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Conscious parenting, among other things. Glimpse TV with Carrie Contey, Ph.D.

The day after I’d left Austin, TX this fall on the final leg of The Freedom Tour from Scottsdale, AZ to Wainscott, NY (where I currently reside – there’s been some confusion about that so I’m clearin’ it up) I got a very sweet, very cool email from a woman named Carrie Contey. She said such lovely things to me that I couldn’t help but head over to her website and find out what this woman was all about.

I was delighted to take in not only Carrie’s gorgeously designed online presence (yay Jennifer Elsner of Viewers Like You) but also the fact that she’s a parenting expert. I was immediately drawn in by her contagious smile and her unusual, yet refreshing perspective on parenthood, and really, humanhood:

By guiding, supporting and inspiring her clients to live the life they are here to live, Carrieā€š encourages living with a wide open and courageous heart.

How awesome to guide people to be amazing parents through guiding them to be amazing human beings? It makes perfect sense, yet I’d never thought of it that way before. Granted, this is most likely because I don’t have kids yet. However, I bet I think about parenting more than the average woman who doesn’t have kids, except Carrie perhaps, because I’m so clear that being a mama is on my future path.

Because I’m so enthusiastic about kids and because being a super present mama was the reason I began pursuing financial freedom I was really psyched to talk to Carrie more. We had the most delightful and insightful conversation just before the holidays that we captured for you on Skype. We chatted about:

  • conscious parenting
  • the whole reason I started my business in the first place
  • how kids are actually here to grow YOU more than you’re here to grow them
  • what to do when you’re a mom and you find yourself not liking it very much
  • how to resource yourself and why
  • Carrie’s Evolve 2012 program where she’ll guide you in rewiring your brain, nice and slow
  • a HOT parenting tip you can try immediately (that I’m going to be using with my boyfriend and everyone else in my life) that will make your life easier as soon as you implement it!

Tune in and leave a comment to let us know about your own parenting foibles and tips, how you consciously are becoming better at humanhood, and anything else you want to share!

Click HERE to find out more about having Carrie as your personal trainer for your emotional health this year in her Evolve program.

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Site: www.carriecontey.com

Twitter: @carrieconteyphd


And here’s the Evolve 2012 trailer…I found it very inspiring. Perhaps you will too!