You can do the work that lights you up, and make GREAT Money… without sacrificing yourself.

What if you had enough time for the things that matter and you were scaling your dream business

while feeling relaxed?

This 10-part course will show you a better way to work and drive results, based on the power of science and your body’s internal wisdom.

Does this sound like you?

You’re an ambitious entrepreneur at your core. You know that you could be doing a lot better than you currently are in your business… but even though the strategies you’ve tried seem to work for everyone else, you’re still stuck in cycles of exhaustion and disappointment.

You realize that a 9-5 style of working and the masculine “push through at all cost” grind doesn’t work for you.

You don’t know where to focus your energy to really move the needle and you’re pulled in a million directions which leaves you more confused than ever.

You’re subconsciously sabotaging your business because you feel like if you only made more sales, you’d have to work actually… and your body and mind are already drained so you energetically push clients away.

You wake up at 3 AM with gnawing thoughts about everything you have to do the next day and feel a low-grade panic… because you can’t keep holding it all together for much longer.

You want to get off the treadmill of undercharging and overthinking once and for all.

Did you nod your head, YES?

Then you’ve come to the right place!
What you’re about to learn will transform not only the way you work but the way you live for the rest of your LIFE!

Say No More! I Need To Join This Program!

You'll learn the methods others have used to go from earning only a fraction of the amount you know deep in your bones you’re capable of… to increasing your income multiple times over.

You’ll stop working like a dude and instead, synchronize your to-do list with your body’s natural cycles so you get more done in less time, yielding maximum results with minimal effort.

You’ll stop snapping at your kids/dog/partner and feeling cranky because of a no-show prospect, a slow launch, or simply because you’ve underslept…’ll become grounded, calm, and strengthen your trust muscle
in yourself and your business


Heal The way you work

Create Time, Money, & Energy Abundance

I’ll help you design a workflow uniquely suited to your body and desired lifestyle (so you can quit the cycle of overdoing it and then crashing once and for all).

You’ll learn how to protect your most precious assets (your time and energy) with strong, loving boundaries and crystal-clear priorities.

You’ll become a pro at running and marketing your business at scale while feeling energized and calm in the process.

YES! I want to enroll now for 50% off!

Here’s what you get when you enroll in Heal the Way You Work today:

4 hours of life- altering content

you can listen to all at once or break up at your own pace

10 on-demand, digital lessons with bite-sized teachings

ready to implement and start seeing results

Support materials to help you apply the lessons to your business and life

with simple systems (including checklists, cheat sheets, templates, trackers, and guides)

Two Exclusive Bonuses

A Digital Do Less Planner AND access to our Masterclass featuring Tele Darden, Nervous System Healing Expert


Lesson 1 | Your Do Less, Earn More Year

Break the trance of linear time and tap into the truth of who you are as a cyclical being. Find a sweet momentum you never knew was possible when you start to relate to time and work cyclically.

No matter what time of year, this lesson walks you through reflection, visioning, pruning, focusing, and planning processes to ensure that the things that matter make it on your annual calendar and more importantly, are realized!

You’ll walk away from Lesson 1 with a powerful, elegant plan for doing less and earning more this year.

  • 4 Phases Cheat Sheet
  • Year in Review Handout
  • Project Pruning Guide
  • Making Your One Thing Inevitable Checklist
  • Annual Plan Checklist
  • Sacred Practices Planner
  • Sacred Practices Tracker

Lesson 2 | Seasonal Check-Ins for a Reset and a Power Boost

Ever get to the end of the year, re-read your annual goal, and wonder what the heck happened because you’re so far off?

When you do seasonal reviews and planning with our method, you’ll not only stay on track, but you’ll also ensure that the other areas of your life don’t get sacrificed along the way.

  • Seasonal Review + Planning Exercise

Lesson 3 | Monthly Mapping for Cyclical Success

Learn how to plan for your unique rhythm and go with your energetic flow instead of against it to reduce friction. Start practicing batching to optimize your energetic phases throughout the month and get more done in less time.

