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Episode 151: The Simple Story of How We Made $20K Selling A Course We Hadn’t Yet Created

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Back in 2012, Mike and I were living in a drafty rental on Long Island figuring out how to live and work together. (Oh wait. Still trying to figure that out, minus the draftiness.)

Over lunch at a little golf course cafe, we came up with an idea to give our community something they’d been asking for: access to my methodology on falling in love with your money.

Here’s the problem: The methodology was alive and well inside my head and in the manuscript I was working on, but it didn’t live anywhere else yet.

I’d taught some of it live before and I’d lived all of it, but I didn’t have proof that people would get out their credit cards and spend money to learn it yet.

So, we decided to open the doors to The Money Love Course before the course had even been created.

We had a list that was less than 10% of the size it is now.

We had never created a course before, and I’d only ever taken one digital course before.

We had never sold anything of our own online.

We didn’t have any fancy tech knowledge or equipment.

I had a lot of doubt as to whether or not what I had to share was valuable enough to sell because I’d only ever taught this material before for free.

But we thought, “Well, what the heck? The worst-case scenario is that no one buys and then we’re no worse off than we are right now.”

So we went for it.

And you know what? We made $20,000 in that one week, promoting a course that didn’t even exist yet.

There are a lot of things that hold people back from getting started creating digital courses:

I don’t know what I’m doing.

Who do I think I am to be charging people for my knowledge and expertise?

I’m not techy.

I have a very small (or non-existent) audience.

I’m a solo show and I have tons of other things to do. I don’t have time for this!

Well, in today’s episode of The Kate & Mike Show we’re taking you behind the scenes back to 7 years ago when we got started with digital courses, and you’ll hear:

The Simple Story of How We Made $20K Selling A Course We Hadn't Yet Created

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