“Kate totally transformed my beliefs around fear and money.Wise beyond her years. Insightful and talented beyond measure. Kate is one of the captains of my inner circle. You know, the women you call or email when you need clarity and gentle ass-kicking. She offers rock solid guidance with grace and unconditional love. Quite simply, Kate is a treasure and her teachings will bring more freedom and balance to your life.”

~ Kris Carr, New York Times bestselling author, Crazy Sexy Kitchen

“Kate Northrup is part cheerleader, part wisdom keeper, and full on maven. Within that radiance of hers is a whole lot of personal work and daring. Her commitment to find the best (and usually most fun) way to wholeness is her gift – to us.”

~ Danielle LaPorte, Creator of The Desire Map

“Kate Northrup is a miracle worker. Her messages guide us to change our mind about fear and embrace freedom as our birthright. Kate challenges our limiting beliefs and helps us break through the blocks to our true power. I am blessed to call her my dear friend and guide.”

~ Gabrielle Bernstein, Speaker, Author of Add More ~ing To Your Life, Spirit Junkie, and May Cause Miracles,

Kate Northrup blew me away during her Women & Wealth workshop. I’ve never seen someone as clear, articulate and downright MOTIVATING around showing women the path to financial freedom. Kate strikes the perfect balance of practical and aspirational, all while laying down the honest truth about what it will take for you to be truly free. I cannot recommend her work enough!

~ Marie Forleo, Rich Happy & Hot,

Full of energy, brazenly fun, highly creative, and wise beyond her years, Kate Northrup has more than a thing or two to teach you about value — valuing yourself, your life, and your money. Listen carefully and learn!

~ Cheryl Richardson, New York Times bestselling author and speaker,

“I’d pretty much hop on any bandwagon she’s got goin’ on, and I know I’m certainly not alone on that one. In addition to being an absolutely brilliant, successful business woman and a true voice of wisdom and leadership in the world, Kate is also just a fantastically fun
and wonderful person to be around and know. I’ve had the privilege of being a USANA team member with her in the past, have collaborated with her in some other business marketing initiatives, and have kicked up some awesome dance parties and cozy dinners with her — and in it all, the one thing that consistently comes through is her incredible ability to infuse life and joy into everything she does. She makes working fun. She makes Life fun! She inspires the best in people, and consistently SEES the brilliance in people (just look at her Glimpse TV and her blog — she’s always celebrating movers & shakers!). People who work with her thrive and have a good time. She’s a woman who infuses doing good, powerful work in the world with vibrant femininity, joy and grace. That, my friends, is an art. And Kate is truly an artist in business and in life.”

~ KC Baker, Founder, The School for the Well Spoken Woman LIVE & The Women’s Thought Leadership Society

“Kate has the uncanny ability to turn ‘work’ into a heart-expanding adventure with a positive bottom line. She leads by shining example, teaching from personal
experience and a wisdom far beyond her years. And she is one of the rare individuals who can both create intimacy, depth and connection in small group settings as well as captivate, entertain and inspire large audiences with the her genuine, brilliant, compassionate charisma and charm.”

~ Dr. Deb Kern, Visionary Teacher and Guide,

“Kate’s passion and knowledge for health and wealth (in every sense of those words) is contagious and inspiring. I love hearing Kate talk on these topics because I always walk away with extremely practical ideas on what choices I can make to see automatic increase in my life. All of a sudden choosing to only put natural sweetener in my tea and to find ways to build recurring revenue streams in my portfolio seems totally doable! I never miss a chance to hear more of what Kate has to say.”

~ Carissa Reiniger, Founder & CEO, Silver Lining Ltd.

“I can see what a powerhouse of goodness you are. You beam it, you breathe it, and thank you thank you thank you for sharing it. I think you’re so cool too (in the classy way that people with brains, brawn, and savvy compassion are cool) and I can’t wait to get to know you better. One of my very bright dreams is to host my own show (youtube or otherwise) so I adore your Glimpse TV episodes!”

~ Natanya Green, Crazy Sexy Assistant at

Whether Kate is inspiring us to take action, tidy up our health habits, or pave our own path to financial freedom, she does so with a twinkle of delight and a wallop of ancient wisdom. From the moment I met her and had to re-apply mascara after our tear-soaked meeting filled with laughter, I knew she was a soul sister…headed to stratospheric heights. Follow her journey and enrich your life.

