The reason you aren’t making the kind of profit you desire and feel burned out is likely that you’re saying yes to too many things.

You’re invited to break this sneaky habit that sabotages your success.


8 Days to Business Liberation

For 8 days you’ll practice saying no to one thing a day.

That’s it.

So simple. So elegant. So powerful.

You and I both know you could be doing something every moment of every day.

But is that level of business good for you, good for your bottom line, or even necessary?

No. Nein. Nee. Non. Nahi. Nej. Nie. Nope.

No is a liberating word in any language.

Just because you come by your tendency to do too many things honestly (we practically breathe pressure to be busy and put others’ needs before our own) does not mean you have to be this way forever.

Your joy, energy, and liberation matter to your customers, your bottom line, and your ability to make your mark on the world.

Learning to say no is the first, most important step.

During this simple 8-day challenge you’ll:

  • Get excellent practice saying no and discover how easy it can be (we’ll even give you scripts!)

  • Unload heavy emotional and energetic baggage you didn’t even realize you were carrying around

  • Find energy reserves that were previously hampered by doing too many things (often for too many other people)

  • Replace overwhelm with clarity, organization, and a beautiful sense of being right on track

Even if you’re the people-pleasingest people-pleaser of all time, I know you can do this.

Hi, I’m Kate Northrup.

I’m a recovering people-pleaser, easily inspired, Enneagram 7
(aka The Enthusiast).

Saying no used to feel like severing a limb. Being available for everything and everyone (including all of my own ideas) felt like who I was.

Saying no felt like death. Literally.

Until I realized that by not saying no, I was slowly killing my ability to make the impact in the world I knew I was here to make.

Not to mention make a great living and have a ton of fun (and free time) while doing it.

Learning to say no (to myself and others) has allowed me to:

  • Create a schedule where I work about 25 hours per week on my 7-figure company 

  • Streamline our offerings so that our company is more profitable with less wasted energy and so our community is super clear on how to engage with us (resulting in more results for them and more revenue for us)

  • Unlock a level of joy in my daily life that’s so delicious I previously didn’t even dare desire it

I created The No Challenge for you so that you can break free from the overwhelm, should’s, and have-to’s and instead devote yourself to what really matters
(and really moves the needle).

The challenge is free and simple, and it’s going to change your business and your life.