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Episode 197: How To Talk To Your Partner About Your Cycle and Your Needs

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While a huge part of the Do Less Methodology is about learning to let go and let others do things, there’s one thing that I don’t recommend outsourcing.

Ever since I started talking about the power of our monthly energetic ebbs and flows and how tracking them can change your business and your life, I’ve gotten the following question a lot:

How do you talk to Mike about your menstrual cycle, and what do you tell him about what you need at different times?

The answer is WAY simpler than you may think.

This week on The Kate & Mike Show (the 6th-to-last episode of the show), we’re giving you the ins and outs of:

The thing you don’t ever want to outsource when you’re trying to reach peak productivity

May this episode bring more peace, joy, and connection to your body and partnership.

How To Talk To Your Partner About Your Cycle and Your Needs

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  • Eleane says:

    Very very very interesting!This podcast opened new doors to me to know how to communicate with my husband about my very low levels of energy before and during my periods… :-D
    A little question : Could you write, please, the name of the seeds to eat during the first part and then during the second part of our cycle? I heard many times the podcast but I didn’t understand all of them.
    Thank you!

    • Kate Northrup says:

      So glad this episode was helpful! Just give “seed cycling” a Google and you’ll find the info you need!

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