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How do I get out of debt, make more money, better manage the money I have, save more, give more, and receive more?

Great questions! And luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Most of the financial advice out there has everything backwards. It starts with spreadsheets and 401K’s and balancing your checkbook. But money is about what we value. It’s a deeply personal, emotional topic. And getting good with your money starts with YOU, not your bank account.

Here are my top free resources to get you started on your money love journey.

Financial Freedom Friday

This series of free, digestible videos will give you immediate action steps and mindset shifts you can make to start on the path toward financial freedom.

The Spaciousness of Simplicity

Financial freedom is about more than just making more money. Learn how to use financial simplicity without feeling deprived.

How to Pick Where You Put Your Hustle

If you’re gonna bust your cute booty building financial freedom, you have to know that you’re spending your precious time and energy on the right things. Learn the 3 most common myths about financial freedom and find out where to put your hustle.

6 Simple Steps to Ensure You’re Not Wasting Your Time

Learn this simple, but often overlooked, method for figuring out exactly how to spend your time to get the best results, financial and otherwise. Read this to find out what it is.

Getting Financially Naked

What are the 3 most important things you need to be doing with your money? Watch this video to find out.

How to Create a Home for Your Money

Financial well-being isn’t just about making more. Find out the other critical pieces of becoming a masterful money manager. They’re probably not what you think.

Cash, Truth, and Upper Limit Problems

What do you do when you lie awake at night or early in the morning worrying about money? These 3 simple steps will help you feel better now.

Are You Asking For It?

One of the biggest reasons we don’t get what we want, financially or otherwise, is because we don’t ask. Read this to find out how to ask.

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