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How to Make Healthy Living Fun, Easy, and Delicious: Glimpse TV with Daphne Oz

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The minute I met Daphne Oz I knew we had a lot in common. At first I thought it was simply that we’re about the same age and are the offspring of well-known doctors. But then I realized it’s something else: fun is a major priority for both of us.

(Oh, and she also loves Maine, and anyone who loves Maine goes straight to my heart.)

Daphne is co-host of ABC’s hit lifestyle series, “The Chew,” alongside Mario Batali. She’s all about making healthy living fun, easy, and most importantly, delicious. Her second book, Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun, is all about fully inhabiting our lives.

The book sprang from a conversation she was having with girlfriends during which they realized they were living “placeholder” lives: . They they were waiting for their real lives to begin. And Daphne realized it was time to start living as though her real life already had begun. Because, of course, it had.

I sat down with Daphne for a truly delicious conversation about food, weight, parenting, family, style, and filling your life with fun.

From the way Daphne speaks about relishing her life you’d never know she hit 180 pounds when she was only 17.

In our conversation she revealed the only thing that helped her lose the weight. It’s not a diet, some crazy fitness program, or anything having to do with restriction. I think you’ll be surprised at her delicious, and effective, method for staying healthy and enjoying life all the while.

In this episode of Glimpse TV you’ll also learn:

  • a few Feng Shui tips for attracting (and keeping) love
  • how to fully inhabit your life instead of living a placeholder life
  • what it’s like to be Dr. Oz’s daughter
  • how to overcome perfectionism and still have your life work really well
  • why reminding ourselves that “Every bite after the first tastes the same,” is so freeing
  • the little things we can do that will yield big results with minimal efforts
  • and more!

Click the video below to watch the episode.

What you do most of the time is what really counts. ~Daphne Oz (Click to Tweet!)

You can’t catch the ball if you’re not standing on the field. ~Dr. Oz (Click to Tweet!) 

More Daphne:

Get your copy of Relish.

Check out Daphne’s gorgeous website.

Check out her show, “The Chew.”

Over to you:

Which of Daphne’s tips for fully inhabiting your life did you resonate with the most? Have you ever noticed yourself living a placeholder life? If so, what did you do to start fully living? I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below!


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