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With the finite 24 hours you’re given each day, trying to fit in more and more to reach your goals is like trying to squeeze a circle into a square.

Which begs the question: Has the organization of time as we’ve always been taught serving us? Or is it ultimately going to take us down? 

We’ve been programmed to believe the only way to be successful is to work harder and harder and more and more hours.

And you’ve likely proven this theory with your impressive results fueled by hard work.

Here’s why this is a HUGE problem:

Working harder and more hours is taking its toll on your body. The precious vessel you cannot run your business without.

Your hormones are out of whack, you’re so exhausted yet wired that you can’t sleep, and you don’t even remember the last time you really dropped in with your partner or kids and were truly with them, but you can’t make your brain stop because it always feels like there’s so much to do and you’re holding all of it.

Plus, you're not making as much money as you think you should for all of the hours you're putting in.

Did you know that everything has a cycle and that life is divinely designed to follow your cyclical nature?

When you use the innate wisdom of nature and your body to guide your workflow, you get to experience the grace and space of having less stress and more flow while growing your business.

The Do Less Method for Business

Do the Things That Make Money So You Can Do Less

from the bestselling author of Do Less, Kate Northrup

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A proven, revolutionary system for ambitious women (or anyone who identifies with feminine energy) to make more money while working less.

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The first and only time and energy management course…

  • Designed for the way women (and people who identify with feminine energy) experience time

  • Based on sourcing what’s needed from within you so you stop chasing external factors of success and comparing yourself to others (both of which are inherently exhausting)

  • That subtracts from your schedule instead of adding more in order to reach your goals

Time is your most precious asset, and this course was created to honor and protect it.

That’s why you can choose to watch or listen to the 4 hours of content in The Do Less Method for Business when and where it works best in your schedule.

Go through it all in a day, or savor it over a month.

Then, implement the practices, strategies, and new beliefs designed to happen over time to get incredible results that keep getting better and better.

I signed up for Do Less Method for Business to learn how to set my boundaries; how to do more with less and still be successful - less time, less resources and get more rest/self-care planned into my life. Since going through the course I am learning to Saying NO! I love the lunar cycle and how to map things out based on the 28 day cycle (mind blowing in a good way!)


I love Kate’s insights and method! It’s been a game changer to understand that my energy isn’t recreated daily (and that all the productivity books I’d read were written by men and didn’t work for me!) The other big win is observing what I was drawn to throughout the month (visionary, detailed, etc) and then begin planning those work blocks during the ideal part of the month (when/where possible). I find myself much more aligned with my ideal state. 


We've designed the 10 lessons in this course to give you just what you need with no filler. 

Each lesson is delivered via video, audio, and transcript, so you can go through the program in the medium that works best for you.

You’ll even get the lessons as a private podcast so that you can listen to them right on your podcast app while you go about your day.

This was so helpful and amazing to be guided through this process - I'd already done a year planning session that was no where near as thorough as this but it meant I had my annual and quarterly big ticket items ready to go and also not much pruning needed because it was already succinct. I put everything into my calendar and now just need to find some more sacred practices for quarterly and annual. Definitely need to focus a bit more on self love and things to look forward to! Thank you so much! So excited!


I've made it through the first lesson videos and worksheets so far and I'm already feeling more flow and space. The timing is perfect, your content is very aligned with where I am (4 kids and starting a business) and I love your delivery.
What a gift! Thank you!


Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like if…

  • You had the precise strategy to implement your dreams, grounded on your intuition and true essence.

  • You had the option to work 4 days (or less!) instead of 5, if and when you wanted, without feeling guilty.

  • You were more successful doing less than you are right now.

What you truly desire is what this course is made to help you achieve.

