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Episode 184: How to Attract What You Want While Doing Less with Egg Wisdom

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When you think about something that you want, do you immediately think of all of the different things you’re going to need to do in order to get it?

Even if you’re a student of metaphysics and you practice ways of attracting what you want energetically, does manifesting sometimes feel like a slog (or a lie)?

The heaviest belief a lot of us are carrying around is:

In order to get what I want I have to work hard.

And while I’m never one to shy away from devoted, focused attention to worthy tasks, I live in question of the assumption that anything we want has to come through hard work.

In fact, I even question the way folks who teach the “easy” way of manifesting seem to make it harder than I think is necessary.

That’s why I love the concept of Egg Wisdom that I learned about from my mom, Christiane Northrup, MD.

It’s all about the metaphor of our biological blueprint to attract what we want while doing less.

If you’ve never heard of Egg Wisdom, if you’ve heard of it but don’t really get it, or if you’ve been practicing it but want to know more, then this week’s episode of The Kate & Mike Show is for you.

Listen in to learn how to attract what you want while doing less with Egg Wisdom.

(Plus, you’ll get some insights on the problematic nature of how the Law of Attraction is sometimes taught and why Egg Wisdom applies to anyone of any gender identity or expression.)

If you’re anything like the hundreds of folks I’ve heard from who are so excited about their innate abilities of magnetism, aka Egg Wisdom, you’re going to LOVE this concept…and it’s going to make your life and work so much easier!

How to Attract What You Want While Doing Less with Egg Wisdom

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