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Episode 20: How to Eliminate Your Email Inbox Stress and Overwhelm

Do you suffer with email inbox stress and overwhelm? Not sure where to start and gain control of this issue? Mike is AMAZING at using strategies to keep his inbox empty in order to maximize his time and productivity, and today we’ll look at exactly how he is able to do this.


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Kate’s Create Space Guide

Kiwi for Gmail


Boomerang for Gmail

Help Scout


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Danielle LaPorte

Seth Godin

Marie Forleo

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  • Jen says:

    Hi Kate & Mike-
    This is Jen from Seattle…I was born and raised in Maine though and absolutely love listening to your Podcast on the days I make my slog of a commute to my nonprofit job. You both are super inspiring and I got so much inspiration from this episode, specifically the motivation to unsubscribe. I set my phone timer for 45 minutes and went on a unsubscribe bender, which felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I appreciate the mix of content on your show as it’s always so rich with the practical and the energetic pieces of life. Thank you for all that you offer.

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