Enroll in the Do Less Method for Business
experience today for only 
$997 and get…

Full & Lifetime Access to The Do Less Method for Business Course ($997 Value)

100% digital access

All lessons available as video, audio, and transcripts

Downloads to guide your implementation

A private course podcast to listen to on the go

The 5 Core Lessons

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Your Do Less, Earn More Year

  • 7 short lessons

  • 4 Phases Cheat Sheet 

  • Year in Review Handout

  • Project Pruning Guide

  • Making Your One Thing Inevitable Checklist

  • Annual Plan Checklist

  • Sacred Practices Planner

  • Sacred Practices Tracker

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Quarterly/Seasonal Check-Ins for Resetting and Power Boosts

  • 1 short lesson

  •  Seasonal Review + Planning Exercise

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Monthly Mapping for Cyclical Success

  • 3 short lessons

  • Batching Planner

  • Sample Standard Operating Procedures

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Friction-Free, Profitable Weeks

  • 3 short lessons

  • Weekly Planning Ritual

  • Template for Shared Life Management

  • Weekly Check-In Agenda 

  • Scaffolding Inventory + Planner

  • Delegating Cheat Sheet

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Doing Less on the Daily
(While Having and Achieving More)

  • 3 short lessons

  • Daily Energy Tracker

  • Boundary Setting in 5 Easy Steps 

5 Enhancement Lessons

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Manifesting with the Moon: Tapping into the Cosmos
(and Gravity) to Manifest
Whatever You Want

  • Lunar Cycles 101 Cheat Sheet

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Scientific Self-Love: Using the Trends Tracker to Know Your Cyclical Energy so You Can
Support It and Prosper as a Result

  • Trends Tracker Download

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Egg Wisdom: Use Your
Biological Blueprint to
Attract What You Want

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How to Increase Your Results
by 80% While Decreasing
Your Workload by 80%

  • Companion 80/20 Rule Exercise

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The Friction-Free Way to Manage Your Projects for Ease, Effectiveness, and Space

  • The Upward Cycle of Success Cheat Sheet

Get these bonuses when you enroll:

Growing your Business by Doing Less: Productivity Hacks to Up Your Revenue and Fulfillment

($297 Value)

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Do you get that feeling when it comes to time and money that there’s never enough of either to make more. And if there isn’t enough, then is doing less really an option?

Get access to exclusive footage of a keynote I delivered at James Wedmore’s Business By Design Live event. I share the behind the scenes story of how, through at time excruciating circumstances, the Do Less Methodology presented itself to me, along with 3 timely strategies for business owners to incorporate this methodology now.

Get the Growing Your Business While Doing Less keynote recording bonus (plus all the others) when you pay in full, still saving $600.

1 payment of $997

Do Less Your Tech

($200 Value)

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Overwhelmed by all of the tech pieces required to run your business? Not sure which ones to choose to get the biggest bang for your buck? Befuddled by how to make them all work together and what’s even necessary? 

During this pre-recorded session Mike Watts, my amazing business partner, husband, and the king of streamlining systems discussed strategies to help you whittle your tech down to what’s absolutely effective and necessary.

Cyclical Planning Workshop

($200 Value)

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We’ve all been running our businesses and our schedules according to linear time, so adjusting to a new way of doing things can take a minute. During this pre-recorded workshop, we reviewed the cyclical planning basics and answered some incredible questions from the Do Less community. 

We discussed whether to pay attention to your menstrual cycle or the moon when it comes to laying out your month, when to schedule your launch for the biggest possible impact with the least amount of stress, apps that are helpful in tracking your cycle, and so many more! 

So if you’re feeling confused as to how this all relates to you based on your stage of life or stage of business, tune in and take notes!

5-Part Do Less Method for Business Preparation Series

($200 Value)

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I created a 5-part video curriculum to prepare you for The Do Less Method for Business. Each of these sessions provides an invaluable foundation of what you need to know to make the most out of your investment.

  • The Phrase/Philosophy That Will Allow You to Make More Money While Working Less
  • Cyclical Living 101
  • Identify the 20% of Activities That Gives You 80% of the Results
  • How to Ask for and Receive Help in Life and Business
  • How to Get a Lot Done Without Feeling Busy

This training series is ESSENTIAL for fully integrating what you learn in Do Less Method for Business. It will also be available on the private podcast to make listening a breeze!

The Do Less Method for Business ($997)

Growing Your Business by Doing Less: Productivity Hacks to Up Your Revenue and Fulfillment ($297)

Get this when you pay in full.

Do Less Your Tech ($200)

Cyclical Planning Workshop ($200)

Do Less Method for Business Preparation Series ($200)

Total Value: $1,894

1 payment of $997

2 payments of $527


If you purchase the Do Less Method for Business and are in any way unsatisfied with your investment, you can receive a full refund, minus a small processing fee, 7 days from the date of your purchase. 

