Earnings Disclaimer

We make reasonable efforts to ensure that we accurately represent income earning potential. However, there are no guarantees that you will earn a specific level of income. You accept the risk that earnings and income will vary by individual. Like any business venture, actual results will depend on many factors outside of our control, including individual abilities, effort, expertise, opportunities, market conditions, and unique circumstances. You agree we are not responsible for your earning potential, future income level, business failures or successes. You agree that past financial success by yourself, our company, or others is not a reliable indication of your future success or income earnings.

Note: Systemic financial inequities are real. We aren’t all starting on an even playing field. Relaxed Money and The Origin Company acknowledge that there are parts of the financial world that we don’t have control over (such as discrimination and racism).

What we do have agency over, though is who we choose to work with, where we choose to spend and invest our money, and how we show up in our relationship to our money.

This program focuses on the parts of our financial reality we have agency over (such as our emotions, our nervous system, and our personal financial management systems) and the curriculum is rooted in individual healing and the ways it can impact the collective positively.

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