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Episode 11: Our Take on the Recent US Election (Don’t Worry – Its Hopeful and Helpful!)

Today we’re discussing the recent election that surprised almost everybody, and why now more than ever, we need to welcome conversations with people who think differently than we do. We give our reasons on what we think happened, and how each one of us can take responsibility now to make society a better place.


In this Episode

So here’s what we’ll cover in this week’s episode:

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Kate’s Facebook post on needing love and light now

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  • Staci says:

    Thank you! I needed to hear a sane conversation about both sides. I’m living in the country with family who “hates her” and voted only for that reason. Having had dealings w/ him in my past career, it makes it unbearable at times and I have to leave the room when the topic comes up. Only as the election came closer and close friends would call concerned for me, do they pay attention to the stories I’ve shared for years and they accuse me of “lying”. It’s so heartbreaking but listening to your podcase released some of the pressure on my heart.
    Love your podcast, you are both amazing and wonderful to listen to. Thank you!

    • Kate Northrup says:

      I’m so glad this was helpful for you Staci. I’m sorry you’ve struggled so much around this with your family. I know our country has a tough road ahead but I also know it will make us all stronger and more connected.

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