And finally, get into rhythm with your business and team (if you have one) by optimizing your standard operating procedures.

Having these systems and processes in place ensures that key things can happen without you while you can work on other priorities (or rest!).

  • Batching Planner
  • Sample Standard Operating Procedures

Lesson 4 | Friction-Free, Profitable Weeks

The quality of your life and the quality of your work (and results) hinges on your ability to invest your time well.

In this lesson, you’ll learn the anatomy of the simple and powerful Do Less Weekly Planning Ritual that will have you feeling productive, spacious, and relaxed.

Plus, you’ll get practical tools and strategies to put you (and keep you) in your Zone of Genius, an agenda for a Weekly Check-In with key players in your life so that you’re not left doing it all alone, guidance to create your dream support system, and a step-by-step process for delegation.

  • Weekly Planning Ritual
  • Template for Shared Life Management
  • Weekly Check-In Agenda
  • Scaffolding Inventory + Planner
  • Delegating Cheat Sheet

Lesson 5 | Doing Less on the Daily (While Achieving More)

Tap into the power of micro-attention in your daily energetic ebbs and flows so that you can stop forcing and start flowing. Learn how a simple, 5-minute daily practice can help you access energetic stores you never even knew existed!

Plus, learn to set effective boundaries in 5 easy steps…

No more being pulled in a million directions by other people!

  • Daily Energy Tracker
  • Boundary Setting in 5 Easy Steps

Lesson 6 | Manifesting with the Moon: Tapping into the Cosmos (and Gravity) to Manifest Whatever You Want

Harness the energy of the moon to see your desires come true. Want to make more sales or revenue? Want to release feelings of resentment that you know are holding you back? Want a new romantic relationship or a better one with your current partner?

The moon is there for you 24/7 and you can work with her to manifest without pushing or grinding. This lesson will teach you how.

  • Lunar Cycles 101 Cheat Sheet

Lesson 7 | Scientific Self-Love: Understand Your Cyclical Energy to Prosper

As a human, you are the most magnificent creature and getting to know your cyclical energy can be the greatest gift of your life. Why? Because cycles make you predictable.

Life and work get way easier when you get to know your patterns. That way, you’ll know what to expect and how to support yourself for the best results!

  • Trends Tracker Download

Lesson 8 | Egg Wisdom: Use Your Biological Blueprint to Attract What You Want

Did you know your body is wired to attract the things you desire?

This lesson will introduce you to the mind-blowing power of Egg Wisdom and teach you how to use it to design the business and life of your dreams.

Lesson 9 | How to Increase Your Results by 80% While Equally Decreasing Your Workload

Did you know that 20% of your actions bring about 80% of the results? This is known as “Pareto’s Principle” and it operates at the core of your productivity whether you’re consciously paying attention or not… so you might as well use it!

In Lesson 9, you’ll find out which tasks you can automate, delegate, or eliminate immediately to free up more time for the things that light you up!

  • Companion 80/20 Rule Exercise

Lesson 10 | The Friction-Free Way to Manage Your Projects for Ease and Effectiveness

Traditional project management strategies lead to burnout. When you manage your work with nature as your blueprint, you start seeing sustainable progress.

Discover the Upward Cycle of Success in Lesson 10, and prepare to have more peace, creativity, and results you can track.

  • The Upward Cycle of Success Cheat Sheet

This Is The Ultimate Fast-track To Heal the Way You Work, Become Magnetic To Money, And Massively Turn Up The Dial On The Abundance In Your Life.

There’s More! When You Enroll Now, You’ll Get 2 Exclusive Bonuses:

BONUS 1: Digital Do Less Planner

The NEW and IMPROVED self-dated Do Less Planner

This is the only planner designed with the cyclical nature of your body in mind. Use the yearly, seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily, and moon pages to plan your to-do list.

