Are you ready to have your most abundant year ever?

It’s time to gain control over your money and welcome in more wealth from a rich foundation of safety in your nervous system.

Sign up for the free 3-day workshop with Kate Northrup April 23rd-25th

Sign up for the free 3-day workshop with kate northrup april 23rd-25th:



A FREE 3-day workshop with money empowerment OG, Kate Northrup

Restore Your Relationship With Money & Receive The Bounty That Has Your Name On It.

Are You Ready for managing your money & making a lot more of it to feel *Waaaay* Easier?

Your breakthrough awaits...

  • Learn why money mindset work and/or financial management work alone come up short when it comes to changing your financial reality, and what the missing ingredient is
  • Experience a simple but powerful 6-step process to tap into an immediate state of relaxation and pleasure around money
  • Gain high-yield nervous system tools you can use right away to begin reprogramming the cycle of money creation you’re in by establishing belief and behavior change from the inside out
  • Receive the exact next practical step you need to access the abundance that’s available all around
  • Use the 3-Pillar Relaxed Money Blueprint to bridge the gap between strategy and energetics to manifest more wealth while being a powerful force for good in the world in an aligned way


Understand how money works on emotional, nervous system, real world *and* quantum levels, remember your power as a leading player in the cycle, and be ready to receive the bounty with your name on it.

Your Money Miracle is waiting

Hi! I’m kate northrup

Bestselling Author, Nervous System Alchemist, & Money Empowerment OG.

As the heart behind a successful multimedia digital platform that reaches hundreds of thousands globally, I’m committed to supporting ambitious folks to light up the world — without burning themselves out.

I love teaching others how to earn MORE money in less time (and with less stress) by tapping into soul-driven energy management practices — some of which I’m revealing inside THIS workshop series.

I’ve been rewiring my relationship to money for a LONG time. Way back in 2011, I paid off over $20k in debt in 6 months, tripled my income and doubled my savings…

… And it wasn’t because I started a side hustle, stopped buying lattes, or some personal finance hack that helped me do it.

It was a series of unconventional steps that thousands have also replicated since I began teaching this in 2012!

I believe anyone can heal their relationship with money and call it abundantly into their life.

(And in case you’re thinking: “well, that’s easy for you to say” — I believe that accessing a state of safety around money is available to EVERYONE to expand the abundance in their lives. This isn’t about gaining insider access to a circle of rich humans or hiring a team to expand your business — this is about YOU and changing how you relate to money to build lasting wealth.)

When I connect with folks who understand that money doesn’t just end with us, I know that I’ll be setting them up with the tools to create a healthier relationship with money and their nervous system — which is to say, they’ll be able to go to new and exciting places they never thought possible!

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Disclaimer: We aim to accurately represent what’s possible for income earning potential. However, we cannot guarantee any particular earnings or future income level as actual results depend on many factors.