I talk about the art of delegation. Because being a jack-of-all-trades might be impressive, but it’s not the pathway to prosperity. Learning to focus on high-value activities by entrusting tasks to others has been a game changer for me.

Whether you’re looking to hit your first six figures, dreaming of seven, or simply want to improve your relationship with money, these strategies are your ticket to a richer, more fulfilling life. Join me as we unlock the potential for financial success that feels as good as it looks.

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00:00 Introduction to Kate’s Multi-Million Year
04:00 Secret #1: Letting Go of Offers
08:00 Secret #2: Simplify and Streamlining
12:00 Secret #3: Customer Retention
16:00 Secret #4: Nervous System Regulation
13:00 Secret #5: Parts Work
17:00 Secret #6: Letting Go of Tasks Not in Highest and Best Use

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