You’re invited to a one-time only, delicious virtual event:


Activate Your Magnetism

The Replay is Waiting for You

What if what you wanted in life could just land in your lap?

It can… and not through pushing, forcing, or pressure.

During this live activation event, I’m going to lead you through a simple, powerful process in real time that’s going to turn the dial up on your ability to manifest what you most desire.

The keys to opening up your greatest attraction powers lay right in your body. You’ve had them since before you were born. And we’re going to unlock these magnetic powers together LIVE for free!

Plus – there’s no sale at the end of this event. It’s a time for us to gather, share a powerful experience that feels good, and delight and expand our collective fabulousness.

It’s your time to step into expansive prosperity, true personal power, and enjoy the pleasure of being in your beautiful body.


A pitch free event!

During this event you’ll experience:

  • ✨ a delicious meditation to connect with your truest self
  • ✨ a fun, yummy practice to activate your magnetism and get your whole self on board with your desires
  • ✨ a chance to be coached around your money live by me
  • ✨ frequency uplifting community that encircles the entire planet
  • ✨ an exclusive reveal of the project I’ve been working on behind the scenes for over a year that’s finally ready for her debut!

I’m so there!

A love note from your host, Kate Northrup:

We weren’t put on this Earth to push and struggle to make money so that we can just end our lives tired, burned out, and having missed out on what being human is really about…LIVING. I’ve been helping people make a life, not just a living, for over a decade through my bestselling books, Money: A Love Story and Do Less, my programs with over 12,000 graduates to date, and appearances on The Today Show, in Oprah Daily, Harvard Business Review, The NY Times, and more.

My current focus is getting you tapped in and turned on to the Life Force that wants to come through you in the form of money, creativity, power (for you and the greater good), joy, and pleasure.

And that’s what this free event is all about: opening up to receive more of the good stuff that life has to offer.

What happens when we open up in this way?

We become conduits for more of the good stuff to flow through us, blessing our lives, and passing right on through to the other beings we share this planet with.

I’ve also been working behind the scenes for over a year on a super special project that’s finally ready to make her debut and this Money, Sex, and Power event is her coming out party!

I can’t wait to introduce her to you 😘.

See you on September 26th!


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not able to attend live. Will there be a replay?

Yes! While showing up live will give you more robust transmission, we’ll send the replay, after which is a very close second!

Will you be selling anything at this event?

Nope! Well, just selling you on your own fabulousness 😘. This is a free activation event to gather our community and share a yummy experience and a new, free project. All are welcome and there won’t be a pitch.

Will I get my questions answered?

While I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as possible (and our team will be available in the chat live) due to the number of attendees, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to answer everything. But trust that we’ll be recording your question to answer in future content we create!

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