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Episode 164: How To Care For Yourself as a Leader with Vanessa and Adam Lambert of Bee the Wellness

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You’re out there serving your people (your clients, community, kids, family, etc.) and making sure they’re living their best lives…but there’s also you.

How are you taking care of you?

One of my favorite things to learn about leaders is how they take care of themselves because I get inspired with new ideas to enhance my own wellbeing, capacity, and performance.

This week on the podcast, we have the extremely good-looking and insightful husband and wife team behind the fitness and adventure brand Bee The Wellness, Vanessa and Adam Lambert.

I was on their podcast over the summer, and I resonated with them so much that I invited them on for a conversation with Mike and me.

During this episode we covered:

And so much more!

Identifying our non-negotiables for taking care of ourselves is so critical not only to our wellbeing, but that of our clients, our family, and our whole community. I know I’m not the first person to say this to you, but I hope that if you’re not caring for yourself right now that this might be the time that it actually sinks in.

You matter. Your wellness matters. Your body matters. Your emotional landscape matters. Your mental health matters.

As we near the closing of this year, know this:

There is nothing worth investing in more than yourself because your wellbeing magnifies your impact in a way that’s not possible when you’re not nourished.

I’d love to know what you learned and what inspired you during the Vanessa and Adam episode and/or what your insights or questions are around caring for yourself as a leader.

How To Care For Yourself as a Leader with Vanessa and Adam Lambert of Bee the Wellness

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