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Origin™ Interview Series: Part Two – A New Way of Being to Prevent Burnout

Women impress me. They really do.

Today I want to introduce you to an Origin™ member who lives down the street but who found out about our community through a friend in San Francisco! (Don’t you just love the way the world works?)

Shauna’h is the mother of twin 5-year-old boys, she works full-time at Bates College, she has a direct-selling business and an Etsy jewelry shop, and she volunteers to support families who are new to our country in getting settled.

Yep, she’s got a lot going on.

During our chat, she told me that she used to approach all of her goals by pushing harder and trying to run faster towards them. And this way of being had left her feeling overwhelmed and apathetic about life and business.

But then Origin™ came along, and she’s discovered a whole new way of being that’s not only prevented burnout for her (which she’s been all too familiar with in the past), it’s also helped her notice a significant uptick in business. (People are approaching her to join her team!)

Click the video below to learn more about how Shauna’h’s new way of being with Origin™ at her side has transformed the way she mothers, the way she runs her businesses, and the way she moves as a woman in the world.

Want to learn how to work in a sustainable way where you can be present for your business and your family, not to mention find more grace like Shauna’h has done? My free Sustainable Success Workshop is coming up October 10th.

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What did you learn from Shauna’h about a new way of being as an entrepreneur and nurturer? How can you apply it to your own life? Let me know in the comments!


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