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Episode 155: Redefining and Shaping Modern Masculinity with Jason Rosario

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This week we’re bringing you something a little different in our weekly conversation.

Ever since the #metoo movement and the uncovering of the toxic masculinity embedded in almost every layer of our society, masculinity has been up for scrutiny, and rightly so.

Some men feel scared to open their mouths or have meetings with women one on one at the office.

Some are questioning everything they learned about what it is to be a man to decide if they want to carry those beliefs forward or embody something different.

And no matter your gender expression, this conversation affects all of us.

Whether you’re raising boys, you’re a grown man yourself, or you’re simply in relationship with men as a sister, co-worker, partner, or friend, this conversation is one we all need to be engaged in.

What is a version of modern masculinity that we want to be supporting and living into?

We brought Jason Rosario, founder of The Lives of Men and host and executive producer of the Yahoo original show, Dear Men, on The Kate & Mike Show to share his perspective on modern masculinity.

When I was too sick on the day of the recording to be part of the interview, Mike and I both agreed it was a blessing because we knew the conversation about masculinity would be different with two men talking about their lived experience than it would be with me there.

So, we tried something new and had Mike host the episode himself, and after listening to it, I knew we definitely made the right decision.

Listen in to this week’s podcast episode for:

After you’ve listened in, Mike, Jason, and I would like to know:

What did this episode bring up for you? What did you learn or are you now considering differently after listening?

Here’s to being, raising, and/or loving great men.

Redefining and Shaping Modern Masculinity with Jason Rosario

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