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You’re in baby!

It was a very good move joining my list. I am totally, 100% dedicated to the art, science, and practice of loving life and I want you to have that too. I am a seeker and a researcher and I have a knack for attracting amazing people, opportunities, and information. My commitment to you is that I will share the best of the best that I come into contact with: the brightest minds, the most creative ideas, the coolest news, my favorite books and seminars, and my most authentic self. I couldn’t be more excited to begin this journey with you…who knows where it will lead but I’m so glad you decided to come along.

Much love,

P.S. More fun stuff is on its way to you in no time but if you just can’t wait to connect, follow me on twitter @katenorthrup. I’m a frequent tweeter and can be found there often.

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Join the Party!

Any great teacher of mine has always said to start where you are. So where I am is that my site is under construction. But I still want you to join the party as one of my VIP Charter Members of the illustrious Kate Northrup list. If you’re here right now, you most likely know…

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