~ Tanya Geisler, Clarity Coach + Board of Your Life Mama

Kate’s magnetic personality and power to truly help transform women’s lives rests in her profound capacity to be utterly human. She is entirely honest — she doesn’t apologize ever for being exactly who she is and where she is. This is so liberating and refreshing to be near — this honesty that Kate embodies so fully frees women to be real with themselves not just on the level of their finances but also with their souls. Kate has much knowledge and wisdom to share from her experience of being fiercely alive. I inherit something just being around Kate. She is the go-to woman I suggest to liberate your financial wealth but also your inner resources of love, joy & well-being.

~ Meggan Watterson, Founder and Executive Director of REVEAL,

“From the time she was a 4th grader, I could see that Kate was a gifted writer. And almost from the time she could walk, she’s had the ability to move people with her dancing and movement. Kate has also turned out to be a most inspirational teacher, speaker, and business owner. You might think I’m saying all this because Kate is my daughter. But you would be wrong. I’m saying it because it’s simply the truth. I too follow Kate’s work because I appreciate the inspiration and information as much as anyone. And I recommend that you do the same.”

~ Christiane Northrup, MD, Visionary Pioneer in Women’s Health, New York Times bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

“Kate Northrup is a dynamic powerhouse, bubbly with vibrant energy, and astute and knowledgable well beyond her years. I have had the pleasure of witnessing Kate ascend unto her calling and inspire women every step of the way. Kate’s method of grounding spirituality into her personal development work in finances is brilliant and her work will awaken a dormant part of you that is craving to shine more authentically.”

~ Latham Thomas, Maternity Lifestyle Maven, Founder of Mama Glow, and Author of Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy

“Kate is a positive force of nature. Her 1000 watt smile and Can Do attitude make balancing my checkbook feel like an awesome party! I saw Kate speak at Wanderlust last summer and her 40 minute talk about creating a divine relationship with your finances transformed the way I relate to money and my abundance has been flowing ever since. Don’t let her cheery disposition and big beautiful laugh fool you…Kate is the real deal and can help you transform your world. I am honored to call her my friend.”

~ Terri Cole, Founder of Live Fearless and Free

“Kate Northrup walks her talk and then some! She is always researching, experimenting, and diving in to experiences that put her on the cutting edge of personal growth and development. She curates best practices for creating abundance in your life and she tackles with joyful pleasure a taboo subject for women — money. Kate lovingly shows that it’s a great gateway to looking at all the ways in which we use our various life resources and how to create an inner dialogue that truly supports massive growth. Her writing is exuberantly honest and wisely addresses all of the confusion that shows up on the journey to our best selves.”

~ Alisa Vitti, Founder & CEO, Author of WomanCode

“Kate continually makes me smile (and usually giggle too). She effortlessly radiates the rare combination of delight and unpretentious wisdom; for, always willing to share her humanness (and to look on the bright side of it), Kate can’t help but to inspire, simply by being herself. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Kate — from her writing the preface to my book, The Way of the Happy Woman, to being a guest speaker for my community of women, to sitting down for girl talk over a cup of tea. One can’t help but to have fun with — and be inspired by — her! “

~ Sara Avant Stover, Author of the bestselling book The Way of the Happy Woman

“Kate (Northrup Moller) is a leader for all generations. An inspired thinker and resonant teacher, her ideas are at the forefront of a paradigm shift in the world of personal finance, entrepreneurship and total well being. Everything about Kate draws you in, her smile, humor, and innate compassionate wisdom. What’s more, she is this person authentically, in public and in private. I am blessed to know and work with Kate, and find myself consistently galvanized by her vision and purposeful leadership.”

~ Maddy Vertenten, Founder of Vibrant One

“I make the time to read every word Kate Northrup writes. Why? Because Kate is a keen observer of life, self, health, and wealth. Her fresh, honest, and heartfelt musings always add a much needed dose of clarity and inspiration to my busy days.”

