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Episode 198: The Solution to the Pandemic You Won’t Find in the Mainstream with Zach Bush, MD

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At the very beginning of the pandemic, I somehow came across a podcast episode that introduced me to a person who’s become my favorite thinker/teacher at this time (and up there in my top favorite thinkers/teachers of all time).

I have never before gone to the podcast app and typed in somebody’s name and then proceeded to listen to every podcast they’ve ever been on.

My family can’t even get me to watch a 3-minute video they text, so listening to hours of content is highly unusual for me…but this person is that good.

I have wanted to email you about this person so many times, but I was patiently waiting (actually, I was persistently nudging his team) so that we could interview him ourselves and craft a conversation to serve you.

When Mike and I sat down to plan our final episodes of The Kate & Mike Show, this person was the only guest we felt our show would be incomplete without having had on.

And I can tell you, he was worth the wait.

Today, I bring you a conversation with a man who’s helped me feel profoundly calm and safe during a time in our history when there are a lot of forces pushing in the direction of fear.

And he’s affirmed the deep trust I already had in the innate intelligence of nature and how it can be our guide to true healing and collective evolution in our businesses, bodies, communities, and lives.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing what I think is possibly the most important conversation we’ve ever had on The Kate & Mike Show with you today.

In this conversation with Zach Bush, MD, which was 2 hours of intellectual ecstasy for me, you’ll learn:

Listen in and allow yourself to stay open to ideas and evidence that’s different from what you may have believed up until this point.

The Solution to the Pandemic You Won't Find in the Mainstream with Zach Bush, MD

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