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Are you a prayer?

Are You A Prayer?

A friend of mine posted on Facebook requesting love to be sent to someone in need.

The way she phrased the beginning of her request stopped me in my tracks.

“If you’re a prayer…” she said.

What she meant was if you’re someone who prays (I am). But what I read was if you yourself are a prayer.

Like, are you living your life as though it’s a prayer?

And if so, what is your life a prayer for?

Are you addicted to being “crazy busy” and praying for more days that feel out of control?

Or are you curating what makes it onto your calendar and praying for more days that feel spacious?

I’ve been pondering what I’m praying for by living my life the way I live.

What I love about seeing myself and my life as prayers is that nothing gets thrown away. There is no such thing as the mundane. Everything counts.

I’ve always loved the phrase my mom taught me:

“How you do it is what you get.”

It’s been a compass reminding me that the way we get where we’re going matters just as much as whether or not we get there.

Living your life as a prayer, in fact being a prayer yourself, takes this even deeper (or higher, whichever way you fancy going).

When I complain about how exhausted I am, I’m praying for being tired.

When I stress out about not getting enough done, I’m praying for feeling frazzled.


When I savor the surrendered, still weight of my daughter in my arms as I return her to her crib after a midnight feeding, I’m praying for presence.

When I pause and breathe into my heart before responding to something my husband said that rubbed me the wrong way, I’m praying for peace.

When I spend money at the corner market that supports local, organic farmers instead of  buying produce that’s been slathered with pesticides and shipped from another country, I’m praying for Mother Earth.

When I reach out to a friend for no other reason than to say I’m thinking of her, I’m praying for connection.

When I look back on my day and choose to focus on what worked instead of what didn’t, I’m praying for fulfillment.

We get more of what we want by being what we want. {Tweet it!}

We get more of what we want-tweet

Be a prayer for what you want in your life.

Be a prayer for what you want in your world.

Be a prayer.



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