Do Less Bonuses

Welcome! Because you ordered Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time Management for Busy Women, you’re receiving these 5 incredible gifts to unlock your ability to pursue your vocation without sacrificing the people you love (including yourself). Enjoy!

Bonus #1:

How to Set Boundaries & The Art of Saying No, a video lesson including downloadable ​​​​​​​guide, audio, and transcript included:

Bonus #2:

How to Decrease Your Workload & Increase Your Results By 80%, a video lesson including downloadable guide, audio, and transcript included:

Bonus #3:

Maven Masterclass with Latham Thomas, bestselling author of Own Your Glow and founder of Mama Glow, New York’s premier maternity lifestyle brand:

*Note: Kate’s frame freezes between 49:43 – 51:12.  Glitches happen to the best of us!

Bonus #4:

Maven Masterclass with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, NY Times bestselling author of Conscious Parenting and The Awakened Family

Bonus #5:

The 5 Biggest Manifesting Mistakes Keeping You From Getting What You Want: A Masterclass with Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Kate Northrup

Bonus #6: The Do Less Book Club with Kate Northrup

Four live sessions with Kate via Facebook Live in the Do Less Facebook group.

Wednesdays at 10am PT/1pm ET
April 8th
April 15th
April 22nd
April 29th

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