What’s inside:

  • Yearly pages
  • Seasonal Reflection + Planning Spreads
  • Monthly Spreads
  • Moon Pages (including Egg Wisdom reminders!)
  • Weekly planning spreads featuring the Weekly Renewable
  • Planner, The Universe’s and Your To-Do Lists, and Sacred Practices Tracker
  • Daily Energy Trackers
  • Trends Tracker to get to know and love your own energy patterns
  • List Love to organize what matters most


  • 6 Steps to Set Goals in Alignment with the Truth of Who You Are
  • 7 Steps to Identify the 20% of Actions that Give You 80% of Your Results

BONUS 2: Healing Your Nervous System to Reimagine Your Work with Tele Darden

Join resident Nervous System Healing Expert, Tele Darden, for a potent Masterclass to learn:

  • How to overcome your entrepreneurial blocks
  • How your nervous system affects your ability to focus & feel confident
  • Ways to work with your nervous system so you can do things you never thought possible

Total Heal the Way You Work Course Value: $997

Total Bonus Value: $322

Total Course Value: $1,319

Most Flexible

Three Payments of$375
  • $197

Best Value

One Easy Payment of$997
  • $497

Hi! I’m Kate Northrup,

the creator of
Heal the Way You Work.

And years ago I was an anxious mess and was flailing.

I had a best-selling book, a high 6-figure company, and a chronically sick infant on my hands…

As you can imagine, a 40-hour workweek wasn’t an option. I had to get wise and creative and restructure how I worked entirely.

That’s when I started working with my cyclical energy and saw unbelievable results. I was checking off all my to-do list, feeling grounded as a mom, and even having time to spare.

I decided to codify the system I had just invented so I could teach it to others. And this is it.

The Heal the Way You Work course is my loving wake-up call for you so that you can step off the exhaustion treadmill and finally change the way you work (and live).

If this is the year you’re determined to break up with “busy,” this course is for you.

Ready? Let’s do this. Enroll Now for 50% off!


Is there different content in Heal the Way You Work than what I learned in the Make More, Do Less Masterclass?

Heal the Way You Work expands significantly on the basic introduction to cyclical planning in the Make More, Do Less Masterclass. You’ll learn my Annual, Seasonal, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Planning Systems plus How to Set Boundaries, How to Get Support, and so much more!

Other time management courses are based exclusively on the 24-hour, masculine model that discounts our bodies as a critical ingredient to our business success.

Heal the Way You Work takes a whole-person approach based on how women (and other people who resonate with cyclical energy) experience time and energy. The course focuses more on energy management, knowing that time takes care of itself when we manage our energy effectively.

Make Time for Business / The Do Less Method for Business have been renamed to Heal the Way You Work. If you have purchased either of these programs, it includes the same content as Heal the Way You Work and there is no need to buy again :-)

All bonuses will be delivered once the 7-day refund period has ended!

If you purchase Heal the Way You Work and are in any way unsatisfied with your investment, you can receive a full refund, 7 days from the date of your purchase, no questions asked.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

- Mary Oliver

Stop sacrificing yourself on the altar of success — and shift into an entirely new, spacious work paradigm!

The truth is that there’s NO such thing as a one-size-fits-all way of working, yet we’re all operating as though there is…

Fortunately, there’s a better way…

You can do the work that lights you up and heals the world, and make GREAT money… without sacrificing yourself on the altar of success.

It’s our time for reclamation and I’m going to show you how.

If you’re ready to stop your toxic work habits, reclaim your time (and your life), and Heal the Way You Work so that you get better results with less stress, now is your moment!

If you’re ready to stop your toxic work habits, reclaim your time (and your life), and Heal the Way You Work so that you get better results with less stress, now is your moment!

Most Flexible

Three Payments of$375
  • $197

Best Value

One Easy Payment of$997
  • $497

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Note: Systemic financial inequities are real. We aren’t all starting on an even playing field. Relaxed Money and Northrup Watts, LLC acknowledge that there are parts of the financial world that we don’t have control over (such as discrimination and racism).

What we do have agency over, though is who we choose to work with, where we choose to spend and invest our money, and how we show up in our relationship to our money.

This program focuses on the parts of our financial reality we have agency over (such as our emotions, our nervous system, and our personal financial management systems) and the curriculum is rooted in individual healing and the ways it can impact the collective positively.