I realise that I have subconsciously been aware of my cycles and accommodated accordingly in my personal life, but I've never thought to apply it to my business. Genius!! As I approach menopause (I'm 48) I feel my cyclic energy more strongly than before and pushing myself in my business irrespective of how I'm feeling is actually harder to do. I'm feeling so liberated to be able to treat my business more holistically, as I do the rest of my life.



What’s the difference between The Do Less Method for Business and Origin®?
The Do Less Method for Business is a self-study program. It is meant to be used for years to come as a blueprint for your “do less, achieve more” yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning. Origin is a monthly membership that includes an incredible community, support in the Facebook group and from me via our In-Depth Live Coaching Sessions, a robust content library of feminine energy business lessons, and live connection calls throughout the month. It is the membership for those who want community and support to do less and achieve more. Because they are based on the same fundamental concepts, the philosophy of both programs is the same, but the Do Less Method for Business is a DIY experience whereas Origin has ongoing community and support. Both offerings have content that’s exclusive, and both have some overlapping concepts. The Do Less Method for Business is a beautiful complement to Origin, and Origin is a beautiful complement to The Do Less Method for Business.
Is there different content in The Do Less Method for Business than what I learned in the Do Less Immersion?
The Do Less Method for Business is focused on laying out plans and scheduling, and most of the content was not covered in the Do Less Immersion. Both of them are based on the same fundamental concepts, so there are thematic overlaps. The Support and Scaffolding Inventory, the Template for Shared Life Management, and the Weekly Check-In Agenda were originally created for the Do Less Immersion and are also included in the Do Less Method for Business Other than that, the material in the Do Less Method for Business is not included in the Do Less Immersion.
Is there different content in The Do Less Method for Business than what I learned in the book Do Less?
The content for The Do Less Method for Business was birthed from the methodology of Do Less. However, since the book has been out in the world, I’ve been able to refine the concepts and have come up with new ways to implement this method, plus I have added entirely new ideas to the body of work. These refinements and new approaches are what I’ve included in The Do Less Method for Business. The Do Less Method for Business also includes many handouts and resources that are not included in the book.
How is this different than other time management systems or courses out there?
Other time management courses are based exclusively on the 24-hour, masculine model that discounts our bodies as a critical ingredient to our business success. The Do Less Method for Business takes a whole-person approach and is based on how women (and other people who resonate with feminine energy) experience time and energy. The program focuses more on energy management, knowing that when we manage our energy effectively, time takes care of itself.
Do I need to have the Do Less Planner in order to do this program?
While the Do Less Planner isn’t required to get amazing results from this program, it will help you put everything into practice. You can get your copy here.
What if I buy the program and then decide it’s not for me?
You can read about our Money-Back Guarantee here.

I used to schedule myself within an inch of my life and thought if I could just fit enough into my days, I would finally feel like I had it all together and could achieve the success I’d always dreamed of.

But underneath it all, I was an anxious stress-ball (despite trying meds) who couldn’t fall asleep at night and could never truly allow myself to let go.

Becoming a mother broke me in the most beautiful way possible, and that first year of parenthood (despite postpartum anxiety and insomnia, a sick baby who wouldn’t sleep, and only 10 hours of childcare a week), we managed to bring in the same amount of revenue in our business working less than half the amount of time we’d worked in the past.

The moment I realized that I knew I had to figure out what we’d done differently and how we could not only repeat those results (minus the incredible stress of new parenthood) but also codify it as a system that others could follow, the Do Less methodology began to take shape, and I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops ever since.

The concepts and practices I lay out in The Do Less Method for Business have changed my life and wellbeing on a fundamental level, as well as those of thousands of other people who’ve tried them. “Gamechanger” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Having less stress in your business (and quite possibly reducing your work hours while increasing your income) is about way more than your bank account and lounging by the pool (though those things are nice).

It’s about feeling calm and present enough to show up for the people you love.

It’s about making sure you don’t miss the moments that matter because you’re fully there in mind, body, heart, and soul.

It’s about fully inhabiting your life, not hovering just outside of it because you’re always worried about the next thing.

It’s about living. Full-bodied. All in. Here. For. It.

If you want to be able to breathe deeply, knowing that you have plenty of income, plenty of time to do what needs to be done and that you’re already enough, this program is for you.

You have nothing to lose, and you have all the time and energy to gain.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be your guide.

See you in the Do Less Method for Business!


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