Episode 79: Denise Duffield-Thomas: Reclaim Your Money Power

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Today we are talking with Denise Duffield-Thomas, a money mindset expert for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs. Denise has two best-selling books – Lucky Bitch and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch – and a third book coming in 2019 with Hay House.

Denise is Australian, has two little ones (with a third on the way!), and runs her company with her husband Mark. You’ll hear her talk about parenting, her somewhat insanely busy life, and how to get help as a parent and entrepreneur.

Things we love most about Denise: she’s honest, she’s authentic, and she says exactly what she thinks!

Denise has a free workshop for female entrepreneurs about releasing money blocks, which you can register for at katenorthrup.com/denise.

 Episode 79: Denise Duffield-Thomas: Reclaim Your Money Power


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  • Nikki Gagnon says:

    Oh my word I just listened to the Denise Dudfield episode and I LOVED it. This is my first introduction to her and she is hilarious, fun and smart and makes everything feel possible and spacious. I love how silly she is and how she sees things differently than most. So cool. Please have her back.

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