Affiliate Concierge

Affiliate Concierge

Are you a people person who loves being the host and making sure everyone at the party has what they need to have a good time? Are you incredibly responsive and thrive on responding to messages right away? Do you consider yourself a great cheerleader for others’ success? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

We are a digital course company looking for an Affiliate Concierge to join our team on a project basis to support the upcoming launch of our signature program, Relaxed Money. In this role, you will be responsible for managing our affiliate program and ensuring our affiliates have everything they need to succeed. This includes communicating via regular emails, providing support, answering questions, and helping them maximize their earnings.

The ideal candidate will have a familiarity with affiliate marketing and experience either as an affiliate or as an affiliate manager. You must be a people person who loves interacting with others and can communicate effectively. Additionally, you are motivated and excited by an opportunity to earn big in a commission role where your success directly shapes your earnings. 

Our ideal Affiliate Concierge:

  • Is an excellent and enthusiastic communicator, written and verbally 
  • Is proficient with Google Suite
  • Is proficient with Canva basics
  • Is available M-F, 9 am – 5 pm ET, and doesn’t mind working some evenings and weekends during our launch period
  • Loves responding to messages right away and having a zero inbox
  • Is available March and April 2024 to work 5-10 hours per week
  • Is passionate about financial empowerment and the way we work here at NorthrupWatts LLC
  • Is excited about unlimited earning potential in a results-driven role where your efforts directly fuel your success

If you are passionate about helping others succeed and are looking for a rewarding opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment, we want to hear from you! 

Apply now to join our team!

Instructions to apply:

Application Instructions:

To apply for this position:

Step 1: Take your personality assessment here:

Step 2: Please email us at with the following:

Subject Line: I’m an Affiliate Concierge who gets the job done!

Please send your resume & organize your email with the following:

  • Your location & time zone
  • Your assessment results from Step 1
  • An animated GIF that represents how applying for this position makes you feel.
  • On a scale of 0-10, how familiar are you with Kate Northrup and Relaxed Money? If more than 0, what do you know about Kate/the company and why are you applying for the position?
  • Share a concise story about a time you cheered someone on or coached them to improve their results. 
    • Question Prompts: 
      • What was their goal? 
      • What, if anything, was their obstacle, and how did you help them solve it? 
      • What did you say? 
      • Why did it matter? (No example is too big or too small. Go with your gut and write from your heart.)
  • After your signature, share a P.S. with us by answering the following question:  What did you use to tell people you wanted to be when you grew up?

If you’ve applied and we feel it might be a good fit, we’ll contact you directly with the next steps. 

Operations Director

Operations Director

As the Operations Director you’re the heartbeat of our operational success, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence. You will play a pivotal role in creating, implementing, and overseeing the day-to-day business responsibilities as well as understanding, maintaining, and improving upon the company’s core processes and goals. You will be responsible for all major operating functions of the company – understanding, simplifying, streamlining, and integrating systems whenever possible, including in the areas of: communication, project management, data and file storage, marketing, content creation, running events, customer communication/retention, and team management. 

What You’ll Do:

