4 Steps For Turning Your Big Ideas Into Reality with Tina Wells (023)

Ever wondered how some people seem to effortlessly bring their visions to life?

In this episode of the Plenty podcast, we’re thrilled to have Tina Wells, powerhouse author and founder of Relevant Media, sharing her wisdom on turning big ideas into reality.

She shares her unique four-phase process, known as ‘The Elevation Approach’. With stages of preparation, inspiration, recreation, and transformation, it’s a roadmap for anyone looking to make their dreams a tangible reality.

Tina dives deep into the importance of networking and fostering meaningful connections. In today’s digital world, relationships are more important than ever before.

Speaking of relationships, one of the best ways to connect with your customers is to ensure your products are in sync with consumer values too. It’s all about alignment, folks!

Plus, we chat about finding joy in the everyday and why it’s time to shift our thinking from work-life balance to work-life harmony. Yes, you read that right – harmony. Intrigued? You should be!

So, tune in for an episode packed with golden nuggets from the brilliant Tina Wells. You’ll walk away with a whole new perspective on bringing your ideas to life, and maybe even a little more joy in your day.

“It is important to be authentic with everyone, but transparency should be reserved for a select few individuals who have earned trust.”

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Key Topics with Time Stamps:

00:00:00 | Introduction to Tina Wells
00:03:00 | Tina’s Journey and Decision to Shut Down Buzz Marketing Group
00:09:00 | The Elevation Approach and its Four Phases
00:13:00 | Work-Life Balance vs Work-Life Harmony
00:18:00 | Conscious Commerce and Shopping Your Values
00:22:00 | Benefits of Going into Retail
00:25:00 | Discussion on Conscious Commerce Accelerator
00:30:00 | Importance of Letting Go
00:34:01 | Relationship with the Body
00:37:01 | Difference between Authenticity and Transparency
00:40:01 | Wisdom around Money
00:43:01 | Conclusion

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