~ Charlene Dupray, Owner of South ‘n France Bon Bons

“Kate was incredible at our very first I Can Do It — Ignite conference speaking in front of 2,000 people and blowing them all away. I am so excited to be publishing Kate’s book and helping her to get her valuable message out into the world.:

~ Reid Tracy, CEO, Hay House Inc

“I recently had the absolute pleasure of teaming up with Kate for a workshop called ‘Healthy Choices.’ Kate shared the most engaging presentation on low gylcemic nutrition. She constructed a vision to demonstrate a model of vibrant living through healthy food and lifestyle choices. In typical Kate style,she entertained us all the way through with smiles, giggles and relatable stories while giving us plenty of facts and stats to bring us up to speed with the knowledge to empower our own lives. Few educators are as comfortable, relaxed, knowledgeable and infectiously fun as Kate. She is an absolute gem full of passion, ease and a palpable inner sparkle. Pull her into your world, and watch your well being blossom!”

~ Beth Forgosh

“I’ve been watching so many videos of your GlimpseTV today, and I’m so happy I have been doing exactly that instead of proceeding with my ‘To-do-list of the day’!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazingly lovely bubbly energy and deep-going, glowing knowledge, and both the ups and downs of life (that are always a part of everything, to keep us reaching further)! Truly inspiring freedom!”

~ Laura Aalto


“Kate is one of the most dynamic, authentic and vibrant entrepreneurs I know. Her amazing energy and passion for mentoring others to juicy success is what makes her my favorite! She is truly someone who lives an abundant life in every way and will teach you how to do the same. If you desire creating beautiful abundance, passive income and what to be happy every single day, I’d recommend working with Kate any day.”

~ Leanne Grechulk, Author/Speaker/Health Coach,

“Working with Kate and being part of The Freedom Family has been an incredible experience! Gaining business resources and advice while getting to know a fun and inspiring group of entrepreneurs has been extremely rewarding. I’m happy to have found a group that is truly welcoming and works so well together.”

~ Shay de Silva, Online Fitness Expert,

“Kate is a cheerleader, a guide, and a firecracker of a businesswoman. Working with Kate has deepened my intuition and trust in myself. That is a testament to how she works with her people — she gives them the tools and resources to simply become a better version of themselves. I can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am to work with her.”

~ Tania Wojciechowski, Founder, Spark Retreat

“I just wanted to thank you for being such a shining example of doing great things in the world. I love your personality and your wonderful interviews. Most of all, I want to thank you for really upleveling the world of network marketing. I think I used to let my education get in the way of the power of it and of the people I get to serve. Thank you for all that you do–it’s inspiring even when you may not realize.”

~ Carmel D’Arienzo, Transformation Catalyst, Isagenix

“When I joined The Freedom Family, I embarked on a journey to making immaculate self-care a priority. To me, immaculate self-care is when you make your life, your happiness and your health a priority. Over the past year of working with Kate and Mike I have found my calling. I now believe, with my heart and soul, that you do not have to sacrifice your livelihood to be successful and that you don’t have to fear or hate money. I feel more enlightened each day I embark on this journey. Having the ability to help people to live the lives they love to the fullest, is a complete gift and I feel blessed to be able to inspire others to do the same.”

~ Meaghan Folk, Health Coach and Mom-e-preneur

“The palpably fun, open, and heart-felt energy which is the hallmark of the Team Northrup organization is a direct result of Kate’s leadership and the way in which she leads this group.As someone who has worked closely with Kate as a part of Team Northrup, I can always count on her ability to do everything with ease and flow. Her willingness to grow and lead as well as her willingness to challenge the team inspires both courage and vulnerability all at the same time.”

~ Liza Pascal, LAc and Entrepreneur,

“Working with Kate is a sheer delight. She is a beaming light of positivity. She is creative, responsive, brilliant and vivacious. Kate is always surprising and enlightening me with her creative ideas and brilliant ways she connects with her audience. I believe Kate is a true leader. Kate has an amazing way of supporting her team and each of their unique talents.”

~ Dr. Karen Wolfe,

“I have been working with Kate for 8 years and she remains AWE Inspiring. Kate leads from the HEART in business and in Life. She’s the kind of person who takes full responsibility for her experience and shares her personal growth spurts with openness and honesty. She is a leader to the core and is on a path to greatness. It is an honor to work with her!”

~ Theresa Haney, Co-Owner, Abundance and Company

“Kate is an incredibly generous and perceptive mentor. She senses when you need a little extra guidance and love, and offers wise words and insight to help guide you through. Kate uses her intuitive and loving nature to inspire you to achieve your own greatness! She is the best cheerleader one could ever hope for.”

