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Episode 203: The Finale Episode

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I’m coming to you with a full heart that’s a little heavy and also that’s bursting with excitement for what’s next.

This week we released the final episode of The Kate & Mike Show.

It’s been 4 beautiful years, and we’re bringing this particular chapter to a close.

Last week we sat in a cozy rental cabin in Bethel, ME, where we were having a little child-free getaway (our first break from the kids together for more than about 14 hours since March), and we recorded some final thoughts for you.

Listen in to this week’s (and the last) episode of The Kate & Mike Show and hear:

Press play and listen.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us on this particular part of our journey with The Kate & Mike Show. If you’ve listened to 1 episode or all of them, we appreciate you.

Know this: With every ending comes an inevitable new beginning. Since the podcast is now complete, you’ll be hearing from me once a week with a blog post offering insights, strategies, and tools to make a life, not just a living, plus other notes on things I think you might find useful or inspiring.

The Finale Episode

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