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Episode 27: Parenting a Toddler While Running a Business: How To Thrive In The Chaos

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Are you a new parent who’s also running a business? Today we’re sharing our experiences and the lessons we’ve both learned from our time doing this. Find out why we think parenting is more of a marathon than a sprint, the value of surrendering and giving up control, and why everything we do with our kids is really just a 10-minute adventure!


In this Episode

  • New moons begin cycles, full moons complete them [8:07]
  • It’s easy to get on a downwards spiral of always talking about what’s wrong [9:20]
  • Mike’s favorite part of being a dad & what’s he’s learned from his daughter [9:32]
  • With kids, everything is a “10-minute adventure” [12:12]
  • What “legacy” really means [14:50]
  • Being a mom has taught Kate how to surrender [17:40]
  • Kate’s on a mission and she’s discovered she has A LOT to say about motherhood and running a business [20:02]
  • We need to detach from our expectations around our children [23:07]
  • Why we should be bragging more! [25:01]


Selected Links from the Episode

Project Life with Mike Watts

Kate’s, The Myth of Balance

 Your Joyologist


People Mentioned

Kevin Rose & Tim Ferriss, The Random Show

Danielle LaPorte

Gary Vaynerchuck

Mark Bell (Super Training Gym)

Dr. Shefali


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