Restore Your Relationship With Money &
Receive The Bounty That Has Your Name On It

APRIL 23-25th

A FREE 3-day workshop to gain the control over your money you’ve been craving and welcome in more abundance from a rich foundation of safety in your nervous system.

You dream of feeling relaxed and sovereign in relation to money

But in reality, you tend to feel like money has a lot more power over you than you have over it. It’s not your fault.

You didn’t create your own money story… it was passed down to you through programming from your family, childhood experiences, and more.

But what if I told you it’s actually your birthright to experience financial wellbeing?

That you can manifest abundance on your command and the key lies in your nervous system.

You’ve been made to believe that the reason your relationship with money is meh is because you have a mindset block.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. The real reason?

Your operating system, a.k.a. your nervous system feels unsafe around money so it freaks the f*ck out whenever you get close to her, which is why you keep repeating behaviors, often subconsciously, that are not only repelling money away from you, but leading you to mismanage the money you already have!

And guess what?

Until your nervous system feels safe around money, it doesn’t matter how much money you make you won’t feel financially confident. This was true for me, and it’s been true for every student I’ve worked with and every high-earning woman I know.

That’s why I’m inviting you to


Unless you create expanded capacity in your nervous system to manage and receive money without spiraling into anxiety

You’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity (not to mention, a whole lot of easeful wealth)…

If you’re doing great financially on paper, but have trouble holding onto and growing your money or managing what you have…

If there’s a big gap between how you feel on the inside and what your life/career looks like on the outside…
If you know you could be more powerful and successful and you’re ready for the behind-the-scenes of your financial systems to match your true potential…

Imagine swapping financial dread for calm, joy, and even pleasure around money and changing how you take stewardship of your resources (time, money, energy) to grow your bank account as a result?



Restore Your Relationship With Money & Receive The Bounty With Your Name On It


As it turns out, the answer to feeling less stressed about money isn’t just more money.

It’s rewiring your nervous system to feel SAFE around money so you can receive more of her with pleasure, instead of fear, doubt, shame, guilt, or whatever other whirlwind combo of emotions thunder through you when you think about your finances.

The truth is, money is all around you — if you know where (and how) to look.

Creating and attracting her is about *SO* much more than getting paid to show up to work, deliver a service, or sell a product.

There’s a whole unseen cycle of money creation gushing around us at *all* times…

And if you don’t feel tapped into it, that’s because right now, you’re likely a dysfunctional actor in the grand play, working with the tools and inherited story that you’ve been given: by your guardians, your parents, and the traditional educational system!

It’s like being handed a hammer with no nails. You’re screwed.

I want to show you how to become a conduit for money and abundance to channel through you…. and create a ripple effect *all* around you.

Because when you safely open yourself up to all the money available to you, you’ll start to notice:

And attracting it will feel SO much easier!

But first?

You’ve gotta become a wide receiver from the foundation of your nervous system.

Here’s What You’ll Experience Over This 3-Part Event:

The Surprising Key to Relaxed Money Manifestation

Unlock the secret to accessing the riches with your name on them by discovering the surprising key to Relaxed Money Manifestation during the first day of WIDE RECEIVER! 

Learn why money mindset work and/or financial management work alone come up short when it comes to changing your financial reality, and what the missing ingredient is (SPOILER: it’s your nervous system)… *plus* high-yield tools you can use right away to begin reprogramming the cycle of money creation you’re in, by establishing belief and behavior change from the inside out. 

If you’ve never tried updating your nervous system patterning around money, Day 1 will be game-changing for you.

Your Next Step to Financial Confidence, Clarity, and Magnetism

You know what’s incredibly attractive to money? Relaxation. But how can we get relaxed when money feels so stressful? 

Day 2 of WIDE RECEIVER reveals a simple but powerful 6-step process to tap into an immediate state of relaxation and pleasure around money. The shift in yourself and energy will be felt instantly, and you’ll be open to new possibilities that result in aligned action steps to building wealth without stress.

If you’ve ever felt hopeless or straight up pissed off after a money manifestation class, get ready to cut through alllllll the crap to understand how to decipher the exact next practical step you need to take to tap into the abundance that’s available all around. 

Best of all, you’ll be able to take this process with you to continue turning stuckness into action and grow your money over your lifetime! 

Bridging The Gap Between Experiencing & Creating Real Wealth with The Relaxed Money Blueprint

There are 13 principles of making, keeping, growing, and giving relaxed money (these principles have been tried and tested by thousands of my students, and in WIDE RECEIVER, I’m sharing them with you). 

Most financial experts either teach you about saving, money making strategies and wealth building tactics, or they teach you about mindset and spiritual abundance. Day 3 bridges the gap so you can use these principles to call in abundance while being a powerful force for good in the world in a feel-good way.

Finally, you’ll understand how money works on emotional, nervous system, real world *and* quantum level, remember your power as a leading player in the cycle, and be ready to receive the bounty with your name on it.

WIDE RECEIVER is Not for you if:

But WIDE RECEIVER is perfect for YOU if:

Sound like the perfect blend of practical *AND* magical?



Hi! I’m kate northrup

Bestselling Author, Nervous System Alchemist, & Money Empowerment OG.

As the heart behind a successful multimedia digital platform that reaches hundreds of thousands globally, I’m committed to supporting ambitious folks to light up the world — without burning themselves out.

I love teaching others how to earn MORE money in less time (and with less stress) by tapping into soul-driven energy management practices — some of which I’m revealing inside THIS workshop series.

I’ve been rewiring my relationship to money for a LONG time. Way back in 2011, I paid off over $20k in debt in 6 months, tripled my income and doubled my savings…

… And it wasn’t because I started a side hustle, stopped buying lattes, or some personal finance hack that helped me do it.

It was a series of unconventional steps that thousands have also replicated since I began teaching this in 2012!

I believe anyone can heal their relationship with money and call it abundantly into their life.

(And in case you’re thinking: “well, that’s easy for you to say” — I believe that accessing a state of safety around money is available to EVERYONE to expand the abundance in their lives. This isn’t about gaining insider access to a circle of rich humans or hiring a team to expand your business — this is about YOU and changing how you relate to money to build lasting wealth.)

When I connect with folks who understand that money doesn’t just end with us, I know that I’ll be setting them up with the tools to create a healthier relationship with money and their nervous system — which is to say, they’ll be able to go to new and exciting places they never thought possible!

If you’re ready to make 2024 the year you feel like you’ve finally got your finances on track for success

Here’s what industry leaders are saying about working with Kate:


Are these workshops taught live?

Yes! We’ll be live for 3 days in a row and we’re so excited to be with you.

You’ll receive a personal Zoom link to join the event when you register.

Yes! You’ll be able to access the recordings of all 3 days until May 2nd at 8pm ET. Links will be sent to you as soon as the recordings are processed after each live session.

Please check your spam and updates folder. If you’ve previously unsubscribed from our emails you may need to contact support@katenorthrup.com to be re-added to our list.

Yes! You can interact with our team in the chat while the event is live. While we can’t answer every single question due to the number of people in attendance, we’ll do our best to make sure we cover everything. If your question doesn’t get answered, please email us at support@katenorthurp.com.

Each WIDE RECEIVER workshop will run about 60-90 minutes, so block off your calendar accordingly!


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