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What if everything you worked on made you money so you had tons of time (and energy) left over?

There’s a proven, revolutionary system for ambitious women like you to make more money while working less and I want you to have access to it in 2020…for FREE.



 Do the Things That Make Money So You Can Do Less 

from bestselling author of Do Less, Kate Northrup

We begin February 3rd.


I'll walk you through:

  • how to map your year, quarters, months, weeks, and days to optimize your sacred time and energy

  • how to get the biggest results while using up the least amount of time and energy possible

  • how to ensure that you’ll have plenty left over for the other things in your life that matter (reading a brilliant memoir, basking in the sun, laughing so hard you cry with a girlfriend, just as a few examples)
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This is a full course that will be a paid program later on…but when you sign up by February 3rd, you’ll get access to the 5 core lessons absolutely free for two whole weeks.


PLUS, starting in January, I'll walk you through a 5-step process to prepare to make the most of the program and your year as a whole.

Intention is everything when it comes to results, and we're going to go deep together.

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We’ve been programmed to believe the only way to be successful is to work harder and harder and more and more hours. 

And you’ve likely proven this theory with your impressive results fueled by hard work. But now your hormones are out of whack, you’re so exhausted yet wired that you can’t sleep, and you don’t even remember the last time you really dropped in with your partner or kids and were really with them, but you can’t make your brain stop because it always feels like there’s so much to do and you’re holding all of it.

Plus, you're not making as much money as you think you should be for all of the hours you're putting in.

Here’s what this program will help you overcome:
  • Always being busy but not having the revenue in your bank account that reflects the number of hours you’re putting in.
  • Having a to-do list so long that instead of taking meaningful action, you zone out on social media and pretend that you’re working, even though you know you’re not moving the needle.

  • The belief that if it’s going to happen, it’s up to you and that no one else can do it like you, so you have to be the one to do everything.

  • Feeling foggy about how to turn your goals into an actionable plan that will lead to the results you want (especially a plan that also allows space for living your life well).

  • Flying by the seat of your pants in your business and saying yes to anything and everything (especially if it’s shiny) and looking back over the past few months and realizing that your priorities have been completely edged out by what everyone else wants.

  • Overworking. You do not have to work yourself to death in order to reach your goals. In fact, that very behavior may be the thing keeping your goals just out of reach. Let’s unravel that.

  • Holding yourself back because you think you can either achieve your business dreams or be the kind of woman/sister/mother/friend/wife/community member that you want to be



Your Do Less, Earn More Year

  • Set a meaningful goal that aligns with the truth of who you are and ensures that everything else will be easier (or unnecessary).
  • Look at the year as a whole and get the big picture aligned with the way you truly want to be living (and working).
  • Map out a plan that uses your cyclical nature as rocket fuel with 7 key steps, so you can reach your goal without burning yourself out in the process.


Quarterly/Season Check-Ins for Resetting and Power Boosts

  • Learn a simple, 2-part process that you’ll repeat 4 times a year to ensure that you stay on track with your goals and/or that you’re pursuing the right goals in the first place.
  • Find out how to systematically get the support you need (through both paid and unpaid resources) so that your income and impact are amplified (and so that you aren’t holding it all yourself anymore).
  • Know what you need in your 90-day planning (and what you don’t) so that you aren’t wasting precious time on the unnecessary and what you do put your attention on gets big results.


Monthly Mapping For Cyclical Success

  • Discover the 4 energetic phases you go through every single month and how to not only plan for them, but use them for your productivity, pleasure, and joy.
  • Begin to thread loving financial consciousness through your life so that you’re making more money simply by taking care of what you already have.
  • Map out your monthly rhythm so that you have more than enough time for everything that matters (and so that everything that matters gets done).


The Weekly Planning Ritual for Stress-Free Success

  • Discover the most important thing you need to be prioritizing every single day to ensure that everything else that matters gets done (plus a sure-fire system to make sure it happens).
  • Use an incredibly effective strategy borrowed from the weight-loss world to make sure what matters ends up on your schedule (and what doesn’t just kind of melts away).
  • Learn to set boundaries like the benevolent queen you are, loving and firm, so everyone wins.


Doing Less on the Daily (While Having and Achieving More)

  • Uncover a radical way to look at the day so that you don’t feel like you’re running out of time anymore (and when you do, you know what to do about it).
  • Make a daily map of your Sacred Practices to support your greatness (with a tracker to keep you accountable).
  • Learn a powerful shift in how you think about your day that will increase your success immediately upon applying it.

Here's who this program is for:

  • People who identify as female or with feminine energy who want to grow their business (or excel in their entrepreneurial role within a company) while doing less.
  • Planning junkies of all kinds who are ready for a new paradigm that invites spaciousness and tremendous success.
  • Folks at any stage of business from early planning stages to well-established.
  • Those who feel mystified by organizing all of the pieces of their lives but want to finally get the results they desire.

These will be available when you choose to upgrade your Make Time for Business experience for $297 (which is $200 off the price we’ll charge for this program after February 14th).


The Moon and Your Eggs: Tapping into the Cosmos and Your Biology to Manifest Whatever You Want


Scientific Self-Love: Using the Trends Tracker to Know Your Cyclical Energy so You Can Support It and Prosper as a Result


List Love: Transform Your Love (or Disdain) for Making Lists into Soulful Productivity in the 4 Areas of Life That Make the Biggest Impact (They’re Not What You Think)


How to Increase Your Results by 80% While Decreasing Your Workload by 80%


Friction-Free Project Management: Get It Done with More Down Time and Less Stress

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Again, you’ll have the option to upgrade once the program begins if you so choose.

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About Your Host

Hi! I’m Kate Northrup, creator of the Do Less Planner and Origin® Collective, mother of two, bestselling author, and seven-figure entrepreneur committed to helping women light up the world without burning themselves out. I specialize in supporting ambitious women to manage their time with ease and grace, so they can thrive personally and professionally without sacrificing the people they love (including themselves).

From growing an audience of over 200K, publishing two books, launching online courses, growing a seven-figure company, producing a weekly podcast downloaded by thousands, and running my business with my husband while parenting two kids under four, I've had to test-drive my material on a very full life, and I'm happy to report...it works! In 2018, I was able to take a 5-month maternity leave, my husband unexpectedly took 8+ months off, and our business remained solid. Plus, we even grew our revenue a little while taking time to tend to our growing family and our health.

I'm so excited to share his new paradigm of relating to work, life, and time that's grounded in data and proven by my lived experience and that of thousands of other women worldwide who’ve read my book, used the planner, or enrolled in our programs.
Let’s do this, so we can do less!