Cultivate A Healthy Relationship With Money & Attract Greater Abundance

FLOW is a FREE workshop series to help you discover how to step into the stream of abundance available to you 24-7.

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Stop trading time for dollars and replace money anxiety with calm, joy and even pleasure.

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What If Making & Managing Your Money Felt *Way* Easier?

If you’ve ever wondered “where does all my money go each month?” and questioned why it never feels enough — let me stop you right there.

Most people think the answer to feeling less stressed about money is *more* money…

… But I believe that until you understand how money works on emotional, nervous system *and* quantum level?

It’s *always* going to feel like a trickle: slow, challenging, limited and inconsistent.

Wade into the *digital* waters with me and let’s change that.

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Money Is All Around You — If You Know Where (And How) To Look

Creating and attracting money is *so* much more than getting paid to show up to work, deliver a service or sell a product.

There’s a whole unseen cycle of money creation gushing around us at *all* times.

But right now, you’re working with the tools that you’ve been given: by your guardians, your parents, and the traditional educational system.

It’s like being handed a hammer with no nails. You’re screwed.

I want to show you how to get into a state of FLOW and give you *all* the tools — so that you can become a conduit for money and abundance to channel through you…. And create a ripple effect *all* around you.

Because when you open yourself up to *all* the money available to you, you’ll start to notice

  • More creativity. More impact. More abundance.
  • And attracting it would feel SO much easier!

But first? YOU have to put yourself in the flow to make it happen.

Yes! I want to Flow!


A 3-Day Abundance Magnification and Healing Experience
Discover how to step into the stream of abundance available to you 24-7.

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What You’ll Experience
Over the 3-Day Live Event

Day 1

The Cycle of Relaxed Money Manifestation

Approximate Length: 60 minutes

Unlock the secret to accessing the riches with your name on them by learning the Cycle of Relaxed Money Manifestation during the first day of Flow! Learn why money mindset work and/or financial management work alone come up short when it comes to changing your financial reality, what the missing ingredient is, and how to use it to tap into the abundance that’s available all around, right away.

Day 2

The Relaxed Money Activation Process

Approximate Length: 60 minutes

You know what’s incredibly attractive to money? Relaxation. But how can we get relaxed when money feels so stressful? Day 2 of Flow reveals a simple, surprisingly powerful 6-step process to tap into a state of relaxation around money. The shift in yourself will be felt immediately, and you’ll be open to new possibilities that result in action steps to building wealth without stress.

Day 3

The Relaxed Money Blueprint

Approximate Length: 60 minutes

There are 14 principles of making, keeping, growing, and giving relaxed money. Most financial experts either teach you about saving, money making strategies and wealth building tactics, or they teach you about mindset and spiritual abundance. Day 3 bridges the gap so you can use these principles to call in abundance while being a powerful force for good in the world in a feel-good way.

Flow is NOT for you if…

  • You believe money is hard and there’s no way through it
  • You’re experiencing profound financial struggles where your basic needs for food, shelter, and safety are unmet (this may support you, but it will not remedy your current situation)
  • You find it challenging to see beyond the tangible (if you can’t feel or see, it doesn’t exist)

But Flow is PERFECT for YOU if:

  • You believe that attracting and creating more money is within your reach — you just need access to the tools!
  • You know that unlocking greater abundance can be easy if you open yourself up to the possibility
  • You feel like you’re ready to change your relationship with money so that it feels healthy, joyful and exciting
  • You’re curious about the unseen energetics of money at play and you’re excited to experience a transformative paradigm shift
  • You want to approach money conversations with significant others with greater clarity, confidence and an *infectious* state of calm
  • You know that your nervous system plays a crucial role in how you relate to money and you want to feel safe and supported to earn more

Sounds like the perfect blend of practical *and* magical?

You’re my people…

… So come on over and slide into the current of FLOW with us!

Yes! I’m in for Flow

Hi! I’m Kate Northrup — Bestselling Author, Seven-Figure Entrepreneur & Money Empowerment OG.

As the heart behind a successful multimedia digital platform that reaches hundreds of thousands globally, I’m committed to supporting ambitious folks to light up the world — without burning themselves out.

(I’m also a Pisces rising and never *not* lived close to the water — so I know a thing or two about getting into the flow and tapping into watery emotional alchemy!)

I love teaching others how to earn MORE money in less time (and with less stress) by tapping into soul-driven energy management practices — some of which I’m revealing inside THIS workshop series.

Passing down hard-earned money wisdom is my number one goal when I become a grandmother — but until then, I want to share it with my community! 😉

I’ve been rewiring my relationship to money for a LONG time. Way back in 2011, I paid off over $20k in debt in 6 months, tripled my income and doubled my savings…

… And it wasn’t because I started a side hustle, stopped buying lattes, or some personal finance hack that helped me do it.

It was a series of unconventional steps that thousands have also replicated since I began teaching this in 2012!

I believe anyone can heal their relationship with money and call it abundantly into their life.

(And in case you’re thinking: “well, that’s easy for you to say” — I believe that accessing a *state* of flow is available to everyone to expand the current of abundance in their lives. This isn’t about gaining insider access to a circle of rich humans or hiring a team to expand your business — this is about YOU and how you relate to money.)

When I connect with folks who understand that money doesn’t just end with us, I know that I’ll be setting them up with the tools to create a healthier relationship with money and their nervous system — which is to say, they’ll be able to go to new and exciting places they never thought possible!

If you’re ready to round out 2023 feeling like you’ve got your finances on track for success…

What Others Are Saying About Kate

"10 years ago I took my first money course with Kate Northrup. From that experience I created millions and became ME. The course changed my life and how I receive and connect with money in my life."
Allison Byrd
Money Mindset Strategist
"Kate totally transformed my beliefs around fear and money."
Kris Carr
NY Times Bestselling Author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen
"I've never seen someone as clear, articulate, and downright MOTIVATING around showing women the path to financial freedom."
Marie Forleo
Author of Everything is Figureoutable & Creator of B-School

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these workshops taught live?
Yes! We’ll be live for 3-days in a row on October 16th - October 18th and we’re so excited to be with you. We will start at 12pm EST (NYC) / 9am PST (LA).
How do I access the online event?
You’ll receive a personal Zoom link to join the event when you register.
Will there be a recording if I can’t make it live?
Yes! You’ll be able to access the recordings of all 3 days until November 3rd at 8pm EST. Links will be sent to you as soon as the recordings are processed after each live session.
I can’t find the registration email! Where is it?
Please check your spam and updates folder. If you’ve previously unsubscribed from our emails you may need to contact to be re-added to our list.
Can I ask questions?
Yes! You can interact with our team in the chat while the event is live. While we can’t answer every single question due to the number of people in attendance, we’ll do our best to make sure we cover everything. If your question doesn’t get answered, please email us at
How long will each day be?
Each Flow workshop will run about 60-90 minutes, so block off your calendar accordingly!
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