  • Effectively collaborates with the Visionary/CEO, realizing the unique contributions and ideas of  the Visionary/CEO, and filtering and translating those ideas into functional plans and documented processes for the company.
  • Meets with leadership (Visionary and COO) weekly to discuss projects, promotions, business updates, deadlines, and planning. 
  • Acts as a project manager responsible for overseeing and ensuring the completion of all tasks and deadlines related to:
    • Project tasks:  Setting up and managing all tasks
    • Marketing: Manage deadlines and deliverables, including managing launches and promotions from concept to execution to post-launch wrap up and debriefs 
    • Branding: Development and execution
    • Planning:  Schedules both short and long-term
    • Fulfillment. Ensuring products and programs are delivered on time and that our customers are getting more than they expect
    • Weekly and monthly deliverables
  • Creates, implements, and maintains a process working with all team members (such as the paid traffic team, community manager, affiliate manager, customer service specialist, graphic designer, copywriter, programmers, etc), gaining daily status updates, and ensuring their work is on-brand and of appropriate quality. Leads with behavior and language that models the way for everyone to row together in the same direction, maintaining a mindful eye toward the greater good of the business.
  • Conducts the weekly team meeting to discuss business updates, directives, deadlines, and planning and communicates with the team to keep everyone on the same page. Facilitates discussions that encourage team members to participate knowing their voice is important and so is their input.
  • Maintains, enhances, and communicates company culture and benefits through things like:
    • A weekly team message to keep everyone informed of the bigger picture, weekly priorities, key events and milestones, plus to maintain a culture of fun and celebration (celebrating reaching or exceeding our goals, other important wins, and acknowledging the team for what they’re doing that’s great)
    • Celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, and other key dates
    • Managing, planning for, and communicating vacations, time-off, and holidays
    • Inclusive behavior such as language (i.e. pronouns), use of micro-affirmations, modeling behavior that matches our company initiatives
  • Resolves issues effectively — comfortable with conflict and able to solve  problems in a pragmatic and healthy manner. The Director of Operations ensures the Leadership Team is healthy, functional, and cohesive. For example, if a deadline is missed, this person would be responsible for following up with the team members involved with that deadline to learn more about what happened and would be responsible for facilitating a conversation around how to prevent it happening again in the future and ensuring any new processes are implemented that prevent the problem from happening in the future.
  • Oversees Quarterly Goals and company Scorecard (weekly metrics to keep us on track with our goals), makes suggestions for improving key metrics, and oversees the implementation of the suggestions that are agreed upon.
  • Quality Control:
    • Makes sure current branding, language, links, and promotions are consistent across all platforms and oversees any updates that need to be made
    • Tests everything, serving as the final check before something goes live.
  • Leads post-project wrap-ups to gather data and assets, analyze metrics, and mindfully logs improvement ideas to improve future projects.Strategic Planning and Implementation – Craft, implement, and refine operational strategies to meet the company’s objectives. Oversee day-to-day operations, ensuring the seamless execution of business strategies and processes.

About You:

  • Enthusiastic, values driven, creative, with excellent follow through. A strong self-starter who loves to see things through to the finish.
  • Proven track record in operations management likely to have over 5 years of experience
  • Exceptional leadership skills with a collaborative team spirit – you’ve hired, led and developed teams for at least 2 years
  • Commitment to quality, attention to detail, and a continuous improvement mindset
  • Passionate about creating systems that enhance efficiency and growth
  • Natural project manager able to get projects across the line and hold others accountable
  • Ability to translate visionary ideas into actionable plans

Why You’ll Love Working Here:

  • A role with significant impact on the company’s success and culture.
  • The ability to make a huge difference in our customer’s lives and the ability to do work that truly matters. 
  • Working with a wonderful team of smart, motivated people who are committed to changing the world. 
  • An environment where your growth is encouraged and supported—professionally and personally.
  • We live by our values.

Our Values:

  • We Really Care: We dig through the customer experience and make it as user friendly, fun, and powerful as possible, and to get them results to transform their lives.
  • Challenge The Status Quo: We spark ideas to challenge the ways people normally do things.
  • Do Things In The Do Less Way: We know simplicity creates velocity. We look for ways to make our projects and processes simpler and more elegant because we know that we can have more when we do less.
  • Radical Responsibility: As a team member, if you have a deadline or deliverable that you are responsible for, then you own it and do everything you can do to move that task forward. If an error is made, you take responsibility for it, for cleaning it up, and for preventing it in the future.
  • We Make Mistakes And We Repair: We’re human. When mistakes happen, we practice honesty and repair. We give one another grace to do the same.
  • Body First Business Second: We know that the quality of our work is dependent on our wellbeing, physically and otherwise. We put our bodies first so that we can do our best work and live our best lives.

Hours and Benefits Include:

  • Full time, M-F, 9am – 5pm ET and occasional evenings and weekends during the 2 big launches every year
  • Flexible, remote work. We realize and appreciate you have a life outside of work. 
  • Free access to all company resources, including all programs and membership resources for the duration of your employment
  • Three spots in our flagship program, Relaxed Money, to gift to friends and family each year
  • Eligibility for one paid day per calendar year to volunteer at a local event or charity of your choice
  • $200 per year reimbursement toward your home office setup

Application Instructions:

If you’d like to be considered for this role, please submit your resume to and organize your email with the following: 

  1. Subject line: Operations Director Extraordinaire
  2. Your location and time zone
  3. Results of the following two assessments: 
  4. An animated GIF that represents how applying for this position makes you feel. :)
  5. Answer the following questions:
    1. On a scale of 0-10, how familiar are you with Kate Northrup and Relaxed Money? If more than 0, what do you know about Kate/the company?
    2. Why would you like this role?

If you’ve applied and we feel it might be a good fit, we’ll contact you directly with the next steps. 

P.S. What did you tell people you wanted to be when you grew up?

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