3 Strategies to Pursue Your Business Dreams Without Mom Guilt

October 24 @ 12pm EST or 8pm EST

During this free online class I’ll share with you:

  • 3 reasons why women who nurture are ideally wired for business success (and how to consciously use them to your advantage)
  • The 4 phases of sustainable success
  • How to operate within the new model of sustainable success that allows the pursuit of your dreams to feel replenishing instead of draining
  • How you can experience more energy without having to make dramatic lifestyle changes, get more sleep, or caffeinate yourself
  • A specific action plan for getting into a sweet momentum of bigger results with less effort in your business (and life!) 

I’m thrilled to be revealing this new, life-changing content with you.

Here’s what others have been saying about their experiences with this information: 

"Hi Kate, I had tears in my eyes relating to your every word! I'm the mother of an 18 month old boy and have recently started a yoga studio and your words are hitting home and resonating deeply! I can't wait to dive in!"

— Kelly Ryan

Headshot of Angela Winter

"Sustaining a business has been sooo difficult since becoming a mother. I'm so grateful to have a different, clear, concrete way to approach it now. Thank you!"

— Angela Winter

"Love this! Thanks Kate for being a great role model to entrepreneurs who also happen to be mums! I am so happy that there is a shift happening towards health and wellbeing and different ways to run a business based around family. As a Naturopath I see clients burning the candle at both ends and not enjoying work or home. Is that what we want going forward? Is that what we want to teach our children? I hope not! Looking forward to seeing your other videos and spreading the word!!"

— Kristen Gray

If you’ve never been on one of my online classes before here’s how it usually goes:

  • I teach about 50 minutes of content that you can apply to your life and business and get results from right away - all for free.
  • I invite you to join me to go deeper if you’re feeling like you want more!
  • We do a live Q&A.
  • I give you a present for joining in live.

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