~ Erin Cox, Author of One Hot Mama: The Guide to Getting Your Mind and Body Back After Baby

“Kate Northrup is what network marketing is supposed to be!
As a marketing & launch strategist, I’m extremely well versed in a numerous amount of industries & business models. I, like most people, am wary of the network marketing industry NOT because there is anything wrong with the industry itself but because so many leaders sign up newbies and then abandon them. As a result, many people fail because of a lack of quality support and leadership. Her patience is ‘saint-like’ and the care and attention she gives to the people she supports is invaluable and game changing. I’m so grateful I found her to work & collaborate with. I am an experienced businessperson who knows how to make things happen but Kate has helped me take my business to the next level. I don’t know where I’d be without her! Thank you for everything Kate!

~ Betty Jean Bell, Marketing and Launch Strategist

“…more freedom in my schedule as a holistic health counselor and body worker. There’s a reason why the name Kate rhymes with great. It’s too bad it doesn’t also rhyme with wise, skillful, fun, innovative, brave, soulful, strong, persistent, powerful, capable, brilliant, because that’s what Kate Northrup is, and SO much more. Her skills as a leader in guiding people like me towards financial wholeness in a playful, smart, intuitive ways have been invaluable. They are skills that have helped me make inherent connections which I can also use assisting others. Since working with Kate and The Freedom Family I’ve been amazed by how powerfully good residual income feels by allowing me more freedom in my schedule as a holistic health counselor and body worker. I am endlessly grateful for my work with ‘Kate the Great’ and will continue partnering with her amazing ability, guiding me from an informed, wise and heartfelt place.”

~ Jessica Shepard, Body Worker, Holistic Health Counselor

“… a priceless journey of personal growth & self discovery. Having Kate as my leader/mentor in The Freedom Family has been a life altering experience. Not only has she taught me how to incorporate network marketing within my own healing practice, she has also inspired me to seek financial freedom AND in doing so has led me to a priceless journey of personal growth & self discovery. Thank you Kate for your rock solid commitment to your team!”

~ Melanie Erickson, M.S., The Wealth of Health

“I have never been so focused on my business, my finances & my lifestyle!
Working with Kate has been an absolute game-changer! Her zest for life and absolute conviction about financial freedom speak to me on a heart level. I have never been so focused on my business, my finances & my lifestyle… she walks the talk and she makes my soul sparkle!”

~ Thea Beaudoin, Registered Nurse and Lifestyle Coach

“Joining The Freedom Family has been an amazing launchpad for me and for my business!
As a holistic wellness coach, I wanted a way to reach more people, make a bigger impact on their lives, and benefit from being part of a dynamic, supportive community. I was so thrilled to find an organization that was so in line with my vision of taking a heart-centered approach to building a vibrant business. The opportunity to work with The Freedom Family and directly with Kate as my mentor has given me a wonderful opportunity to grow both professionally and personally and has created immediate results in my business.”

~ Desserae Verna, Holistic Health Coach

“…heart-centered, feminine, intuitive, and profitable. Working with Kate is always a joy because she prioritizes fun. She truly walks her talk in her quest for freedom in all areas and is creating a new model for success that is heart-centered, feminine, intuitive and profitable.”

~ Danielle Vieth, Advertising Copywriter

“I’m well on my way to meeting my goal of enjoying multiple income streams. What a pleasure it is to work with Kate Northrup! I’m in the midst of a transition from a Wall Street career to something more entrepreneurial, and Kate’s coaching has been critical. Her approach is direct and refreshing, and I’m well on my way to meeting my goal of enjoying multiple income streams.”

~ N.R., New York City

“We now have a way of creating residual income instead of only getting paid when we are teaching fitness classes. We created OutdoorFit, an outdoor bootcamp-style program, in 2008. We were introduced to The Freedom Family and our product partner through Kate and the work of Dr. Northrup. It has been a wonderful partnership. The majority of our clients are women in their 40’s and 50’s. We have a few women in our Sixty, Sexy and Fit Club! We talk about the importance of a low-glycemic diet, high quality supplements and exercise. Our product partner and the business mentoring and coaching with Kate and The Freedom Family have been such a great addition to our business. We now have a way of creating residual income instead of only getting paid when we are teaching fitness classes.”

~ Mary Kiningham and Christa Lippert, Creators of OutdoorFit