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Episode 39: Shift Your Money Destiny with Belinda Rosenblum

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Today we’re chatting with our friend Belinda Rosenblum, an author, online course creator and founder of the website, Own Your Money with Belinda Rosenblum.

Belinda is a CPA and wealth expert who helps you take the worry and fear out of money, and she believes life is supposed to be fun and that money is supposed to fund it for you!

In this episode she’s sharing with us:

  • How to have those difficult conversations that we need to have around money, especially with our parents and spouses when it comes to estate planning
  • The first step to take on your path to financial stability, and she reveals what “money dates” are all about and how you can start having them with your spouse

We also talk about what we’ve done around this idea to dramatically shift our own financial future.

If you want to be more comfortable with the subject of money and change your own money story, then this conversation with Belinda is something you must listen to.

Also – don’t miss Kate + Belinda’s upcoming webinar: 4 Simple & Essential Steps to Financial Stability & Wealth Creation.  Learn more and save your spot here!

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Her Book, Self-Worth to Net Worth: 12 Keys to Creating Wealth Inside and Out (co-authored with Cia Ricco)

Kate & Belinda’s Upcoming Webinar, 4 Simple & Essential Steps to Financial Stability & Wealth Creation

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Hour Glass by Dani Shapiro


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